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First Images Of Next-Gen Unreal Engine 4

Wired has managed to scoop some screens of Epic Games next generation video game engine Unreal Engine 4. Epic Games unveiled the engine to developers in February, a week before the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Representatives from Microsoft, Sony, Nvidia, and the most influential game developers in the industry all had a chance to see the fruits of Epic Games labour. Epic has yet to reveal whether Wii U games will run on Unreal Engine 4.

83 thoughts on “First Images Of Next-Gen Unreal Engine 4”

          1. Wii U may be the first but we shall see…. doubt Sony would wanna invest in another eexpensive console after failing this gen with their losses and all. Wii made huge profits with the Wii but made a far smaller loss than sony

            1. far far smaller loss do you mean no loss at all? because nintendo didnt lose anything on the wii

              1. overall nintendo made an operating loss… but yep u prove a point so nintendo can invest heavily in a beast!

                1. there first loss ever was last year with the 3ds because they cut the price and sold it at a loss. but yeah they have enough money to invest in a powerful machine

                  1. Definitely Nintendo is reportd to be worth $80 billion in lifetime sales! They can make/ cut loses like that and remain for the most part unaffected.

                    1. exactly. most people today are acting like nintendo is in hot water but in reality they’re far from it.

        1. That’s what I’ve read too. All of these would have to be pics from a strong pc. Nothing common place in homes now can run that. The Wii U would live an even longer life if it had card exchanging for upgrades (especially usb for 3.0) The more versatility the better it will stand against the competition.

          1. Its a bit early to say. I don’t think sony can afford to stay ahead of the curve anymore, but if they and microsoft do try then we dont know what they might have in next-gen systems. $1000 console because it has 3 graphics processors linked together? 4 quad core processors for a total of 16 logical processors? Games installed to an internal SSD drive for increased speed? Who knows how crazy nuts they will go to stay in the game. We wont know anything until an announcement, but judging what I’ve heard of the Wii U processor and graphics, it should be able to handle any PC game out NOW. So hopefully that will include Unreal 4.

            On another note, Unreal 4 just looks….. well unreal. Im not sure I care about how slick or realistic it looks, but I can say that if it can improve the physics engines of games, that would be awesome. Plus, who wouldn’t love to play a Legend of Zelda game taking place in those snowy mountains there? Even Nintendo haters will have to take a double look.

    1. Epic is not confirming if the Wii U can or cannot because like every other AAA developers directly or indirectly involved in the development of the Wii U hardware or games are still under embargo till Nintendo lifts it. I am very VERY surprise that we are now this close the E3 and no major leaks on the Wii U capability, Screen/Video of actual games (with Wii U specific gameplay), the Wii U interface (GUI) and others have been seen yet.

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      1. I think Nintendo made them sign really strict contracts. It’s building the tension. Only two and a half weeks ^~^ *Squee!*

        1. So far only Ubisoft has pulled the old “Oops, I leaked my trailer!” Routine. I’m glad there are this many companies are backing Nintendo, there are quite a few devs. under the hush order.

    2. Considering the Hardware known about the U then it should definatly be able to Run it

      it possibly wont use the Tablet Screen or anything but hey who knows
      either way I have no doubts that the Wii U can run this engine

  1. Wow, the Unreal Engine 4 looks amazing for RPGs and whatnot – I can’t wait to see how other companies would utilize the engine.

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  2. The 1st screen looks like a PS3 game. The second however, is something special, like it was reaped out of the Tin Tin animation.. And someone forgot to say FIRST

    1. I think the first image just isn’t that well made. It’s the kind of scene we’ve seen so many times before that we’re used to it. The second is, yes, very special

    2. whodatforlife(Link)

      The first image is actually pretty good. I think it just doesn’t look that way at first glance because it has a short depth of field so the big rock in the foreground and the castle in the background look out of focus. Look at the fire coming out of the volcano… THAT is something special.

      Even still, I agree that the second image is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

      I’d love to see some kind of forest scene on the Unreal Engine (a la the Forest Region in Skyward Sword). All they seem to make are apocalyptic cities, volcano lairs, or big mountain landscapes.

