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Majority Of Gamers Surveyed By IGN Aren’t Excited By Motion Controls

Online gaming publication IGN recently polled its readers and asked them exactly what they thought of the occasionally loved, but generally loathed, motion controls in gaming. Unsurprisingly the majority of people weren’t fans of the devices, and they simply preferred using traditional control schemes. IGN believes that the poll is one of the largest of its kind related to motion controls.

48 thoughts on “Majority Of Gamers Surveyed By IGN Aren’t Excited By Motion Controls”

  1. Right, because digital input is ‘more limiting’ than traditional buttons. I think people haven’t thought this through all the way…

      1. To be honest, the same can be said of this community…and probably every other forum on the internet.

    1. Well, unless you can make some other gamer feel bad for not being knowledgeable about something. Then never shut up about it.

      A bit like anime and manga, actually.

  2. For me, it really depends on how their implemented. Waggle controls just irritate me, and a traditional input method is preferred in the cases where they are implemented IMO. However, games where the motions required mimic the ones that would actually be required to perform the in-game actions IRL, I much prefer to a traditional input.
    I sort of hope I live to see the day when holodecks become a real thing, and therefore all the controls for games will technically be motion controls.

  3. whodatforlife(Link)

    In other words, gamers on IGN don’t want any innovation whatsoever, they just want the same old crap again and again and again and again………….

    1. I wouldn’t call motion controls an “innovation” anymore. Not a new one, that is. I mean, it’s been around for decades now. I prefer the classic controls as well. Not because I hate Nintendo or because I’m lazy (sounds moronic, but people here apparently seem to think that everyone who prefers classic controls over motion controls do it because of one of those 2 reasons) but because I’m used to it and because it works more precisely I guess. And since classic controls are working perfetcly fine, I don’t see any reason to change it.

    2. Motion controls have never been nor never will be “innovation”. They work half the time and almost all motion controlled games are directly targeted towards families that don’t care about videogames (Exception being Skyward Sword and I personally didn’t find that game “Great”. I don’t mind new stuff as long as it actually makes the game more fun

      1. As a HUGE Zelda fan, I gotta agree unfortunately. Skyward sword was just…. ok. We need another Wind Waker lol. But no, I love motion controls, when they are done right. When they aren’t, then its just as useless as a FPS or RTS without a mouse and keyboard lol

  4. Then they should love the Wii U, because it will give them the best of both worlds. Leave luck to heaven.

  5. Y’know people, the only reason the software isn’t interesting is because developers are lazy fucks just exploiting the fad status of motion controls instead of trying to do something worthwhile with them and rather than you people calling them out on it, you’d rather cry and moan like bitchy 5-year-olds. More the reason why I say our gaming culture has gone through a de-evolution in recent times.

    Motion controls wouldn’t be so frowned upon if more developers actually tried putting more effort into utilizing them and they would actually do that if more gamers told them too.

  6. After years of visiting that comments section, I’m not surprised to hear this. The viewer community seems to be the most knee-jerk about motion controls (and just about everything else), constantly posting “only sticks and buh-tons” whenever it comes up.

    Just based on the fact that we’ve been experiencing it for over half a decade now and it’s so common in consumer tech it shouldn’t be as exciting as before. However, based on how I’ve seen the Upad act as a 3rd-analog pad of sorts via its motion capabilities I’m very excited to see that be used. The panoramic view is also fascinating. I guess as long as motion controls aren’t the lone hook.

    1. That last sentence is aimed at all devices, not just the Wii U. I’m well aware of the toolbox the Upad is.

  7. This is why I think the wii u will be a perfect console because it have the normal controls that the majority likes and motion controls with the gyro and the wii motes will still be supported witch is perfect for fps and 3d Zelda games in my opinion.

    1. I just hope that in the case of only allowing one Wii U Tablet at a time, they can release a wireless standalone classic controller. I really can’t stand the classic controller tethered to the Wiimote.

