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Nintendo Keeps Its Promises

Kotaku has made a list of all announcements and pledges that Nintendo made during E3 2011, and whether they fulfilled their promises. During last year’s E3, Nintendo talked about the eShop for the 3DS and how it will contain a search function and game demos – the promise was kept.

Many plans for The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary were scheduled for all of 2011, which included the symphony orchestras and the release of many Zelda games including the free download of Four Swords – this promise was also kept. There are many more examples on Kotaku’s list and for the most part, Nintendo fulfilled its promises.

21 thoughts on “Nintendo Keeps Its Promises”

  1. Nintendo is a trustworthy company. Always has been. They always seem to come through one way or the other. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. yeah, it has beenn confirmed.. a new zelda game is in process… but.. it would be awesome to play majoras’ mask on the 3ds, wouldn’t it?

          1. Agreed! I’m dieing waiting for a MM remake on 3DS but I’m more excited for a new Zelda game!!! I hope the gameplay of the new one is like the OOT remake since we now know that type of gameplay I possible on the 3DS :D

  2. Seems all 3 kept all their promises and the ones that aren’t fulfilled are because they haven’t met the release date yet.

  3. Nintendo is truly indeed a company we can count on. Not only they innovate and revolutionize gaming, but also a trustworthy and reliable cooperation. Look forward to what’s coming up from the Big N before, during, and after E3.

    1. Sony. Did you read their analys of their e3 promises? It was horrible. Microsoft did good though :)

  4. I’m very pleased by the lack of Earthbound/Mother 3 comments. I love the series as much as the next gamer, but the attacks get to be a little much.

    It really is amazing how much of what they stated last year actually happened.

  5. Pssst… no one mention the vitality sensor. :)

    Yeah Nintendo usually keep the promises. The promises they don’t always stick to would be release dates. But that’s usualy to make sure games are the best they can be.

  6. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    Someone please tell me is this is really trustworthy news? It really isn’t news.

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