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Sakaguchi: ‘The Wii’s SD Resolution Is A Limitation’

Final Fantasy’s creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, was recently interviewed by IGN. He shared his thoughts and experience about making The Last Story, which is his latest video game for the Wii. Sakaguchi shared many interesting details including information about the game’s unique battle system, and what his greatest challenges were while creating the game.

When talking about the technical capabilities of the Wii Sakaguchi says, “It’s unfortunate, but the final issue that always seemed to deny certain ideas was the SD resolution limitation.” Despite the graphical restrictions of the console, Sakaguchi believes that people will enjoy the game’s refined world. The Last Story is scheduled to release in North America on July 10th.

21 thoughts on “Sakaguchi: ‘The Wii’s SD Resolution Is A Limitation’”

    1. He wasn’t saying it as if it was a big revelation that nobody knew about, he was just pointing it out as a problem they faced

  1. SD was the only limitation he had in turns of the capabilities of how it looked. But he also said that within the parameters, he was able to “create a title with beautiful graphics that can compete with modern day specs.” He even wished people to use component cables to fully enjoy the look.

    While it was a limitation, he was able to use the fullest potential of that limitation.

  2. Yea most games now are made for at least 720p

    Some of the latest being: dragons dogma, and Skyrim.

    Either can’t read anything or the screen cuts of 2-3inches on the sides :(

    Sucks really. But we all gotta keep with the times.

  3. Yes he mention it, but in a before interview he even answer who those limitation were challenges for him, Knowing how much powerful is the wii(and by extension, the Single Definition) he much like Nintendo manage to rival with their own product(Super Mario Galaxy in Nintendo case, The Last Story in Sakaguchi one), heck even Miyamoto have this challeges with Ocarina of Time… who make it worthwhile of the title of Masterpiece.

    And Sakaguchi, i may remember you the last time you was overambitous with a project(cffcfSpirit Withingcffof)

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