Mass Effect Trilogy Announced, But Not For Wii U

Developer BioWare today announced Mass Effect Trilogy, a collection of all three Mass Effect games in one package. The compilation can be purchased for $59.99 when it launches November 6th for Xbox 360 and PC; PlayStation 3’s version will be available at a later date.

For the sake of comparison, Mass Effect 3: Special Edition for Wii U will release sometime between November 18th and March 31st, of next year, and also costs $59.99.

321 thoughts on “Mass Effect Trilogy Announced, But Not For Wii U”

            1. developers seem to be prioritising install bases.

              Its rather annoying . But once the wiiu is up and running , this problem will no longer exist.

              I think its a pain for devs , maybe they need to recode the games to port and enhance on wiiu.

              1. Who knows?

                I know AC: Revelations had the first AC on the disc when it came out for PS3, but I don’t know if they’ll do that here. It would be like disc-inception.

                A game within a game within a set of games ._.

              2. It’s the “Ezio Trilogy”. Just 2, Brotherhood, and Revelations. Makes sense to me. That way, you can buy this trilogy instead of buying three games, so the Assassin’s Creed saga actually looks like a trilogy, instead of five games.

    1. The Wii U is weak hardware and will fail like the Wii. Again, Nintendo sits in the background and watches as Sony and Microsoft Surpass it greatly. Its sad seeing Nintendo like this :(

    1. IKR !!! Why is bioware mad ??? the wiiu’s 25GB discs not big enough for ME trilogy or they mad ???? YEH , just put ME3 on wiiu but not the trilogy , who do I have to go and find and batter with a bag of potato’s ??? that bitch who is always at the wiiu demo’s ??? I’LL DO IT !.

      They should of not released one mass effect game on wiiu at all , just the trilogy even if at a later date . They don’t even have to change the graphics , just take the grain filter off ME1 and slap it up !! Pro controller or gamepad controlls .

      1. Considering that the collecton is on more than one disc on the other systems, that’s probably NOT the likely reason. They’re just not interested – and this is something to learn is okay, because this is going to happen on all consoles…that, and they may want to gauge sales of ME3 WiiU before releasing this on the console.

        Sales figures will usually determine the next best course of action – nothing else matters!


            Considering the PS3 one isn’t even out for a while after the 36- release, it makes sense tat the 360 version will be the primary focus, console wise, since that’s the one that’ll be out sooner.

            Of course, I can see the PC version also being something of a multi-disc variation, too.

            I suppose it also may be more about seperating the games off so they each have their own install options so that folks aren’t forced to install ALL of the crap at once.

      1. Played all three and each one was dissappointing than the previous one, im happy that only the 3rd game is the only one coming to wiiU, its better to have one trash of a game on wiiU than to have all three garbage as one…

    2. Just thought I would add something , Reasons to own a 360 = Forza 4 the best racing sim ever on a consoles , Forza horizon an open world forza with loads of mad shit in collorado .
      Halo 4 if you are into it . and the cross platform games if u are mad bro .

          1. Well, I haven’t played it yet (for obvious reasons =p) but it looks interesting. I won’t get it day 1 but I’ll pick it up eventually.

            My next racing games are NFS: Most Wanted, Sonic & All-Stars Racing, and LittleBigPlanet Karting.

      1. GT 5 is better :P I have both and play them both a lot and I still think GT 5 is better. But I do love the car selection and how you can customize them better in Forza 4.

    1. My only thought would be that they feel obliged to integrate wiiu unique controlls , like all the mad touch screen stuff ME3 is getting ,
      cough lazynees cough , cough fanboys cough .
      We Nintendo fans can use normal buttons aswell , just make it pro controller or able to play on gamepad screen ….

      1. Ea is mad at nintendo for not letting them have origins, by know all ea games should have ben anounced. Well there anything we can do just not buy mass effect 3 and latter pick it up in the cheap bin thats the best senario

    1. Smart choice, people are actually trying to defend it. What a bunch of lunatics. It’ll be just like MGSHD for Vita vs the 3DS MGS3D. No contest.

      1. Indeed – I’ll be playing through the original trilogy on this collection, then checking reviews and reports on what makes Wii-U ME3 different from the regular before deciding if it’s worth revisiting on the console…ultimately though, it’s just nice to have ME1 on PS3 at last.

      2. Im ashamed to admit i agree with Aoelus. I’ve already finished all 3 ME games on PC so theres no way i’d spend that much money on the WiiU Mass Effect 3, but Mass Effect Trilogy? I’d have that on WiiU day-1

      3. Not even going to comment on the fact that its just a re release anyway, but your comparing a collecting of HD games on a powerful home console, to a single rerelease on a hand held.

