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Sega Doesn’t Appear To Have Much Faith In Nintendo 3DS

Sega released its financial report for the 2011 fiscal year which shows that the developer and publisher managed almost 1.8 million sales from 18 different Nintendo 3DS games. However, in the current financial year (April 2012 – March 2013) Sega only has plans to release a mere 3 Nintendo 3DS games, and is forecasting sales of around 380,000. Of course the development studio could be planning to announce a batch of new Nintendo 3DS game at E3, but if not, this could be seen as rather worrying news.

60 thoughts on “Sega Doesn’t Appear To Have Much Faith In Nintendo 3DS”

    1. yeah 3rd party give crap games on 3ds (not all no hate here) and they only complain to Nintendo consoles, so i don’t give support to there games because they don’t give enough content and quality games.

      1. I personally don’t give a motherfVck. if this is true…good ridance. I’ve had enough of seeing so much filth on the 3DS. Sh!tty Sh!tty games I tell you. Man I hate SEGA with a passion. hope they don’t announce anything this E3.

    1. They better be focusing on WiiU at the least. SEGA hasn’t done much other than working on new Phantasy Star Online 2… and a bunch of random games with Sonic in it. Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformation does look fun tho.

  1. Sega could always try releasing their own handheld. I’m sure it would be a huge success.

    Oh… Wait…

    1. Sega doesn’t own the copyright of earthworm jim.

      Also Sonic’s game sells so they are going to make more.

    1. Portable wise, I’d might agree, but console wise, no. Sega’s been putting out quality games all generation. Sonic Colors/Generations/All-Stars Racing, Valkyrie Chronicles, Bayonetta, Madworld, Vanquish, Yuzuka, Super.Monkey Ball, Binary Dormant just to name a few.

      1. Uhh…Valkyrie Chronicles? what’s that?, ALSO, Platnuim Games made Bayonetta, MadWorld and Canquish, SEGA just published it. also Binary Domain and Yakuza sucked monkey butt.

  2. it makes no sense.being that 3DS sales are better than ever. Mobile gaming is still very much alive. Developers need to just make the games, and the right ones. as there is a market for it and people will buy a game if its good enough for the the 40 dollar price no more old rehashes of games that can be finished in less than 2 hrs…lol spirit camera, star fox 64. earn the 40 dollar price tag. Learn from amazon..sell your devices at cheap prices..n make all money on games. and make it all digitally available, and release a new 3ds with larger screens and the features of circle pad pro built in. I don’t care if it long as it has 10 hrs battery n comfortable to hold.

    1. If it’s too huge, it defeats the purpose of carrying it around. Which the 3DS is meant too with street pass, and friendly for travel.

  3. If they just release good games, and stop releasing eshop games at retail (MonkeyBall, Crush 3D, etc) they could have good sales!

  4. Or it could be because Sega is n a Financial crunch so they canceled many of their Games across the broad. To me this article is just to start fanboy wars to get more hits. How can Sega not release a whole bunch of shelve wear being concerning and a sign of lack of faith in the 3DS? Ur reaching/stepping way out of bounds and I know a “Foul” when I see it

  5. Sell yourselves to Nintendo. Make them an offer, I’m sure they’re interested. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. I have no problem with prostitution. It’s the oldest business in the world for a reason. There’s always a place for it.

  6. Seems like the gaming community freaks out about anything.
    Don’t worry, Sega is going to do what Sega is going to do. I don’t think that a company would neglect the best-selling handheld of this generation, that’d just be bad for business.
    Quality titles? Maybe not, but let’s hope so.

  7. This doesnt show lack of faith in the 3ds from sega, it shows lack of faith in their own games….

  8. Sega never really pushed for handhelds, even when they had there own, I think Sega wants to focus on console games then handhelds, but they are still bringing games to the 3DS so it’s all good.

