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No Sequel For Kid Icarus Uprising

Kid Icarus: Uprising creator Masahiro Sakurai has revealed that he has absolutely no plans to create a sequel to the impressive Kid Icarus: Uprising. Sakurai says he managed to fit everything he pretty much wanted into Kid Icarus: Uprising and he believes that the novelty of the franchise would soon wear off. He did say that someone else besides him may make another Kid Icarus game, but it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

“If by ‘lasting universe’ you mean to ask if there’s a sequel, the answer is no.” Sakurai went on to explain that the reason is “because we pushed a lot into the game in order to let people have this short yet deep experience, but the novelty of that would likely grow thin in the next game. For now, my thought is that perhaps we’ll see someone else besides me make another Kid Icarus in another 25 years.”

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    1. I just CAN’T believe this!!!!! This game is AWESOME, original, funny, outstanding! IT’S A MONEY MAKER!! A sequel it’s NEEDED! That’s his opinion but I’m sure as soon as Nintendo sees the sales arriving to millions (surely!) they’ll think this again… Remember Warioware and even Smash Bros? They didn’t thought they’ll be that successful when they first launched…

      1. keep in mind Sakurai will be incredibly busy with Smash 4. So understand he can’t really plan a new Kid Icarus game, I still believe Treasure would be a perfect developer for Kid Icarus

      2. I disagree. I feel as though Nintendo’s first attempt at an online shooter was an incredible thing that did what no other online shooter did. Making more would be like all 500 versions of Call of Duty. Just enjoy this one, it has 360 achievements.

      3. It was the first 3DS game I actually played and I agree with you when you say that a sequel is in order! It still remains one of the most graphically stunning games for a hand held console that I have ever seen! If Nintendo really want to get gamers excited about something- A Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel is one way to get about it!

    2. 25 years? Sakurai must be either scared someone will make a Kid Icarus game better than his, or he’s delusional. Nintendo saw how it sold like hot cakes, and that’s the way the plan to keep it. My bet is someone is going to make an adventure Kid Icarus game, and it’s going to rival The Legend of Zelda series.

    3. Bah. This is no different than when Ninty said there’d be no additions to Pokemon Black/White, or there’ll be no 3DS lite. They have to say this stuff for marketing reasons. If people know an improved version will be released, they won’t buy the one that’s out now, so they always have to deny that better versions of new products will come out.

      Just you wait – there’ll be a 3DS overhaul announcement within a year.

      1. I agree, but we never know. Nintendo might not have any good ideas for a new Kid Icarus game or something else might happen. We don’t know yet, but I do hope they make a sequel.

        1. I want a title where you play as magnus and gaol in traditional rpg fare, trying to save the world that the goddess of light abandoned *it would end with gaol turning bad and palutena getting involved once more*

          1. Well they should at least give us some insight on the two in a sequel. Just another reason to call this article bluff!

      2. Well, I hope so! Kid Icarus Uprising needs closure. I know a sequel is in due time because of how they never finished the conflict with Viridi in the game. A massive threat to humanity and a war as great as the one with Hades appears mid-game and is never finished? Boy, no one will be needing a sequel to this (Sarcasm)! Major plot-points don’t just vaporize for such a popular game. Listen to Luke on this one.

    1. Oh come on, we don’t get any TRUE Mario games that often, and by that I mean 2D/3D Platformers. We get sports games, parties, puzzles and the RPGs, but those are great anyways.

      1. 2009- New Super Mario Bros. Wii
        2010-Super Mario Galaxy 2
        2011-Super Mario 3D Land
        2012-New Super Mario Bros. 2 and possible Super Mario 4. Face it, Nintendo milks the hell out of this franchise.

        1. That not milking.
          New Super Mario Bros been in development after Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2 was in development after Galaxy 1. Galaxy is a much larger game than NSMBWii so it release later and Super Mario 3D Land development started back in 2010 when 3DS development kits was given to developers.
          New Super Mario Bros 2 was announce in 2011 to be coming to 3DS in 2012.

          New Super Mario Bros game are a lot easier to develop than the Super Mario games.

          1. ….That’s still…very much milking. Including Mario spinoffs, Nintendo releases at LEAST 2 Mario games a year. Saying that they are cheaper to make…actually helps my argument. They are releasing cheaper games for full price on a more than regular basis, that’s milking a franchise for every last penny its worth.

