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The Wii U Is Not A Wii Update

The Wii U is a brand-new console by Nintendo. Many journalism websites, such as The Wall Street Journal, still refer to the Wii U by calling it a “new Wii.” It has been almost a year since Nintendo unveiled their new console. When the Wii U was first introduced, Nintendo focused almost entirely on its controller while the white colored console was in the background, which looked like the original Wii on its side from afar.

Nintendo admitted that they could’ve done a better job at distinguishing the console from its predecessor and that is  what the company will do throughout E3 this week. Nintendo hasn’t revealed new information about the Wii U for quite some time, but they will finally talk about it during their pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, which will air in a couple of hours.

164 thoughts on “The Wii U Is Not A Wii Update”

    1. Exactly ,, they should have remove the WII in WIIU ,,

      Studied at : WiiUniversity

  1. I honestly don’t foresee this changing any time soon, people uninformed in the matter usually stick to what they know. There’s a chain of shops where I live that still refer to the DS and 3DS as the Game Boy DS or Game Boy 3DS…

    1. My mom calls everything I hold in my hand a gameboy…. And I am now realizing how awkward that sounds… but to funny to change XD

  2. Department of Agriculture

    There’s only one letter difference in name (two extra characters counting space). I agree Nintendo could have done a better job in distinguishing the Wii U from the Wii.

    1. No, not really. This offers a difference in control where the 360 basically had updated hardware and a slightly reshaped controller.

    1. I agree. If they don’t remove “Wii” from the name, this console will fail just like the Game Boy Color and Advanced, the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64, the PlayStation 2 and 3, the XBox 360, …

  3. I call it the new Wii when talking about it to non-gamers. I think that implies new system. The Xbox 360 was the new Xbox. The PlayStation 3 was the new PlayStation. The iPad is (literally) “the new iPad.”

    1. Nintendo 3DS is a DS. Nintendo DS = Nintendo Dual Sreen. The Nintendo 3DS is dual screen is it not?

            1. “Erm,” no, it isn’t. It’s both. But to games, it’s “dual-screen.” To developers, it’s “developer’s system.” They intended it to have a subjective meaning, pertaining to the audience interpreting it.

        1. So by that logic, the GameBoy Advance is not a GameBoy, because it’s games could NEVER run on the original GameBoy?

          Funny of Nintendo to call it GAMEBOY Advance if it’s not really a GameBoy-line product. Silly geese.

  4. Which is why they really should have given it a completely new name…Especially after the exact same problem with the 3DS that lead to adverts where they even had to say “This is not DS. This is Nintendo 3DS”. Honestly you think they’d learn…

    1. no it first fail because of the no games(killer titles) each console when its new U got to give it time to built a market so it can sell, 3ds is selling well even though it has the same name as ds.

  5. Hmm i wonder why people would think the “wii u” is the new wii.

    but seriously “wii u” is almost as bad as “wii 2”. If they dont want people confusing them, they shoulda named it better

    1. I would have just called it Nintendo HD, or if they really like the “U / You” thing, called it “Nintendo U”.

      I get some people saying “Nintendo HD doesn’t get the tablet idea across”. Yeah? Neither does “Wii U”, and it also confuses the market with the “Wii” in there to boot. Worst console name ever; not because it sounds bad (it does), but because it just makes no sense at all. Sounds like bad Engrish: “We you want some fly lice?!”

  6. People have got to make the effort to inform the public that it is a new console. The gaming media has been very lazy on this subject. But, Nintendo will change all of that this week. They will have to stand up and take notice. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. Don’t put the blame on Nintendo just because they’ve introduced a glimpse of a brand new console. It’s the gaming media’s fault for not understanding Nintendo.

        1. It is Nintendo’s goddamn fault. They aren’t creative with names, thus the casual masses will easily get confused.

          Nintendo had the stupidest 2011 E3 conference ever. They should’ve never placed so much emphasis on that controller.

          Of course, you’re a Nintendo fanwank, so you’ll always defend their idiocy, because you are an idiot yourself.

          1. How the fuck do you know that Nintendo had the most stupid E3 conference last year? You have no benefit of intellect, bashing Nintendo, and sucking Jack Tretton’s dick… all at the same time. Nintendo had stolen the show last year… and the Wii U is the next gen game console.

