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Rayman Origins 3DS Coming Out June 5, Might Be eShop Release

Ubisoft has reconfirmed that the previously delayed Rayman Origins for Nintendo 3DS will be arriving in North America on June 5th. Ubisoft stated in their press release that Rayman Origins will be available to purchase at retailers and online on June 5th. The interesting thing is that the game comes out the same day as Nintendo’s E3 press conference where they are expected to reveal more information about same day digital and retail releases.

“The full version of the game will be available at retailers and online on June 5, 2012.”

40 thoughts on “Rayman Origins 3DS Coming Out June 5, Might Be eShop Release”

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      1. You’ve got to be joking? I’m pretty sure it was running at about 30 or less, and as usual the 3D effect adds nothing. I have this game for the 360 and I can tell you that the 3DS version looks like shit in comparison. Even the Vita gets a good port.

        1. Ur idiot I hate people that say 3d doesn’t add anything. It doesn’t need to physically add to gameplay to add to the game it’s about the cool visual effect it adds. I personally love 3d effects,sick of 3d haters.

          1. He isn’t hating the 3D effect in general. He’s hating the 3D effect for this game in particular. And he’s right, the whole demo horrible. I’ve played the Wii, PS3, PC and 3DS versions and the pocket one is, by far, the worst, unfortunately. :/

            1. the only thing i hate is the way is control, i mean common this is hard like muting mudd level.

    1. It’s inferior to the other versions, but I wouldn’t personally go so far as to call it horrible. I’m not surprised though really. When it was delayed, it was obvious that meant the developers were having difficulty.

    2. i thought it was just me! That demo made me literally want to vomit. The framerate was piss and the 3D made me want to claw my eyes out. Terrible, terrible demo. I seriously hope the full game isn’t like this.

  2. This would actually be interesting if true. Means Nintendo are letting a third party be first to try Nintendo’s new direction since weren’t Nintendo gonna start it with NSMB 2? Though I guess it also makes this the guinea pig before then.

  3. So they may do what they did with Link’s Awakening last year. The demo was ok. With the lower price, it’s the type of game I would be more interested in getting digitally than at retail.

  4. What did you guys expect? You can’t just port a game like that on a handheld with a small screen. It doesn’t work

    1. It worked good on the vita, and theres no reason why it had to be so blurry and the sound had to be so bad and the framerate had to be so bad. Just sayin’. I think the 3DS could have handled a 2D sidescroller.

      1. To my knowledge, the PSVita has a bigger screen than the 3DS. Whatever, I might just get the Wii or PC version :P

  5. Im not a troll i love Rayman 3 and origins(and a big Nintendo fan)! But the 3DS version of origins looks like crap compared too the PS3, Xbox360 and PSVita version(Yes i have played all the versions) The sprites are very small, it have bad fps, and the music is weird…

      1. No the demo is what the full retail version will be, you fool.

        Anyway Rayman Origins suck no matter what console it was on, there was a reason why it bomb in sales.

        1. U seriously r dumb its not full version file way too small also demos r 95% of time r demos that were made available to press months before completion off game. So no it’s not what finale version is that’s why demos always have warning in beginning saying its not final version of game they have to do that for idiots like u. If u don’t truly keep up with the industry just shut up!!!!!!!

        2. Rayman Origins didnt suck, it was released on the same day as Halo, Marvel vs. Capcom, Assassin’s Creed, and in the same week as frickin’ Modern Warfare 3. The reason it failed was because Ubisoft released it at the absolute worst possible time for any game like that to come out. You don’t put a goofy 2D sidescroller up against Call of Duty.

    1. Er yes you can if someone doesn’t like the demo then they aren’t going to like the full version.

  6. i think im the only one that played this game that actually enjoyed it,i may buy it digitally,good pickup and play title to have

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