        Nice logic.

            1. Really? Do the console versions have MG 1 & 2? Oh, right they don’t. The point is it’s better and calling it a port is stupid since technically all versions are anyway. But you’re a Nintendiot so that doesn’t surprise me.

              1. “Nintendiot” I feel more and more stupid with every encounter I have with you. You must be a little kid or something. Make better use of you time, you’ll thank me in the long run. You seem pretty unhappy, so I suggest you stop spending so much time on a website dedicated to something you hate.

                You are literally going to be the death of yourself.

                  1. The bitter truth still remains, no one gives a flying fuck about your opinion on this site (or in life i’d imagine or you wouldnt send your ENTIRE fucking day trolling something you hate) the bitter truth is, although people argue with you, it is not because they value your opinion and want to offer rebuttal if theirs differs, they simply want you to go away.

                  2. Taste of your own medicine, ain’t it? When you read something you don’t want to “hear” you ignore it like a little punk. Get a life.

              2. you do realize that mg 1 and 2 come with every snake eater and that the vita doesn’t even have snake eater. All the vita has is mgs 2 substance and mgs peace walker, both ports of the console versions. The 3ds has a remake with noticable improvements, including better aiming and inventory

                  1. I think its unfair to measure a rating of a collectionto a single game, so of coarse the hd collectionwould have a higher rating, just saying

                1. I love both MG for vita and 3ds, they both have their strength and i cant say which is better since i own both games, i would say that the hd collection would be a better deal though…

              1. Metacritic scores aren’t percentages. They are simply numbers on a 0-100 scale.

                The difference between a game with an 81 score and one with a 76 score is 5 points.

                Nice total math fail though.

                1. It isn’t a “math fail” if I mistook metacritic’s rating system for that, when the assumption didn’t involve math to begin with. (Especially when a similar site called GameRankings has that system, ANYWAY).

                  It’s a “math fail” when you try to add percentages with the method Nintedward did.

                  You do however fail at basic comprehension skills. Yeah, I’ve confirmed that much. But what does a social outcast in a hoard of Nintendo merchandise know about that?

      4. I don’t own a PS3/360 so if I want to play ME at all then the WiiU version would be my best bet. Though I don’t really know if I do want to play it. Nor do I know if I want to support publishers who make moves like this.

    1. lol Halo is like.. strictly Xbox.. always has been.. always will be. Its just a fact and I’m not an Xbox fanboy(for clarification) I am not one system bound. I preordered the Wii U premium console the day of its release
      at Gamestop. Cant wait for it!

      1. What are you talking about!?? *dreamworks movie character voice-so no offense* I was meant that it will eat up all their possible sales, EA just wants the last piece of this gen as it is about to end, but they are launching this the same day that Halo 4 launches! one of the (if not THE) most anticipated games of the year, not to mention that the week after that, COD comes out… so they have to compete against these monsters (sales wise) lol it’s almost like they don’t want this to sell and are just doing it to screw nintendo xD

      1. You’re*

        Then what the fuck is it? Games are games. If people want a good “kart racer” that’s infinitely better than any casual junk Mario Kart that’s released, then they would opt for this.

        1. Mario kart 7 would like a word with you . Its fucking perfect .
          Don’t say ”are you serious , I pretending to of played it , it was poo poo i just watched a video on youtube”.

          Take mod nation racers and shove it up your mums tight ass.

          1. Mario Kart 7 sucks DICK. REPETITIVE, CASUAL, GARBAGE.

            How dare you mention that horrible piece of shit and call it perfect? That game is a fucking joke compared to MKDS and MKSC. No fucking tracks, boring fucking characters, looks like shit, plays like shit, total luck fest online. It’s trash.

                1. I’m really hoping for another game of that sort, as I found racing with a partner to be really fun, haha. It’s almost more of a party game that way! Being able to switch whenever you wanted was cool too, especially if you’re better at certain parts of the stage than your partner is or you’re better at aiming koopa shells/ bananas.

                  I could go on, haha. I really liked that game. Not very likely to happen, but there’s always hope! :)

                  1. Of course it was. The gameplay experience actually felt fresh and new at the time.

                    …and then they went right back to nearly the bare minimum.

                    1. Double dash is the worst mario kart game ever , hands down .
                      its OK , but its nothing compared to the rest . I carried on playing MK64 after I had finished double dash

                  1. “Alright?” After MKDS that should’ve been FLAWLESS.