            You don’t belong here at My Nintendo News, yet you’re still a dick and a troll. That’s all I’m gonna say to you. If you still fail and reply back to me, I have three words for you.

          2. Wow, butthurt much? Is it Nintendo’s fault for not enphasising the difference b/w the Wii-U and Wii? Yes, but it’s just as much the fault of the gaming media and community. Oh and as for Nintendo having the worst E3 in 2011, Microsoft would like a word with you.

          3. They aren’t creative with names, thus the casual masses will easily get confused.

            NES – SNES – N64 – Gamecube – Wii – Wii U
            PS – PS2 – PS3
            Xbox – Xbox 360


            1. That argument doesn’t work considering “PlayStation 2, 3 and 360” were very obviously new systems, while Wii U had no clear explanation during the conference. A ton of people thought it was an accessory and still do.

              Try again, loser. :P

              1. Going back to the SNES and NES – the SNES didn’t confuse people upon being an add-on of sorts, and the same thing rings true for the Wii and Wii U. This is also true with the DS and 3DS. The 3DS has sold a million more systems than the DS at the same period in their cycle – the Wii U has no reason not to do the same.

                Anyway, isn’t it a bit petty resorting to calling people ‘losers’ without any real proof to win an argument? :P

              2. First of all, name calling is a sure sign of lack of intelligence and, furthermore, lack of ground to stand on (so to speak).

                Second, PS2, PS3, XBOX360 etc. were all easily identifiable as “new consoles” because they were PRESENTED as such. That’s the crux of the issue here, not how “uncreative Nintendo is.”

                The point he was trying to make is that Microsoft and Sony are JUST as uncreative at naming successor consoles as Nintendo is, because they simply just tack on a number to the existing name.

                The difference between them and Nintendo is that they made it very apparent that they were new consoles; Nintendo did not. They didn’t come out and say, “So we have a brand new home console to tell you about…”, they simply described the goal(s) they wanted to reach, and then said, “We will do this with Wii U.”

                That is the point of all of this: they didn’t explain, “This here is the controller *FOR OUR NEW CONSOLE*, the Wii U”. They simply stated “This is the Wii U controller” without actually describing that the Wii U was an entirely different machine.

      2. How so? I’m not part if the gaming mdeia and I understood that it was a new console after watching the press conference once. They just weren’t paying attention. Nintendo called the Wii U a new console at least 5 time during the conference.

        What happened was people saw the controller and instantly started thinking about the iPad, which is a standalone device. They were so blown away by what they were seeing they completely disreagrded everything that was said after the controller was shown.

        It’s not Nintendo’s fault, those guys just got distracted, and as professionals they shouldn’t have allowed that to happen.

        1. I can say this people now a day half-ass and butcher every piece of info Nintendo put out.The gaming media have to be the most oblivious people on the planet.

      3. How is it not Nintendo’s fault? When there are pictures of people using Wiimotes for the Wii U, you can’t blame the gaming media for people being confused. That is all Nintendo.

            1. About the Nintendo marketing–

              Color TV Game (1977) – 3 million
              NES (Famicom 1983/NES 1985) – 61.91 million
              Super NES (Super Famicom 1990/SNES 1991) – 49.10 million
              Nintendo 64 – 32.93 million
              Nintendo GameCube – 21.74 million
              Wii – 95.85 million

              Nintendo handheld marketing–

              Game Boy/Color – 118.69 million
              Game Boy Advance – 81.51 million
              GBA SP – 43.57 million
              Game Boy Micro – 2.5 million
              Nintendo DS – 151.52 million
              DS Lite – 93.83 million
              DSi – 26.78 million
              DS XL (LL in Japan) – 12.12 million
              Nintendo 3DS – 17.13 million

              Do I see Nintendo making an awful marketing of them? I don’t think so.

      4. No, it’s people’s fault. Nintendo showed a new controller, a new console with a different name and different specs, new games, etc… and people didn’t get it was a new console?

    1. Exactly. No matter what they do, I will be getting a Wii U day one with their fantastic first party line-up!

  7. The Nintendo Wii U will be just like Pepsi– The choice of a new generation. We’re now less than 2 hours away from Nintendo President Iwata’s speech from Nintendo Direct. Your bodies better be ready!

      1. Sony troll… U mad because Nintendo innovates games and systems. The GameCube may have poor sales, but they have kick ass games like Luigi’s Mansion, Pikmin, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader.