            1. I agree that it is milking, but I don’t think it’s milking in the way that most people think of it. I mean, you have milking like CoD releasing a new game every year (and it’s just an update of the same game). And then you have Mario, where they slap him on everything, but they’re usually entirely different games with different mechanics. Think about it: You have the “main” mario games (Super Mario 64, Sunshine, Galaxy, Galaxy 2). Then you have the “retro” Mario games (SMB1, 2, 3, SMW, NSMB, SM3DL), and then you have spinoff games (Mario Kart, Mario Party). So it’s definitely milking, but honestly, I don’t mind it too much. Not to mention that the games are usually genuinely good. :-D

              1. I think Kid Icarus should be a full-blown franchise, and not just a one-hit-wonder that it will become in 5 years with no sequel announced. Like you said, there are different types of “Milking”, but every franchise can be thought of milking itself for a profit. If Nintendo was really concerned about wearing-out the novelty of this game, they wouldn’t release a thousand Mario games every flipping year! I mean, Mario is their name, for Pete’s sake! “Great game with limitless possibilities, amazing sales, and a story-line laid right in front of you? Sequels are terrible for this game, and will make it just some game it a line of other games. The face of our company? Milk it for every penny it’s worth!!” You see what I mean?

            2. Despite the fact that games are being made cheaper to make, and DIFFERENT FREAKING PEOPLE MAKE THE MARIO GAMES.

              1. That’s what milking is! Games made as cheap as possible and being released on a more that regular basis to gain as much money as possible.

            3. I…really don’t think Mario sports games really count towards the total of Mario games released. There has been one New Super Mario Bros. for each console since the DS and Mario has about 7 or 8 big-budget platforming titles under his belt after 30 Years, while franchises like COD are already on…what, the 10th game? Quality, man, quality.

              And, why should we complain about the Mario Sports game when they’re always oozing quality? Mario Kart’s the best kart racer, Strikers’ an amazing football/soccer game, Super Sluggers is the first baseball game that’s actually entertaining, and Mario Party’s just Mario Party.

      2. Mario platformers are becoming more common actually. We got nsmbw in 2009, super Mario galaxy 2 in 2010, Mario 3d land in 2011, a new super Mario game is coming to the 3ds in 2012, and another new super Mario game is coming to the wiiu either in 2012 or 2013. Thats a mario platformer every single year for the 5 years. That’s not even counting all the spinoff games. Sakurai is right the novelty does wear off if a franchise is abused.

        1. New Super Mario Bros is totally different and was made by different people to Galaxy or Mario 3D land though. Im certainly not worn out from the amazing latter

        2. New Super Mario Bros is totally different and was made by different people to Galaxy or Mario 3D land though. Im certainly not worn out from the amazing latter

        3. What gets me though is that they’re so many Mario games, yet barely any StarFox or F-Zero games! Those two series need a revival!

        4. Sure, but when space is put between the games, and are given time to become as great as possible, novelty ends up being the last thing you think about. Just look at Super Smash Bros. The developers put their heart and soul into the games, waiting 5 or more years for the previous game to settle. Then they put time and money into each installment, so the novelty never wears out. The reason they don’t do that with Mario is because Mario is their mascot. If a new game doesn’t surface in a year, his reputation will degrade, and so will Nintendo’s. For Mario, it’s novelty versus reputation, and sadly, reputation is winning…

      3. But “True” Mario games are only there to bring back classic players to the Mario franchise. Anything labeled “Mario” is connected to him, and is forever part of him. Any “True” 2D mario game is just a flashback to keep the attention of classic players, and “True” 3D mario games are made just to pull in casual gamers and hipsters. If they release one “True” game every year, retro gamers and casual gamers alike will look at his other titles, making them remember it as a “Mario game”, cementing all the games as part of him. The spin-offs are there to make the money. Your “True” Mario games are just the bait!

  1. Well. He just said HE won’t be returning to the world. There are other people at Nintendo who could do it.
    Examples are: Miyamoto, Sakamoto, Eiji, Retro, and maybe the young developers Miyamoto was talking about.
    I for one want the next Kid Icarus to have a better and longer story, and platforming elements. I find it weird that Sakurai didn’t include platforming because he’s the creator of a platformer: Kirby!