                    But they actually managed to make a worse game and blame it on “being rushed”. HYSTERICAL.

            1. No fucking tracks = 32 stereoscopic 3d tracks designed by retro studios , arguably the best bunch in the entire history of mario kart.

              Casual ???? have you played against the best or even the good people on MK7 ??? no you haven’t they are impossible to beat .

              it looks awesome and is 3d , the gameplay is perfect and is undeniably the best gameplay in any kart racer EVER .

              ‘total luck fest online’ everybody is at the same disadvantage or advantage its fair and competitive and exciting and frustrating .
              Street pass time trials , community’s , it has everything you could want .

              9.5/10 . perfect but no mission mode of MKDS .

              1. The majority of the tracks are literally REHASHES of old ones. They almost ALL look alike too. Don’t even bullshit yourself, the previous games have done far more in terms of courses. MKSC is the undisputed champ of them too.

                The gameplay sucks ass, virtually NO attempt at physics, because you know everyone can fucking drift on a straight like a retarded, right?

                Online is a blue shell fuckfest, if you’re in 1st, you’re fucked. MKDS was actually somewhat skill based thanks to snaking, that kept the idiots who only knew how to spam shells at bay thanks to it.

                Then they all vanished from multiplayer and MKDS died.

                1. NO , the mario kart community is more
                  hardcore than ever on 3ds .
                  The tracks look gorgeous and are
                  excellently well designed .
                  The game is excellent . fuck you.

                  remember your horrible fanboy opinions
                  mean absoloutly nothing to anyone.

                  1. Hardcore? HAHAHAHA.

                    The tracks look fucking identical to the DS game, just upscaled. How very comical.

                    The game is a joke kiddo, must be your first Mario Kart if you seriously think it’s perfect. In which case I’m not surprised, DD/SC/DS will show you how it’s really done.

                    1. Now you are speaking out of your ass hole lol.
                      I have played and owned every single mario kart game all 7 of them .

                      You are just a bitter troll lol . Its better than any game the vita will ever get .

                      its by far the most tuned mario kart game with the best online by far .

                      shut your butt cheeks now your chatting so much shit it smells like an elephant just shat in my room .

                    2. Post pictures of your ‘mario kart’ collection time stamped with your username on it.

                      Chop chop, don’t beat around the bush.

                    3. I’ll post a picture of me potholeing your mum if that helps .

                      I dont have a lot of my old stuff . When I was a kid I sold it when I got bore gamecube era .

                      I have comprehensively owned every mario kart game . Not that impressive or unimaginable

        2. That “casual junk Mario Kart” is the best mutiplayer game. I remember reading an article on this site. What I meant for a game to sell a system is that it needs to be exclusive. Just look at Super Mario 3D Land. That Game sold over 5 million copies in japan alone. Of couse this port won’t sell the wii u, its a port! You can’t just port games on a system and expect it to sell especually on a console like the wii u.

          1. “Best multiplayer game”

            You make it seem like that’s saying much because the 3DS has fucking awful online multiplayer games.

                1. My ps3 would like a word with you and my ps2 , ps1 and psp . and tons of games I own . You do know playstations online isn’t their bragging point ???

                  Resistance 3 is awesome , that is all.

                    1. English is going to hell i miss the old complet sentences like ” you are” instead of eating the letters and using acronyums for even the short words

        3. except a game that isnt out yet cant be a fucking port, and you still spend all fucking day hanging around an internet site you hate for what reason?

              1. I felt like killing myself when I was playing it. I swear to god if they do the same thing with Lego LOTR, I will be pissed off. I love my LEGO games on handhelds and Ive wanted Lego LOTR for years! for them to ruin it would be blasphemous.

        1. *Beats being a real gamer.
          Seriously, you’re such a sad-sack, falling back on personal insults when someone brow-beats your sorry ass into the ground where it belongs.
          Go back to playing with your Etch-a-Sketch, kid. Your opinions are now null and void.

            1. Because your sorry ass obviously got laid right? Don’t make us laugh Aeolus. Also, why do you never answer the ‘Why are you still on this site?’ questions? Can’t bring yourself to tell us the truth? Is that it? Thought so…

          1. hahaha guess what doesnt beat being a 28 year old virgin? you, the 50 year old virgin. hey i can be funny and witty too! gues what someone who is most likely a virgin does? if you guessed spend entire days trolling a web site, youd be correct, fuckstick.

    1. @ Aeolus Wow you’re using a crappy sonic racing game to judge Wii U’s entire 3rd party support even though the system is not out yet, and we still have not learned too much about what is coming out for it during the launch window?

