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Rayman Origins Demo & Kirby’s Block Ball Available To Download Now On 3DS eShop

Nintendo of America has confirmed via a press release that Ubisoft’s long-awaited Rayman Origins demo is now available to download on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Kirby’s Block Ball is also available to purchase from the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console – that’s if you fancy some frenzied, block-clearing action. There’s also a 3D trailer for the latest Men in Black movie which comes out May 25th. If you haven’t already done so you can download the update for Mario Kart 7 which removes the notorious Wuhu Island glitch.



  1. To all those in America, it will show up eventually.

    Anyway, the 3DS version is sadly inferior to the other versions. At least, I played the demo on PC, and the 3DS version has a lower resolution. Like, when the game zooms in on the characters, it doesn’t look as good. This is what I expected when I heard the 3DS version was delayed. It meant they were having trouble with it. A shame really, because I felt it would be suited to the 3DS, but now I’m more likely to get it on PC/Console. If 3DS is your only option however, it is perfectly playable, but not ideal.


  2. I think it look pretty good.. A lot better than the Wii version (IMHO).. I would buy this game again if I didn’t need to save money.


    1. No, it really doesn’t look better than the Wii version… no where near. And the sound quality is horrible. I’m really dissappointed with the 3DS version.


  3. CONFOUND that chasing stage (2nd one)!

    Well, good to know the game offers a challenge. If this game is on the eShop, I’ll definitely give it the ol download.


    1. Additional note: Ubiart Framework is a real accomplishment on Ubisoft’s part, and I hope it has a great impact on visual design going forward.


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