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Ubisoft Says Next-Gen Will Be A ‘Very Viable And Profitable Generation’

Ubisoft is confident that the next generation of video game consoles, including Wii U, will be profitable for the company. The company believes that initial development costs won’t go up primarily because developers can really leverage the capacity of the hardware and all the new features that come with the console to help bring a new experience to the consumer.

“So you need to invest less on the size of the those games to still give a great experience. So at the beginning of that generation we won’t have an increase – or a very small increase – of the cost of the games that will be launched.

“So that will make this [next] generation a very viable and profitable generation – like last time we had an increases of $10 in the price of different games.”

50 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Next-Gen Will Be A ‘Very Viable And Profitable Generation’”

  1. “So you need to invest less on the size of the those games to still give a great experience.”

    Oh shit, they want to make their games shorter and withe less content but with easy controls and amazing graphics? NO!

                1. because if Ubisoft decide to cut costs in games others will follow suit. Just like motion gaming with ps3 and xbox…

      1. Missing the point here mate, he wants NEW games with the amount of content of old games. It’s not such a weird thing to want. Even if the old games are alot of fun to play TOO.

            1. Wah wah with the cancer. Quit crying because your boyfriend gave you AIDS and just die already. Youre gay, you wont be missed.

    1. dont know why your moaning about easy controls to be fair… a game with easy controls is a good thing to me!

      1. More and more games want to appeal to the casual audience, that means games are short, have way too easy controls (for example just using the touchscreen on the Wii U controller), DLC overload, and have stunning graphics.

    2. I have to say, I was worried about that too…It’s like taking all of the extras away from Kid Icarus: Uprising and just leaving you with the main story-line. it’s still a good game, but with the extras, it’s perfect.

    3. He was actually trying to say “using less materials to be able to create the same games that are coming out now. Less materials = no increase in development costs or maybe even a drop

  2. Damn, Ubisoft is drooling all over wii u recently. (not that it’s a bad thing)

    Also Sickr, ign did a review for Mario tennis open.

  3. Here’s my problem–all of Ubisoft’s grandstanding about how wonderful the WiiU is going to be is making me nervous. I know that during the transition between console generations there’s going to be a lot of arguments made about which unit is better as a sales technique. But Ubisoft’s almost monotonous insistence is beginning to make me wonder if they’re trying to convince themselves (of something they suspect gamers will be less than enthusiastic about).

      1. Funny how its not even released but you know already that its full of win… are you reggie?

        seriously though, last time I checked, Next Gen was more than one console. so lets wait till the rest are announced

        1. Well, Ubisoft (and some other publishers and developers) has stated quite a few times about their excitement towards Wii U. Maybe Nintendo should just call the system Win U. XD

        2. I know it is full of win because it is Nintendo. As a long time fan I know Nintendo will deliver what I want. first party brilliance!

          1. Out of all Nintendo System, The Wii has left me the least fufilled. not dissapointed, just least excited about. so I hope the wiiU changes that and nintendo doesn’t concentrate in implementing the tablet into to the point were you use the tablet more than the buttons. or I’m skipping this console.

  4. if the PS4 and NeXbox eliminate the ability to play pre-owned games or are all digital, they can kiss that shit goodbye.

    1. i hope so cos only Nintendo should do gaming. Sony and Microsoft should go back to their core market.

    2. Yup, unless digital sales drop.

      either way I really can’t see any company pulling this off, UNLESS, all 3 of them do it.

  5. thekidnintendowiiman

    I don’t think I ever bought a Ubisoft game, well, all that will change when the Wii U comes out.

  6. For Nintendo it’ll probably be a profitable and viable generation. For companies just making games it might be.

    For Sony and Microsoft and their tendency to lose millions of dollars on consoles due to selling them at below cost? Maybe not so profitable.

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