        1. Yeah right don’t give me that bullshit. You read the whole reply you just don’t want to hear actually logic from somebody who does not spout fanboy nonsense. Whatever happened to “derp everybody is entitled to their own opinion you Nintendo Fanboy derp derp”

            1. He’s not necessarily a Sony drone. His Sonic avatar elsewhere hints at him being an embittered Sega fanboy who can’t get over Sega’s demise.

              His defence of casual shite like Sonic Racing as some kind of bastion of hardcore gaming would give you an insight into that.

              I bet he loved Sonic 4 as well… Lulz.

                1. Of course, you deny it, but the signs are all there.

                  And I see you’re still struggling with something not being able to be HD and sub-HD at the same time.

                  1. I couldn’t care any less about Sega, so it’s time to revise your signs.

                    The point is you were completely wrong, and you went even further by calling it qHD a marketing ploy or some shit like that. By that logic, everything resolution related is exactly that since they come up with all of these new terms for everything that exceeds a previous “standard” for (whatever) definition. Or a standard that happens to be in one territory, but different elsewhere.

                    But it’s okay if you’re stupid, you’re in the same camp as Eric, absolutely no tech smarts and just a crop of whiny little bitch Nintendroids.

                    1. The trouble is, if I completely nailed what you are, which I likely have, you would never admit to it.

                      If you really want to try and continue attempting to win an argument that you lost a week ago, you have at it. Maybe in the next desperate post you can add more ALL CAPS CRAP LIKE THIS for emphasis, because that’s all you have in your locker.

                      Because as everyone knows, he who shouts the loudest, wins the debate… It’s nothing to do with completely destroying your opponent, as I continue to do. And you know what, it’s so much fun. :)

                    2. “Destroy?” You have accomplished nothing in the majority of your comments on this article and resort to idle assumptions.

                      Who the fuck uses terms like “destroy” in arguments? Virgins, that’s who.

              1. Also, ASR requires far more skill than MK will ever dream to have, just saying. Calling it casual shite because it looks like it seems like something a Nintendrone would say in envy.

                1. I’m sure you’re aware there’s an iOS version of Sonic Racing.

                  Can’t get more casual than that.

                  Actually, they could. Maybe they’ll branch out to making it a Facebook game next…

                  1. I’m waiting for the explanation on what does an iOS port have to do with the main console versions. It looks like you’re seriously trying to bring these strawman arguments to the table to conjure up some sort of a point. =P

                    1. At no point prior to this did you specify a particular version of the game. If you want to ignore the iOS version because it suits your agenda, that’s your choice.

                      It does exist though. And it’s casual shite.

                      So the statement ‘Sonic Racing is casual shite’ is perfectly justified regardless of the other versions of the game, when one is all that is needed to make it true.

                      Nice try though.

                    2. Yeah, safe to say you’re an enormous idiot at this point. No point even bothering with your existence. Surely everybodyyyyyyyyyy talks about the iOS version when they bring up the game, and definitely not the versions that matter.


              2. wut? he bash sonic games as well, he never cares about Sega.
                where did you got the idea that he is a Sega fanboy? all he talk about is vita, ps3 and graphics that’s it.

  1. Same thing happened to metal gear solid >.>

    3 came out or 3DS

    2,3 and Peacewalker came out for 10$ more for ps3 and 360

    Then 2,3 came out for the same price on the vita.

    (Also mass effect 2 was 60$ for the ps3, when the 360 version was 20$)

  2. I don’t see the point on get Mass Effect 3 on WiiU if this compilation will be released at almost the same time and at the same price… What the crap is wrong with Bioware/EA?, this is the one which have to come to WiiU -_-

      1. Actually, I’m venturing a guess that ME3 Wii-u will be their gauge of interest for whether or not this Collection comes out on Wii-U at all, seeing as it’d probably make sense for them to know the numbers of their audience on that console before investing TOO largely with this set..

        1. I however am willing to guess this is basically just their “fuck you” to Nintendo. Madden not running the new engine, several notable EA titles missing the console entirely this year, this new collection for the same price, it’s only going to get worse. I’ll guarantee it.

          EA is playing it so safe, I feel sorry for people willing to be robbed by purchasing these games.

          1. Fifa 13 on wiiu has better graphics and more features than the ps3 and 360 version. probably because its a global game , not just an american Rugby game.

            the wiiu version of madded could turn out good.

            fifa 13 wiiu sounds incredible.

        1. In what way? The majority are the same developers, unless you can make a list of the new ones who were not onboard prior.