  2. That is Sad than Sakurai bury so much the work he WANT(Because he plead the Kid Icarus Franchise over the same Kirby or other one, or even a new IP) and say that Kid Icarus Uprising is a Novelty…that is a not a Novelty, is a game who easily can handled better against Home Console ones and one of the most worked 3DS games so far(at the same level of Mario)

    Maybe were the Smash Fanantics, who will never leave his life in peace if he take so much time with the new Smash Bros…

  3. Right… When was the last time Nintendo made a successful game and DIDN’T make a sequel? I’m sure it won’t be Sakurai, but I seriously doubt you’re going to have to wait 25 years… or even 5.

  4. If they do release another Kid Icarus, they should map the shooting and aiming to the stylus/touchscreen. Other than that, I couldn’t find any reason why another KI shouldn’t already been in production.

  5. That’s a shame, but it’s fine as long as whoever takes over keeps the themes like the humour and the personalities and stuff.

  6. Why wait that long for another Kid Icarus game? Geez, they revived Pit just in time for his banishment :/

  7. What. Whaaaat.

    Does he not see how great this game turned out to be? It will just be forgotten again in the next 25 years. This was such a great opportunity to bring Kid Icarus back…


        1. That is true… after all, “the Brawl to end them all” didn’t end like we all thought it would. I just hope that its because hes working on a new SSB and not because he wants to kill off KI after renewed fame.

          1. It is because he is working on the new ssb since it was stated that they were starting it. It would use the 3DS and the Wii U combined.

  8. Seeing as it seems we wont be getting another Kid Icarus game for 25 years now….Its a damn good thing Kid Icarus Uprising is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Everyone seems to think that Treasure is a perfect fit to make a Kid Icarus game. I’ve never heard of them outside Gunstar Super Heroes (which I never got to play). Can anyone tell me why they think they would be a goof fit?

      1. I thought it was a bit random, but personally I’m glad it was in there. it added a nice bit of complexity to the plot, as well as a couple twists.

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  11. You know, if Nintendo milked this, this would be like CoD. Multiple games, same controls.

    But I haven’t played Kid Icarus Uprising. But Nintendo could have SOME other shooters…right?

    *looks at Metroid*

    But there should be another Kid Icarus game before people forget it again like before 2010.

  12. Now remember everyone that Sakurai always said he didn’t plan on making any more Smash Bros. games. I ain’t buying his shennanigans!

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  14. This is upsetting lol This was one of my favorite games it is awesome! Gosh Nintendo start reviving franchises and then quit after the first new game :( Since he said he wouldn’t make it I really hope someone else does in like a year
    I want the next one now lol

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  17. I was really hoping to see a game specifically about Dark Pit. Uprising only gives small portions of Dark Pit’s story. I understand how it would be tough to sequel the story in Uprising, but why not tell the same story from a different point of view? Plus it would be cool to fly freely and limitlessly.

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  19. Nintendo Network supports DLC right? So, why not expand the experience using DLC? The game itself is complete, but if you expanded its horizon, you could make room for new adventures/powers/weapons!

    Who agrees Kid Icarus: Uprising needs DLC?

  20. Also, Retro Studios is based in Texas, yet that’s the state I live in. Try coming over to Texas sometime. I think Retro Studios is in either Dallas, Houston, or Austin. IDK. :I

  21. No sequl then they must not know how many people enjoyed it….. but this could happen instead, they could add new story line to it in an update

  22. I can give you a sequel. How about pit fighting the god of gods: Zeus! Like Zeus could attack the humans and pits all like “I’ll save you all ba da da buh”. Throw in some dark pit and Magnus reunions and you got a sequel. Opinions?!?!

  23. another 25 years? seriously you have perfect voice actors and a bunch of peolple want a sequel to this game including me it’s just too good it’s either my bestest favourite game ever!

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  27. Has this idiot not seen a great opertunity in front of him? If he made a kid icarus for the wii u people will buy the shit out that game not just 6&8 year olds but teenagers and adults as well would play it ad long as it’s graphics are phenomenal and it’s gameplay and storyline are magnificent and who’s better at doing that than Nintindo? Sure there best games have been in the past but the reason why there not better than microsoft is becuase they keep being stubborn and are holding back. So they need to wake up and stArt thinking like the did in 1998!

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  30. I don’t wan to wait until i’m 40 for a new kid icarus game. seriously sakurai, after smash 4, kid icarus 4

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