  9. All that shows is that they have less announced games at the moment, and if you split their sales per games, they made 100,000 for each last fiscal year, and will make something like 126,000 per game this year. Also you can’t really tell their reasons for not releasing more games, so to jump to the conclusion that it’s because of a lack of faith in the 3DS doesn’t make much sense…

  10. You’re acting as if Sega is part of Nintendo or something. Why is it a bad thing that they don’t have 20+ Nintendo titles in the pipeline, let them do what they want. They said a while back that due to financial losses they’re going to mainly focus on their main moneymakers, all of which bar Sonic have bigger audiences on the other consoles (Total War series is for PC gamers, Aliens is for the other home consoles, Football Manager is traditionally a PSP thing). And as much as they milk Sonic, it gets nowhere near as many games as Mario does by comparison so it will seem like they’re releasing less.

    Since, despite so many of you whining about Sega only making Sonic games, the sonic games are all you braindead fanboy types care about. They will continue to release Nintendo published games.

  11. Didn’t sega just say about a month ago that due to Financial problems they would be tightening their focus? Seems like thats exactly what they’re doing here. Tightening their focus on a few great games rather than many lackluster ones. This might mean some great games from sega rather than they’re past few years games.

  12. Well the games they released were prettry unremarkable so I guess it’s their own fault?

    There’s Sonic Generations, Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Super Monkey Ball 3D, Hatsune Miku and Future Stars: Project Mirai, Rhythm Thief & the Emperor’s Treasure, Shinobi, Captain America: Super Soldier, Thor: God of Thunder, Crush3D, Puyo Puyo!! 20th Anniversary and others I’m not aware of.

    So to recap we have 1 sport compilation, 2 puzzle games, 2 rythm games, 2 movie licensed games, 1 party game, 2 platformer. all of em are average or good, but there’s nothing new or really worth buying. I also think making games like Crush or super monkey ball retail games was a bad Idea. They might have done better in the eshop for a reasonable price.

    TLDR: Sega brought this on themselves, and I prefer them taking more time to make some quality games than releasing a lot of average games.

    1. All their best stuff is on other systems:
      Shogun 2: Total War (it got a big expansion pack this year) – PC
      Yakuza Dead Souls – PS3
      House of the Dead 4: PSN
      Virtua Tennis 4: This one did end up on all the consoles, I think.
      Binary Domain: PS3/360

      Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and Jet Set Radio Future HD is coming out through PSN and XBLA later this year.

      They’ll continue to release mostly shovelware on Nintendo consoles ‘cos there are enough people continuously buying it. (I haven’t played Shinobi 3D but I hope it’s as good as the old games on the Genesis, best side-scrolling action/platformer ever)

  13. Remember: sega is cutting way back in general since the restructure. To say it is a lack of faith is a bit of a stretch. But it it was, good riddance

  14. Well screw them too! They have really gone downhill lately anyways. The only thing that made me proud of Sega this gen was that they put Madworld, House of the Dead Overkill, and Sonic Colors on Wii. Other than those games I did not care for their software at all.

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  16. Um, it’s Sega who gives a damn. Sega’s only claim to fame is Sonic, great platformer with some of the worst characters ever created… In my opinion that is.

  17. After playing around with the Sony PlayStation Vita the other day, I can see why… My wife, son and I played with the PlayStation Vita extensively the other day and we’re ready to make the change from the Nintendo 3DS to the PlayStation Vita (the ONLY reason we plan to keep them is for Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance)!

    Well, as soon as Sony Computer Entertainment release the 32GB PlayStation Vita memory card in Australia, anyway (we won’t buy the PlayStation Vita until they do!)…

    1. Thats what I love about gaming, theres always an option for someone :) I may be a nintendo fan, but that doesnt mean I want everything else to fail. I can enjoy my 3ds while others enjoy their Vita’s, and everyone wins and is happy :)

      1. If only there were more people that shared that view.

        Maybe it’s just me, but the “modern” gaming world view seems to be that there’s only room for one “ultimate” gaming console…

        That doesn’t mean it will work out that way, but that’s the view modern gamers seem to have.

        1. Wouldn’t that kind suck though? What what stop that “ultimate” company from doing what it wants? Some people may not remember, but for a while Atari had a virtual monopoly on gaming, suing people for releasing games for its console and trying to sue other consoles. During that time, they turned out more crap than any company in history and it eventually led to the video game crash. We all need there to be competition, or else gamers themselves loose. After that, who cares which one you prefer? As long as everyone has fun, thats all that matters to me.

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