  3. Hopefully we’ll see a video of it in action at E3. It’s hard to get a good notion of it just from still images.

    And hopefully that video is shown at Nintendo’s conference. XD Can you imagine? “We show to you the first ever video game to use Unreal Engine 4: Metroid on Wii U” :D

  4. for the wii i always wanted wide spaces to go and not follow a certain path like batman arkham city i cant wait

  5. This concerns me as I was looking forward to Wii U being on par with PS3 and 360, it would be like the gamecube days where I could just get any multiplatform games on the Wii U. But this news… and with the speculations that Sony and Microsoft could be announcing new consoles at E3 this years, strikes fear in me, that the possibility is very likely that Nintendo will be stuck a generation behind… again. Hopefully they will be smart and withhold the Wii U until it is able to run an engine such as this…

  6. I imagine showing one game at E3 with awesome graphics, but all the ceptics “not really something. PS3 and Xbox 360 coudl do that”;

    But then, Nintendo announce “This is Unreal Engine 4”. And all the audience go crazy.

    To finalize, they reveal that the game is a new Legend Of Zelda at the same time that Link emerges in the screen…

    Damn, i just want this to happen!

  7. I really hope Nintendo gets this running on the Wii U. I don’t really care about graphics, I just want Nintendo to stay competitive and get all the 3rd party games. A console with all the 3rd party games and Nintendo’s unbeatable 1st party titles, that’s an unstoppable console. The second SNES. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. If you don’t care about graphics, are you saying you wouldn’t mind if the WiiU was 16-bit? LOL Are you kidding me? In the DKC commercial for the SNES, Nintendo BRAGGED about the awesome graphics, saying we wouldn’t find it on CD-Rom or SEGA, which were considered powerful consoles for their time. Of course graphics matter! It’s part of how video games ‘evolve’ over time.

      1. I don’t care about graphics and wouldn’t care if it was 16 bit, except for 1 thing. If it was, 3rd parties would not develop for it and thus we wouldn’t get their games. Its a shame its come to this, but really an awesome game is an awesome game, no matter what it looks like. Plus, SNES has some of the best games EVER made, even by todays standards. Who wouldn’t rather play Chrono Trigger than the new crap square pushes on us.

      2. Yes, graphics are important, but they are not the most important thing to me. Gameplay is. There are many 16 bit games I enjoy more than current games.

        1. I love games on Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. Both systems are unique in their own way and they really kick butt.

  8. That’s it? My love for realistic graphics must be hitting the same saturation point as realistic graphics are themselves.

  9. Is that it? I guess we’ve been exposed to too much photorealism. Maybe it looks better in motion, but that looks like Skyrim at best from the still image.

  10. I have a gut feeling that the Wii U will run games powered by Unreal 4. If that surprise is true, it would be an epic blockbuster for both the Big N and Epic Games.

  11. I think it’s because Epic said “UE4 will blow UE3 out of the water” so we expected much better, but anyway it still looks amazing.

  12. its just the same as dice’s frostbite 2. but i can’t wait for unreal tournament 2013 that would be amazing with unreal Engine 4. and gears of war spinoff.

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  14. If everyone’s so concerned about graphics, let me throw something out here:
    If Wii U games look like recent PS3 and Xbox 360 games, then that means that the games will look much better later in it’s life cycle (when it’s full potential is unlocked)
    So I think that Wii U will most likely be able to handle UR4.

  15. It looks nice enough, although I have to be honest and say this photo realism lark isn’t interestin to me at all, I may as well just have been looking at a random photo of some scenery when I saw the pictures in the blog post.

  16. It’s impressive. I’m guessing some of you guys didn’t go to link, take a closer look, and read. Visually maybe we’ve already seen similar stuff, but it seems to be better from a designer/developer’s point of view.

    1. Just from reading page 4, UE4 will definitely blows UE3 out of the water.
      It seems to me like UE4 will be a game-changer (in terms of game engines and game development).

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