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Project Zero 2 Wii ‘Feels Like An All-New Game’

Project Zero 2 Wii producer Keisuke Kikuchi, claims that while Project Zero 2 is a remake of a PlayStation 2 game, it now feels like a brand new game. Kikuchi says that it’s this is down to the dramatic changes that the development team at Tecmo Koei have implemented.

“I feel that to all intents and purposes, it’s a new game! The objective viewpoint that Nintendo brought to the project meant that we ended up reworking a lot of different elements of the game from first principles.”

“We’ve made significant changes to the battle system, and we have added new episodes and several endings. We’ve also brought the graphics up to date, and packed it full of features that put it right at the cutting edge of horror games.”

20 thoughts on “Project Zero 2 Wii ‘Feels Like An All-New Game’”

  1. Just to get absolute confirmation, is this going to be released in Europe? I don’t think I could afford another japanese import.. and then wait for an english fan-patch.

  2. I love a good horror game. I’m interested to see the changes they made. Leave luck to heaven.

  3. Why Nintendo have such good Relationship with Tecmo Now? they never support any nintendo system since the Super Famicom Era(besides some vaporwear for noth Nintendo Rokujuuyon and Gamecube), and now the magically make ‘remake'(yes remake) of old PS2 games and the less who is mentioned of Team Ninja the best…

    Nintendo should looks support from Namco-Bandai to make some gundam games from nintendo console..but Namco-bandai is the lover of Sony so is hard to make it.

    1. Think the reason for the relationship now is because Nintendo are trying to build bridges and work closely with Third Party devs going forward.

      1. yes but Tecmo… come on, exist better like Capcom, Namco or others.. even Koei side is better

  4. It’s coming to Europe in June. I hope it comes to the US this summer! I have been itching for a good horror experience on the Wii for a while now. I played Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and it was good, but not what I wanted, nor was it like any other Silent Hill game. I also played through the Dead Space prequel, but it was more gore than horror.

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