        1. What innovation? The Wii has the worst console lineup this generation and Nintendo does nothing more than shoehorn and rehash Mario sports titles/NSMB.

          Innovate? Don’t make me laugh. They haven’t done shit this generation meaningful to the industry.

          PS2 absolutely crushed the Gamecube. And Sony had a two generation 1-up against Nintendo. Even the newcomer *Microsoft* beat them. Nintendo is no threat to either company.

          1. *Sarcasm* Yeah because Galaxy is EXACTLY like Sunshine and 64, Skyward Sword did nothing different compared to the rest of the franchise, Metroid Prime 3 plays EXACTLY like the Prime 1+2, Metroid Other M has NOTHING different compared to the rest of the franchise, etc. Yeah, seriously, if you can’t see that than you’re definitely not trying to. But, after all, you’re a hater and a Sony/Microsoft dick-rider, what should we expect?

            1. Galaxy 2 was exactly like the first, no attempt to make a legitimately new adventure. Skyward Sword plays and proceeds like every Zelda ever but tries to cover up horrid graphics with an “impressionist” paint art style.
              Prime 3 also not particularly an upgrade or innovative either.

              So your “sarcasm” is actually the bitter truth, fanboiiiii.

              Sony/Microsoft dick rider? Is that the best you can do? You’re a geeky Nintendo fanboy who probably doesn’t even get outside and talk to girls while he defends this company who treats their loyal fanbase like dumb little children.

              Get a life, bro and a girl while you’re at it.

              1. Sony dick rider– quit being a fucking ass and move on for Christ’s sakes, will you? Move on and get the fuck out of this Nintendo blog.

                1. I’ll stay wherever the fuck I please.

                  What are you going to do about it?

                  Oh right. Nothing, fanboy.

              2. Of course Galaxy 2 was VERY similar to the first, it’s called a sequel for a reason dumbass! As for Skyward Sword playing like every other Zelda…just wow…WOW…you must’ve NOT played the game, just by saying that, I can CONFIRM you have not played it! As for Prime 3 not being an upgrade or innovation…*Facepalm* *Sarcasm* I don’t go outside? So apparently I’ve been playing Soccer somewhere but not outside as for a girl, I guess I’ve only talked to fake girls than. *Sarcasm End*

          2. The Wii maybe the weakest link when it comes to graphics, but the number of units sold is no laughing matter– 95.85 million to be exact.

              1. That is correct, Donzaloog. Nintendo is indeed laughing all the way to the bank.

                Last-gen console units sold

                1st: Nintendo Wii – 95.85 million
                2nd: Microsoft Xbox 360 – 67.2 million
                3rd: Sony PlayStation 3 – 63.9 million

                Portable units sold

                1st: Nintendo 3DS – 17.13 million
                2nd: PlayStation Vita – 1.8 million

                1. These numbers… They absolutely mean everything when it comes to how successful a company is. It’s ALL ABOUT THE NUMBERS! And so far, out of all, Nintendo has ridden Sony and Microsoft. This E3, Sony and Microsoft need to bring some Vaseline!

            1. I like how fanboys always rely on the sales argument. It doesn’t argue anything. Sales don’t correlate with people’s enjoyment of the system — which is very little.

              1. Sales mean nothing in the long run to what matters–a gaming EXPERIENCE.

                The Wii didn’t offer an experience, it offered long droughts between AAA titles and a heap of shovelware.

                Every other platform however, did that.

              2. What the hell are you talking about? So you’re trying to say people are buying a console in droves but not enjoying it? LOL! Get real! Nintendo won this gen. Deal with it. Sony won the 2 before that, we had to deal with that. I’m sure you wouldn’t make that stupid argument against the PS2 which is still the best selling console of all time despite being the weakest of its generation.

                I really don’t understand the argument you’re trying to make here.

                1. Nintendo won this gen? Is that why the Wii suffered an early death and has unanimously the worst lineup? All the did was fill their pockets, nothing was done to appeal to core gamers, and the longtime ones who ultimately left them for the PS3, 360 or PC.

                  Sales are irrelevant, gaming experience will always prevail. There’s a reason the Dreamcast is so popular before ultimately tanking due to sales and Sega’s financial issues. Nobody disagreed that its lineup was amazing. And I’ll play one over the Wii any day of the week.

