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Miyamoto Wins Prestigious Spanish Award

Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has won Spain’s prestigious Prince of Asturias Prize. The jury praised Miyamoto for turning video games into “a medium capable of bringing people together regardless of sex, age or social or cultural status.” “Noted for excluding violence from his creations, Miyamoto has revolutionized the industry,” said the jury after awarding Shigeru Miyamoto the award for communications and humanities.

76 thoughts on “Miyamoto Wins Prestigious Spanish Award”

    1. Yeh… SOrryy… I’ve just never been first! :) Miyamoto is amazing! He really deserved it! :) Congrats :)

        1. Sounds pretty racist to me. And I thought people these days were “enlightened” but I suppose I can keep dreaming for racial equality. Hey wait, isn’t any racist statement automatically deduct your level of intelligence yourself? Wouldn’t that make you a hypocrite and ignorant yourself? And another thing, why am I stupid enough to respond knowing full well its just going to get me trolled? Ha, I just proved that “stupid american” theory just a little…..

            1. No one gives a shit about racism against Americans. Don’t pretend to get all offended and get on your high horse over it. You’re not a race anyway. You’re a collection of races from all over. You’re a culture and a nation. Not a race.
              When you stop holding a disproportionate amount of wealth and power, then you can piss and moan about equality.

            1. What, that Americans are idiots? Maybe a little. At least the ones online anyway. But its like saying Europeans are Pompous, or Japanese are perverted, or Chinese are crafty. It may be semi-true, but its not fair to generalize an entire population based on either preconceived bias nor media exposure. Also, its unfair when one takes into account cultural differences. Ever talked to someone of Middle Eastern descent? Its considered polite to stand VERY close while talking. In America it makes us uncomfortable. Does that make us anti-social, or them rude? Generalizations cannot be made without unfairly grouping people together with others that may not represent them well. So even if it was a high number, lets say 90% of Americans are idiots, its still unfair to say ALL Americans are, because now that 10% are being insulted.

  1. i’m so proud that miyamoto-san has won this prize! i’m from spain and i’m very happy! congratulations, miyamoto-san!

  2. Look at that face. He’s such a goofy motherfucker and that’s why I love him. Never stop doing what you’re doing Miyamoto. You are one of the few bright spots left in this dim industry.

    1. beautiful man. I had the pleasure of meeting him and I gave him a hug and a thank you for creating my childhood and making experiences I will never forget. Such a humble man.

  3. The greatest man in the video game industry. The father of video games. He deserves every award he’s eligible for. Congratulations, Miyamoto-sama. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Miyamoto San doesn’t deserves anything of stupids awards and let me tell you why.Because he already gained our hearts and live in our hearts that worth more than any stupid award. PEACE OUT.

      1. Well, perhaps you think that way, but I think he deserves the prize money, and that it is more valuable that a bunch of hearts… How much?

  4. Miyamoto is the one that got me into games, the one that will get my children into games and my grandchildren. He may be a mere mortal but he shall LIVE ON FOREVER in my blood as a gamer and in his work for many gens to come. Well deserved award. You are the best games designer and I am absolutely proud to share not only your joy for these games but also this planet we both live in.

    I raise a toast to you Shigsy! See you in 2 weeks, my body is ready for your A bomb!!!!!!!

  5. Its cool he became a big deal without having all his games me murderous and violent. I really respect that. people my age play some pretty appalling games.

    1. “excluding violence”
      “not murderous and violent”

      Ganondorf coughing up blood in OoT, stabbed in head in WW, dying standing up in TP

        1. (SPOILER ALERT!) In Ocarina of time. If you have the first release, its good ol red blood, but in the later release (1.1 and 1.2 I think….) they changed it to green figuring its less graphic.

  6. whodatforlife(Link)

    The “Prince of Asturias Prize”? That sounds like a totally bitching award!!!

    Congratulations Mr. Miyamoto!!!

    1. Your ignorance it’s clearly seen in your completely nonsense comment. You are ignorant enough to say such a thing? Wow I’m quite impressed!! This is one of the most prestigious awards in the world!!!

