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Nintendo Preparing A New Nintendo 3DS For E3?

Online publication Kotaku is reporting that Amazon Japan hasn’t got any Nintendo 3DS consoles for sale, sparking rumours that Nintendo is planning to show off a revised edition of the console at E3. A revised 3DS console wouldn’t be too far-fetched as the system could certainly do with a second Circle Pad, and possibly a slightly larger screen. Do you think Nintendo will reveal a new Nintendo 3DS model at E3, or do you think it’s just coincidental that Amazon Japan has sold out of all its allocated Nintendo 3DS units?

113 thoughts on “Nintendo Preparing A New Nintendo 3DS For E3?”

    1. I’d just like to point some things out: Firstly, it’s been selling like crazy over there, so its not unreasonable that it just sold out. Secondly, Kotaku are shit and hate Nintendo, so they know this will get people annoyed. Third, it doesn’t need a bigger screen, the bigger the screen, the narrower the sweetspot you have to be in, which is the reason this technology hasn’t been used in TVs yet. Also, only like 6 games support CC Pro, which is very comfortable to hold, relatively cheap, and all games that support it have alternate control schemes. The only possible thing they could include in a redesign (besides the screen scratching thing, which you can fix yourself) would be battery life, and you can already buy really good 3rd party battery packs. Plus, redesigning one would screw over all the fans, especially since they JUST released new colours. This one is nowhere near as essential as the DS Lite was anyway.

      1. agreed. and i also think it would be a terrible business idea to release essentially a second new piece of hardware in a year along with their much touted wii u. even though it would be a redesign for 3ds.

  1. Nintendo has already stated that there will be no 3DS revisions. So yes, it’s pure coincidence. Why do people think there’s gonna be some sort of revision?! -_-

          1. Fair enough, I always thought that colour was a new gen though, is it not? And as far as I know GBC doesn’t have a revised version.
            But yeah you’re right pocket does count as a revised version of the original gameboy

              1. yeah I know thats what I just said, I said I always thought that colour was a new gen. Then I said as far as I know the gameboy colour doesn’t have a revised version. I only said that because the previous comment confused me and Pietre made it sound that “gameboy pocket, light, color…” all had revised version since they said “always since before the gba” when as far as I know colour doesn’t have a revised version..

    1. Why do they make a new one when it came out last year? I’m not getting it unless its cheap or can allow you to transfer data from the one you have now to the new one they might have. I don’t think they should have one until 2016. Also I would buy it if they fix the touch screen so it dosent scratch the top screen.

      1. they released the dsi xl a year after the dsi was out,what do u expect?I wouldnt be supprised if the reveal the 3ds lite at e3 2012.

    2. Of course they say that there won’t be a revision. What would happen with the sales if they told a better (and probably cheaper) 3DS was coming out with longer battery life (biggest letdown of 3DS), larger screen and 2 circle pads. Not a single 3DS would be sold for weeks….

      Not saying that there will be a revision right now but there’ll be one in the future. It’s genius from a business perspective when you bring out a new revision, which isn’t too big an effort for a company, most dedicated players will buy the new 3DS too. So you can sell the same system twice to the same guy, what wouldn’t happen if you didn’t bring out a revision.

    3. I’m pretty sure they said they have ‘no plans’ to make hardware revisions. That doesn’t mean they never will decide to later on. I expect, during the its lifetime, there will be revisions, but I doubt it will be soon.

  2. That’s why I didn’t bought mine yet. :D Just waiting for this moment. Please, come to me, 3DSLite! hahaha!

              1. Why is every single one of you anonymous……..unless your the same person with 5 personalities (reminds me of yu yu hakusho)

                1. I just happened to be anonymous and came across this comment and thought it was unneccessary for the other anon to say what they did. I comment on this site all the time but have always been anon

        1. Shouldnt you be cutting my grass. Oh, and heres another tip for you pedro, the fact we post as annonymous means we dont feel like registering a name, or get email notifications everytime you cry about our comments.

    1. Mine is over a year, but even if they announce a revision next week, it doesn’t mean it will come out next week.

  3. The new Dragon Quest Monsters game just launched in Japan today. It was expected to do well.

    Could quite easily have caused a sales surge resulting in it going out of stock.

  4. I sure hope not. I dont have the money to buy a revised 3ds and a wii u. They can release it next e3

  5. A new 3ds would be nice, I just wonder what the offers will be…
    “All Nintendo Ambassadors Get 20% of The New 3DS “… that will NEVER happen but one can dream!

  6. It would be a terrible move on their behalf to redesign the 3DS less than 18 months after its initial release. Their WiiU sales would definitely take a hit as a lot of people would just naturally assume that there would shortly be some sort of re-release.

    1. They may redesign it, but it does not mean they will release it right away…however the redesign would practically cause sales to halt on all current 3DS models…so they would have to release it practically right away.

  7. I think it’s a coincidence. I think they would wait until they turned a profit from the current model. Unless there’s a guarantee the new models will be cheaper to manufacture.

  8. Guys, Nintendo released a statement that there won’t be any revisions to the 3ds for a while. No need to worry!

    1. I supose but if you read peoples comments above it might be explained, such as marketing plans and ways to get people to buy the original 3DS. Plus even if they announce a new 3DS model at e3, doesn’t mean it’ll be out this year, maybe spring 2013?

