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A Look At Netflix On Wii U

Globo managed to get some hands-on time with Netflix running on Wii U. As you can see from the images, you can switch from the movie or television program that’s streaming on your television and watch it via the Wii U GamePad. It looks as though the majority of the functionality of watching it on your television is replicated on the Wii U GamePad.

46 thoughts on “A Look At Netflix On Wii U”

  1. I can see myself using this alot since I already use the Netflix on my xbox and wii. This would allow me to take it anywhere in the house instead of pausing it lol

    1. The controller won’t be able to connect with the console from about over 8 or so metres, so no watching your films on the toilet mate sorry

  2. Although it’s probably not coming to wii u would anyone like to see a sky player or skygo on the console? Even though we won’t leave the house when watching.

  3. This just to prove the world… Nintendo doesn’t need a DVD or a highly expensive Blu-Ray drive to watch movies. I’m glad that Nintendo having streaming movies and TV shows via Netflix app on the Wii U.

    1. Yea and lost of shows are from USA so other countries can’t enjoy netflix, they will want to see shows that are not from America.

  4. Im so happy Hulu plus,Netflix and Youtube :D now if we can allow apps like Crunchyroll and the funimation App i would be a super happy man.

  5. 1. Why would i watch a film on a Wii U gamepad when there is a big TV in the same room?

    2. How could i hear a film on a Wii U gamepad if somebody else is watching a big TV in the same room?

    Does the Wii U gamepad have a headphone socket?

    NO headphone socket?


    1. Hobo… what the hell are you doing here? This is My Nintendo News blog, Not The Troll Show. Bashing Nintendo’s next gen console won’t heal your ass. And since you’re blind as a fucking bat, the Wii U Game Pad has a freaking headphone socket!!! Furthermore, you can switch views from the HDTV to the Game Pad.

      When will you ever learn? Think before you react!

      Get N or GTFO!!!!!!

      1. Why should i watch that shit?

        Makes a change from all the other baby rubbish Nintendo showed at E3 i suppose …

        Wii U is gonna be one expensive paperweight! XD

        1. That’s because you failed at observing the Game Pad, you failed at understand Nintendo’s newest game console, and you don’t fucking belong here because your trolling ass is EXPOSED for life. Have fun playing Sesame Street on your Kinect and Wonderbook on your DildoStation Move.

  6. ok so why is everyone saying 8 meter range is short? whats that like 25ish feet thats pretty far, bathroom at least maybe even bedroom range

  7. A simple idea, but a nice touch! I generally use my PS3 for Netflix, but who knows, this looks like it’ll be a pretty awesome way to use it!

  8. That’s cool, but it probably won’t apply to me because I don’t live in America or have a credit card. I’ll just have to settle for playing games then. Leave luck to heaven.

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