      I really recommend you read more newspapers, watch more news and, in general, have some culture.
      Please, in the future if you haven’t heard something before, it’s probably you just don’t know about it. Before posting something so completely fool as you did just now, just have the habit to see, at least, in Wikipedia or something. You’ll find out your big mistake:

      1. By “totally bitching” he meant very impressive. I think you interpreted him incorrectly. Why would he congratulate Miyamoto if it was negative? Maybe you need to read more clearly before jumping to insults.

          1. Happens to me all the time on this forum. Many who come here don’t get sarcasm or even clever euphamism. Oh well, thats how its going to be. Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, and trolls have to flame.

      2. No need to be a bitch.

        I didn’t know about it either, and it does indeed sound bitchin’, nothing the guy said was negative.

        (bitchin’ is a colloquialism for Awesome, amazing, fantastic, etc,.)

        1. James Plus Rachel, thank you, I don’t know a lot of colloquialisms because English is my second language. I apologize for my comment totally unfortunate

          1. Me too =( And as I saw your comment, I also understood it was an attack message. This colloquialism was completely unknown for me too… I have to apologize too, please forgive me. I was also upset from another forum were trolls and other companies fanboys was insulting him so I thought this was the case too.
            Please forgive me u.u

      3. oh yes, Wikipedia, Great source!!!
        a website where justin bieber’s life is much more detailed than many cultural institutions
        i recommend you read at least the wikipedia entry in his orgininal languague, this is, in spanish where you’ll find more information about this awards. unfortunately people use to write nonsense about celebrities before the really important and interesting things.

        All the erudite people as philologists, philosophers, scientists, writers et cetera knows that Prince of Asturias Prize is one of the best rewards you can get like recognition of your career. People is not interested in this things, everybody knows what are the BAFTA or the Academy Awards but don’t know about other important awards beyond the Nobel prize.

        Therefore I do not think Miyamoto deserves this award, he won the award for communication and humanities like Google and the royal society years ago, two well-deserved one for his undeniable contribution to the communication and another for being one of the oldest scientific communities of the world

        Miyamoto develops more and more marios and … wait, I think that’s all

        1. I posted the english Wikipedia page because this site it’s aimed to english speakers. My notorious misunderstanding of a colloquialism above it’s a proof my real language it’s Spanish.
          You do have a point in the lack of more complete info about some matters and the priorities in celebrities etc. but it has valuable info though.

          Finally, I believe Miyamoto does deserve the award because he doesn’t only develops Mario games, but has helped with industry-shifting ideas and has managed to accomplish so many achievements for the industry no one else has done. Think about it ;)

      4. whodatforlife(Link)

        Plus, I wasn’t being sarcastic. I really think it sounds like a bitching award. That’s why I said “Congratulations Mr. Miyamoto”

        You just assumed I was being sarcastic and went off on a tirade.

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    1. Fun fact: The Gamecube had a tec demo by the name of “Super Mario 128” that was used to show off the gamecube’s capabilities. This demo was used as the base for the original Pikmin due to its ability to show 100 independently moving marios at once

  8. Miyamoto is a God and genuises like him should be made immortal,we are not worthy for the amazing legacy you have brought to millions of gamers worldwide.

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  10. Cowboy boots. Check. Awesome leather belt. Check. Jean shirt embroidered with music notes and matching jeans. Check. T-shirt with Mario playing the saxophone. Check. Permanent smile. Check.

    This is definitely the coolest man on Earth.

  11. Congrats Miyamoto-san! You really deserve it for creating many things that dominated my childhood, as well as inspiring my career as a game designer.

    Which reminds me, are you guys at Nintendo………. Ya know………….um……………..hiring?

    PLEEEEEEEASE? I have this degree! Look how shiny it is. LOL

  12. Nintendo haters can’t argue with that I suppose…. although I’m sure they will find something. But I really do appreciate all the hard work and dedication this man has put into his creations. He has single handedly provided my life with countless hours of entertainment and immeasurable amounts of joy and smiles. Thank you Mr. Miyamoto, for making my life a happier place.

    1. Haha, yeah, without Mario and the gang, video games wouldn’t be what they are today. Time to break out the old school Nintendo consoles!

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