  8. It just depends on how it’s implemented. If it doesn’t get in the way too much & enhances the experience, then Motion>Traditional. If it’s just sensless waggle just for the sake of sensless waggle then Traditional>Motion controls. I like motion controls, just as long as they are well programed in the game (Ex: Skyward Sword & Red Steel 2), But in some cases, a standard controller would work better.

    1. But that’s the thing, Red Steel and SS are probably the only games were motion is implemented Correctly and not forced on (punch out to but it just seems like a constant mini game as well as wii sport resort) sony has failed to give us anything motion worthy, and Microsoft just has those akward dancing, Running, Painting, and even canooe games.

  9. The problem with a lot of motion controls is that they are just simply unnecessary and, in a lot of cases, do not fit into the flow of the game well. Donkey Kong Country Returns is the crowning example of this: The motion control scheme they forced onto us basically ruins the game, especially when you try to shake the controller to do one move and it either doesn’t respond quickly enough or DK does a different move instead.

  10. whodatforlife(Link)

    The one type of motion control that I think you have to be an idiot NOT to appreciate, no matter how it’s utilized, is the pointer.

    Case in point, the Okami remake for the Wii. Instead of having to paint all of the symbols awkwardly using a analog stick, with the Wii version you could paint them as easily as you would paint them with a real paintbrush.

    Or the Pikmin “New Play Control” ports are also a very good example.

    Not to mention the fact that it makes navigating menus and typing with an on screen keyboard a HELL of a lot more user friendly.

    People seem to forget, the accelerometers and gyroscopes are only one part of the whole motion control “package.”

  11. Gotta agree here, most people I talk to that are heavy gamers don’t care for motion controls. I like them fine, when they’re done right, but some games just need the old fashioned d-pad or joystick.

    1. I agree, the traditional button layout and analog sticks will never be replaced by motion controls.

  12. I pretty much agree with that, the only games I really ever liked were Nintendo games and rail shooters, and even then I don’t play them nearly as much as games that I can just use a controller to play.

  13. The reason I don’t like motion controls is because they’re never 100% accurate. You might do the right input but the system might detect it as something else or not detect it at all. I’ve played Skyward Sword and although the motion controls were very accurate they weren’t 100% accurate, and those inaccuracies can cause extreme amounts of frustation, frustration that makes you want to stop playing.

  14. I don’t really understand this community, just because Nintendo is doing/has been doing things with motion controls more than other companies you all start supporting it.
    Like, calling people lazy asses because they prefer classic controls… The hell ? If I would want to move around, I would go do something else than playing video games. That argument is the most stupid one I’ve seen here so far. Motion controls didn’t get invented to make people exercise and lose weight while playing video games, it was to increase the fun I assume.

    1. Since they’ve been doing it for a long time, i think Nintendo might have a bit more experience. That is why i support nintendo, they learn from their mistakes with the motion control for Wii, maybe they’ll refine it in the WiiU (i hope). as for the fact regarding the classic controllers, you have a point there.

      1. I hope that too, for them. Even though I’m a die-hard Nintendo-fan, I don’t plan on buying the WiiU.
        And sure, there is nothing wrong with supporting a company, but insulting other people because they like other companies better and have their own opinions ? Well, that’s what the majority of the people here keeps doing. Not saying that you do, though.
        Plus, I’m almost sure that a huge lot of the people here who call the members of IGN ignorant because of the results of the survey actually like classic controls better than motion controls themselves. But as long as it shows how ultimately much they kiss Nintendo’s ass, they don’t mind claiming something else than their true opinion. Sad, just sad.

  15. I prefer classic controls rather than motion controls as well. Classic controls are by far more accurate. Classic controls can be used for everything actually, whereas motion controls can not. I can’t really imagine playing a FPS with motion controls, you have to be really precise after all. With motion controls it also depends how well it has been built in and executed in a game. If it does not work fine enough, it doesn’t matter how good the game is, it won’t be any fun. And from what I have experienced so far, the classic controls usually work better. Well, this is my opinion at least.

  16. That’s why people will LOVE Wii U. Motion Controls for the people who want it. Touch screen Controls for the People who want that, and Traditional Controls for everyone else!

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