  9. No just cant happen am sure a new game was released and thats why they are out of stock. They might show one at e3 but am sure it will nt be available till next year. Lets see what the regginator has to say (e3)

  10. I don’t see a reason for a large screen…and with it only being released last year, especially with the price drop it wouldn’t be a very smart idea.Pretty strange for Kotaku to say stuff like this, I wouldn’t relate Amazon Japan’s sales of the 3DS to the existence of a revised version, but seeing as E3 is only next week I won’t bother trying to make sense of the idea…

  11. longer battery life is all it needs for me to run out and buy it / scrimp and save instead of waiting til I graduate and have excess cash from a proper job

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  13. Yeah, because it makes total sense to discontinue a version of their product to launch another version, just like how the original DS was discontinue before DS Lite was launched, and then the DSi. They would do that AFTER their revised version is released, and they could charge a little higher for that new revision with improvements such as battery life, a new design, and better cameras while keeping the current one cheap. They are losing money here by not selling those systems, and it’s the same way here in the US. They’re not that dumb.

  14. Hopefully, somehow, because that circle pad thingy would be great to automatically have on the system.

  15. No. The system is just more than a year and sales are high why halt sales. And in this market high price is like a killer(vita am looking at you) its not an iphone. A lot of people will not see the improvement but the price due to the economy(ps3 you too)and that is wat i think they are trying to avoid and also wii u

    1. This would actually improve sales since all I’ve heard since the CPP came out is, “Eh! I’ll wait for the redesign.”

  16. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I’m really hoping they don’t announce a 3DS revision this year. Save that for next year, I say. This E3 is all about the Wii U, everyone knows that.

  17. I haven’t bought a 3DS yet, so this would be great if it were true. Nintendo may have said they weren’t going to release a new model soon. But that was last year, wasn’t it? And if look at the DS, a new version was released almost every year. The 3DS has two important things missing: second analog stick, an better battery life. Therefore I look forward to hearing about it if this rumor holds any truth.

  18. I hope there IS but not for like another 2 years, my Aqua blue ambassador 3DS is brill and I wanna use it for as much as it’s worth for a long time.
    I am a collector and I will be getting a revised 3DS IF there is one, but I would rather wait a long time for once instead of getting on release because the 3DS is different to other Nintendo handheld consoles as it is more like getting a Wii since it has a menu with eshop and valuable data such as the Mii streetpass, step count and playtime. Unless you can convert all this info to another 3DS, as in, a revised model, then I’m fine. I think we can do that actually, similar to the DSi to 3DS game transfer, but I’m not sure if we can transfer step data and gameplay data etc from one 3DS to another, does anyone know that for sure?

  19. This shouldn’t happen until next year. This year is all about the Wii U and continuing to expand the 3DS library of games. Don’t fuck yourself up Nintendo!

    1. How would it be suicide? It’s not like it would play different games or anything. I’d love one to be honest.

  20. I suppose am updated 3DS has to come sooner or later, since apple has shown that yearly updates can earn loads of money…

    Ive only just bought an original 3DS so i wont upgrade for another few years.

    Unless the new 3DS has an extra circle-pad and 3G, i wouldnt be too interested in it anyway.

  21. I’d really like one with 2 analogs, 4 shoulder buttons, and longer battery life. They’ve already beat the Vita. Why not make one?

  22. Second circle pad, larger screen, improved angling on the 3D effect, extended battery life, and 3G compatibility is what I would like to see.

  23. It’s no secret the 3DS outsells almost everything in Japan. Them running out seems pretty plausible. Still, the system could use a redesign, but I’m perfectly happy with my original, flawed model. I could care less about another circle pad but a bigger screen couldn’t hurt a thing.

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  25. I am fine with the current 3DS. The screen is fine, if I want longer battery life, I will just buy a Nyko battery pack, and the 3DS doesn’t need a 2nd analog pad, it should be an option, though. It is too late to add a 2nd thumbstick and use it for regular use.

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  27. my 3ds is already 1yr old and if it’s true then the 3ds must have an hd screen with good battery. sharp already release an hd glasses free 3d screen for mobile devices. my complain with the 3ds is the screen get scratches and the circle pad the material they use can easily pilled on the side

  28. Why this is fake
    Circle Pad Pro is available
    Brightness of Screen better than DS(all)
    3D Effects isn’t really anything to work since it the developer fault not to make strong.
    Extended Battery Life who cares geez you better carry you got dang charger with you or put on lowest brightness, power save, no sounds and 3d off.

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  31. Well, there’s 4 things the 3DS needs, and they are: better battery life, 2 circle pads built in so you don’t need the uneven looking circle pad pro that looks like it makes it hard to press the R button, and they need to make the circle pad not rub against the top part when it’s closed, because it always gets crud on there, and it needs better start, select, and home buttons. Especially for Link’s Awakening, because to save you press Start+select+A+B. And it’s annoying with the current start and select buttons. And it wouldn’t hurt to make it not tell me about Sleep Mode each time I turn it off.

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  33. My personal opinion is I wish they would, something that feels more like the DSi. I like how the hinges and the matte felt. When I open my 3DS I feel like I might break it in half. I steal my sisters DSi to play games rather than my 3DS unless I’m playing Mario Kart.

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