                  Shove your “sales” right back up your greedy company’s ass, looks like you guys love getting robbed. I’ll enjoy playing quality, non-shovelware games on quality consoles.

                  1. Touchy, touchy. If you hate Nintendo so much, I have to ask, why are you here? That aside, you are fundamentally wrong about some things.

                    “The Wii had an early death?” Which console sold the best during last year’s holiday season? Wii did.

                    “Wii had the worst lineup.” True the Wii did not have as much 3rd party support as the others, but that just made it’s first and second party game shine even brighter. And it is also more impressive that the Wii mangaged to outsell both competitors by 30 million units with the “worst lineup.”

                    It’s a shame you decided to leave Nintendo because you didn’t like the Wii, maybe the Wii U will bring U back.

                    “Sales are irrelevant.” The goal of a business is to make money. It was the express written purpose of the Wii to move gaming in a new direction and bring gaming to a new audience, that would not usually play games. Mission accomplished. You sound very bitter, I’ll leave you alone now. I want you to get all of that hatred out of your system this week, you’ll rediscover your love of Nintendo on the other side.

                    1. Aeolus – Your argument is shameful. Sorry that you don’t have the mind to comprehend that it’s seriously all about sales. No matter what the experience. The company that obtained the greatest revenue is basically the winning. That being said. This Gen, Nintendo has
                      killed it! Bring a better argument to the table, or don’t bring one at all.

                      1. Blade… I think you better deal with Nooblet68. Somehow he’s framing me for what I’ve done to that Sony drone.

            2. The N64 also had poor sales, too. The thing about both of them is that at least neither one of them flopped. Out of every Nintendo system released, there was ONLY one failed system by them: Virtual Boy.

            1. The Xbox was new to the market so it actually had an excuse. A console coming from a gaming GIANT however, doesn’t.

      2. Alba or Sickr… PLEASE ban Aeolus. Everyday he shows up, he have been acting like a complete ass and a crybaby. Please do something about him!

        1. He’s not going to listen, many of your comments are actually worse since you do nothing but just talk shit to people who post anything against Nintendo.

          Funny how you probably can’t do anything to them in real life while they slap your bitch ass right to your mother’s womb.

          1. Not only you’re a goddamn Sony dick rider, but also a fucking loser. I couldn’t stop laughing at you because you have no brains except playing Call of Duty while jerking off Jack Tretton. Everything that I’ve posted shows undeniable facts. Your Sony game system is in last place while Microsoft is in second place. Stay the fuck out of this Nintendo blog and get laid and enjoy the sunshine. Good day sir.

              1. You’re nothing but a fucking clown… and you still don’t know shit. Nobody gives a fuck about you, except your fucking dick! You still lose. Good day sir.

                        1. Does that mean he should be banned from posting on this website though? I think not.

                          1. Are you kissing Aeolus’ ass just because he was taking shit about me? It seems so that you are.

                          2. No, I’m not. I prefer to stand what’s right and just, instead of just following plain fanboyism. As much as I despise Aeolus, he’s in the right. He’s got an argument that makes sense and can prove it. You can’t.

                            1. How the fuck do you think I can’t? Did you look at the stats that I’ve posted?

                            2. Your posting stats don’t and won’t make you at any higher position than anyone else here. No matter what you say, you still want Sickr to ban someone for speaking their mind.

                1. There’s a difference between constructive criticism and then pure bashing. Seriously, if you go a Nintendo blog, while hating Nintendo, then why the FUCK did expect a warm welcome and for no one to get insulted nor defensive? If you go to a blog, forum, etc. of something you dislike, post shit whilst trying to back it up, etc., I can guarantee you’re going to be disliked, seen as asshole, and a hater. Seriously, if you hate a company, don’t go to a site that’s centralized around the company you hate! That’s all! That’s all we ask! Geez, why can’t you get that through your thick ass skull?

              2. The little baby asks for somebody to be banned because he doesn’t share the same viewpoints. Well, sickr, I guess you better do what the little baby says. Do it nicely now, otherwise he’ll ask for you to be banned too. Yeah, from your own website. What do you expect, you’re dealing with a baby who types everything because he’s still sucking on his mom’s tit.

