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HBO Go Coming To Wii U?

A job posting by Time Warner states that the company has actually partnered with Nintendo and other established organisations to launch HBO & Max Go in the future. Nintendo hasn’t announced the partnership, so it’s likely that they’re saving the announcement for E3. The company was previously reported to be in negotiations with various media partners for Wii U.

“The Partner Manager position is responsible for the day-to-day relationship and ongoing marketing activities with several key Mobile, Tablet, Connected TV and Game Console digital partners for HBO GO and MAX GO. Partners include Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Samsung, Roku, as well as any new partners that will launch HBO/MAX GO in the future.”

20 thoughts on “HBO Go Coming To Wii U?”

  1. FIRST, the rumor about Nintendo & Valve partnership… now THIS?! I bet the critics are gonna be way past sorry to hear this!!!!!!

          1. I was talking to Thomus since he disagrees about having HBO Go on Wii U’s apps selection. I just want to know why it won’t happen while other companies (including Sony and Microsoft) can.

  2. Well if this rumor is true then perhaps nintendo has partnerships with other media outlets that have yet to come to light. I have to say though, I could honestly care less about facebook or youtube or twitter or…whatever else, being on the wii u. I mean, I get it, some people like the connectivity but do you really need all of it on everything that uses the internet. To me, its that sort of thing thats the gimmick. I just wanna play my nintendo, ill finish doing all of my facebook later.

  3. Does HBO Go offer movies or is it strictly TV series? And if it’s movies, are they the “good” ones and are they new? This could serve as a perfect replacement for Netflix, which has turned into a mess.

  4. This would be a great partnership for Nintendo. All of HBO’s great content available on the Wii U would be awesome. I can’t wait for Tuesday. It almost seems like there will be too much for Nintendo announce during their conference. Leave luck to heaven.

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