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GameStop Announces First-Ever Consumer Expo

US retail emporium GameStop has announced that GameStop PowerUp Rewards members will be entitled to attend the first-ever GameStop Expo 2012 in San Antonio, Texas. The GameStop website says that attendees will have the opportunity to experience the hottest new video games months before they’re released, enter to win great prizes and meet with top video game publishers and special guests. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some quality hands-on time with Wii U.

47 thoughts on “GameStop Announces First-Ever Consumer Expo”

    1. Great! I can’t wait! I will buy my thousand dollar plane ticket, spend about a thousand more in hotel, transportation and meals to stand in line behind a million sweaty nerds dressed like Zelda to see a half done CGI demo of a game I’m not gonna buy a few months from now. See what your $15 membership buys?

      1. Gamestop bought EB games out quite some time ago, they own the name. Any EB games left are just operating under that name to make consumers more comfortable.

          1. here in canada, in my city it started off with one gamestop at this mall (which has an eb games downstairs) and the other eb games around my home and other malls turned to game stop, after about 1 year they all went back to eb games except a couple

  1. I can’t get excited about this especially since Gamestop is one of the worst places to shop for videogames

    1. If you’re not shopping online or don’t have any other game stores (i.e. play n trade) Gamestop isn’t that bad especially compared to Walmart who practically refuses to ever lower their price on games.
      Fricken saw kirby epic yarn sold for 50 dollars at walmart and 20 dollars at gamestop whent the stores were like ten feet away from each other >.<

      1. Just no… I have a play n trade where I and I refuse to shop there. The people that work it are assholes and know nothing about the product they sell. They have higher prices, lower trade in values, and a very poor selection. The only thing it has over game stop is the “retro” game selection but, even that is not a good thing. Some of the ps1 and n64 games are $50 used…

          1. Thanx for the warning. I never heard of it and judging by the feedback thats probably a good thing

      2. Speaking of Walmart refusing to lower their prices…I’ve seen two separate WalMarts trying to sell DC Universe Online for $50! DCUO is a FREE game now! I realize that this is a physical copy, but you no longer have to pay for the content of the disc, only the disc itself, which is NOT worth 50 bucks…I have two photos as proof in this album on my page:

  2. it’s like down the road from me… and I am a member of gamestop rewards… and I am a platinum member…
    yeah, I am going…. I loe Gamestop :D

  3. Meh, we have something better here anyway run by a local retailer. That being said those members either have to pay their own way or have spent their life savings at GameStop to have earned the privilege of going. Either way, no matter how you look at it, GameStop’s customer program is a pure scam, plain and simple.

  4. Holy Hell something like this will ACTUALLY happen in San Antonio! I love my city but I cant help but envy all the conventions and expos Ive never been to and now I finally have a chance! So excited!!!

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  5. I’m going to San Antonio for an entirely different reason this summer, so I’ll be right around the corner and won’t be able to go anyway. Such a shame. :(

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        1. Cause Texas is the state of the San Antonio SPURS and they are kicking ass and taking names that’s why!

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