                1. I’m only stating facts and proof while Aeolus is trash talking Nintendo and flaming other members.

            1. Well, they should change the name. And make a new remote for it. The same as the Wiimote, basically, but different enough to see the difference. Seeing pictures of people using Wiimotes to play the Wii U is kind of confusing. Just update the design and slap the new name on it. Same with the classic controller. Redesign it and put the new name on it. Also make sure the Wii U game cases are a different as possible. Like a clear-white, Blu-Ray package, maybe? It’s a pretty simple solution.

            2. snes
              game boy color
              game boy advanced
              Xbox 360
              It isn’t like Nintendo is doing something weird by naming a new system similarly to the last system why is it that now this is confusing when previously it hasn’t been?

              1. Exactly. EVERY company in any electronic field, does this now. It’s just common knowledge. 3DS is selling better than the original DS, and it looks even more like a DS than the Wii U will look like the Wii.

            3. I don’t think they are wrong by saying “the new Wii” since it’s something after the Wii. It’s like saying the new xbox or the new playstation. Granted, these are not gaming sites, so even if a sequel to a well regarded game, such as Luigi’s Mansion 2, were to be shown, they would not have the knowledge of what the game is about or who is in it. They would just call it a new Mario game.

            4. (Warning: May sound hypocritical due to my other comments) ~

              All this fighting a bickering crap is complete nonsense. Just enjoy that we have a new console coming to the market very soon. Don’t blindfold yourself, but just make sure that you know we are talking about gaming consoles. Whatever the reason.

              1. The fighting is mostly due to fanboys (upadwatcher) who want to justify absolutely everything Nintendo does. Nintendo is not a perfect company and they make a heap of boneheaded business decisions. The proof is in the pudding.

                The open minded gamers will always know the truth.

                1. Of course they haven’t, but all you’ve been doing is bashing a company that you hate on a site that’s centralized on a company that you hate. WTF did you expect?! Do lack common sense or something? Did your mother drop you on your head? Pure bashing will only bring you hate. Maybe one day, you’ll troll another site.

            5. Well, quite honestly, I wish people wouldn’t take their news about gaming from non-gaming sources such as popular journalism websites such as the Wall Street Journal–those guys always show their incompetence in this department. They should just stick with the news they’re best at or hire a better team fully dedicated to covering the gaming industry, because in general, gaming tends to be where these sources show their lack of understanding about the industry.

            6. They need to make the console look much more different than the Wii console. As it is, or “was” at last year’s E3, it looked like a newer designed Wii console.

            7. Shut up journalist. What, you think it will be as boring as “the new iPad”? Gimme a break

              Oh, and PrE3 is in 58 minutes. :-)

            8. if it didn’t have such a bad name people wouldn’t be confused. my cuz’n had a friend who was working in video game retail at the time between N64 and GameCube, he said ZERO people were stupid. but then again, that was the time Nintendo actually had creativity when naming consoles.

            9. Honestly in due time everyone will learn that there is a difference between Wii and Wii U. They will learn at a lot faster rate depending on how well Nintendo advertises the Wii U.

            10. I’m convinced that the next Playstation (rumored to be shown at E3) will be no different from the PS3, although they will love to release it so that PS fans can’t buy games without buyng the console. If it does prove to be different, certainly it wouldn’t just copy Nintendo’s leaps in motion controls, and now streaming. They’d never do that…
              Oh yeah, and same with the Xbox, althoug I’m sure they’ll keep pushing “connect it to your phone and computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

                1. black or not.wiiu will succeed.i cant wait to find that factavish and splash him sperm into his little pu*****y

                  1. ill splash him because he tells that the wiiU will fail misserably.i dont think so.the U will be awesome and with starfox UNBEATABLE!

              1. this^ thats was amazing! i cant wait for e3 with another news for wiiu.DAMN WIIU WILL KICK ASSES.I MIGHT BE CONFUSED WITH ITS SPECS.BUT IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING!

            11. I just watched the livestream, and I can confirm that Wii U is so much more than a simple update to the Wii, and it certainly qualifies as a next-gen console.

              1. I was hoping for a couple more spoilers with mainly with the Nintendo network, E3 is just round the corner but seems an eternity away. On a side note ABSOLUTELY LOVING THE PAUSE GAME, PICK UP GAME. WII U PRO CONTROLLER TOO WOW.

                kinda sucks how they showed off old videos :/ video chat and Miiverse was pretty cool arghh E3 be here now

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