EA has confirmed that Mass Effect 3: Take Earth Back will include an enhanced storyline from the original game on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. EA hasn’t really spoken about this enhanced content, so hopefully it won’t just be the reworked ending, which is being included as free downloadable content on the other platforms.



  1. At this point, EA needs to pull gold out of its butt to make the Mass Effect story worth re-buying.

    As is, if I can’t carry my multiplayer stats over to the new console, I’m not even gonna think about it.


  2. HAHAHAHAHA! It will include an “enhanced storyline”… this might just be the best story of the week. I had to check to see if it was an April Fool’s Joke at first.


  3. It will be just the ending DLC…..

    It’s EA smh everyone should know they are cheap and lazy (yet charge a premium) at this point.


  4. Good. This may be the only saving grace for many people complaining about old games on the Wii U. I just hope every game that’s older than at least 6 months has a better story.


  5. I think they should of made a bundle of Mass Effect 1 2 and 3 for the Wii U all on one disc (I think it could fit). I think most people will want to play it and at least have the ability to get the old ones and connect them,


  6. Interesting, Wii U owners will be getting an “Enhanced storyline” which means it could end up anyway, it could be good or it could be bad.


  7. I did finish part one and left part 2 before i could finish it(too many responsibilities that got in the way ). Now if only EA could bundle all of the together. That would be awesome but like some posters in here mention MS ones part one at least we should get part 2 & 3 All the DLC’s and the art book that would make everybody happy.


  8. Chances are since the Wii U likely isn’t getting ME 2 and it will not get the first Mass Effect since Microsoft has exclusive rights to it, they may do something similar to what they did for the PS3 version of Mass Effect 2.

    Wii U owners may get a sort of back story interactive comic that will help fill in the story from Mass Effect 1 and 2. Otherwise, newcomers to the series will be completely lost in this final installment of the game. The Mass Effect franchise is very story driven. It’s important.

    In addition, I do expect that they will include the new DLC. Other than that, I do not expect more.


  9. This idea makes ME3 look even worse.. Because ME1 and 2 won’t be on the Wii-U, that makes your decisions even less significant. The cool thing about the series is that the decisions you made in the previous game make a difference, meaning you can play the entire series over and over. However, if only ME3 is on the Wii-U, your decisions mean less because you’re forced to start out in a particular situation.


  10. I was first in line thinking this was going to be a huge sleler! Jokes on me. They had tons of them. I can swee why. I was hoping for way more new fun activities maybe throwing in some Pilates. All the same old stuff. yeah okay some new games and I will admit Cycling is fun as is the fu’ dancing. Other than that a total snooze. Even CardioFit which was boring to me was better than this!


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