          Which I bet won’t be anywhere past 5 developers.

          1. Which is still higher than you ever predicted in any case, but if you’re so keen on proving us wrong then why don’t YOU do the research for a change, dumb-ass?
            We don’t need to prove anything here. You’re the one struggling so very pathetically to get any of us to care about what you say, so you do the work or shut your hypocritical meat flaps.

                1. Stop describing yourself, we’ve already established you’re a little gremlin in a Link outfit pretending he’s worth an ounce of a shit beyond being what is already know. A 28 year old virgin with no relevance.

      2. Middle finger? Are you 10 years old? It could be just lack of resources or manpower or limited time schedule. With Wii U’s GamePad functionality added on, I don’t think they could pack it in a single disc. ME1 & 2 compilation later on is more likely.

        1. Good luck convincing me they couldn’t pack those games on a 25GB single layered disc, or even taking it up a notch with a dual layered 50GB disc.

          The excuses for the Wii U version are so pathetic. EA screwed you Nintendiots over, doesn’t get more complex than that.

          1. Who the hell needs to convince a pathetic troll like you? It’s easier convincing a rock than someone who goes into all caps rage, petty insult mode when an argument is lost

  3. the reason they won’t announce the Wii U version is because they want people to buy the 3rd game instead and then release the trilogy… If they mention the Wii U version nobody will buy the 3rd game alone.

        1. Criterion however, does not. I’ll gladly buy NFS: MW this year. Criterion is this rare part of EA that actually happens to give a shit about their audience and detail to their games.

  4. Anyone out there who has a 360 or PS3 and would buy ME3 on Wii U when you could get the whole trilogy in one pack for the same price is either one of 2 types of people: 1. Has more money then sense. 2. Has there head rammed up Nintendo’s rear end.

  5. Gotta say, pretty disappointing. I think I’ll get the Mass Effect Trilogy for Xbox now even though I was going to get Mass Effect 3 for my soon to own Wii U. At first Mass Effect 3 on Wii U was going to be awesome, but when they release the first two games on… OTHER consoles(and the P.C) it really makes you think “Why buy the Wii U version at all?)

  6. So they’re releasing the entire trilogy for PC/360/PS3, but not for Wii U, and the Wii U version of Mass Effect 3 isn’t even a launch title.

    Good going, Bioware. Another reason never to buy the Wii U version. lol

  7. Now, I haven’t been following updates on Mass Effect 3 for Wii U (on any console, actually) But isn’t it possible that this “Special” edition includes all 3 games like a bonus? Like Metroid Prime had Metroid as bonus content. There’s a big difference on the two of course. But still.

    1. Good. It’s stupid to even get that game.

      The whole point is to play through your same character from the first game up until the last.

  8. Wow, way to go EA. You just made ME3 for the Wii U target an even more smaller audience than it already did. Oh well, if they don’t want it to sell that’s their business I guess.

    1. Agreed.
      I’m buying it on WiiU (I don’t own, nor will I buy a PS3 for Mass Effect) plus, I want to see what the Dev’s come up with for the Gamepad.

      Still, I’m going to be a minority if they insist on this trilogy release excluding the WiiU.

      Granted, it still COULD come out on WiiU later, AFTER some Nintendo fanboys like myself beta-test the new Gamepad version.

      If they did a good job integrating unique features, and a bunch of us agree to such, then and Only then will they invest to recode the Trilogy on WiiU.

  9. I have not played any mass effect games, so either way i will pick up the U version eventually. I need NSMBU, Lego city, rayman legends, pikmin 3, TANK TANk TANK! First.

  10. My guess is they will see how ME3 goes on WiiU sales wise and then decide if they want to outsource to Australia again to do ME1&2 with the same sort of Pad controls and touch ups.

  11. This is pretty bad of them. They should have waited until well after the Wii U version of ME3. I don’t understand all these late ports on the Wii U. It’s like they want their own games to fail? They can’t be surprised if these ports do not sell well on the Wii U. I dislike these strategies…

  12. And now EA has just sabotaged their own launch for Wii-U but announcing this. Now no one will buy the Wii Version of ME3 because it makes no sense. People who own other consoles can get all 3 for the same price. And people who own Wii-U will say they want the whole collection, not the end of a story. This is such a big fuk up on EA’s part. Honestly this HD collection would have made the most sense on Wii-U before other platforms since true Nintendo fans would never have had the chance to play the whole series since it wasn’t on Wii. EA, you guys are friking stupid bottom line. Now Wii-U owners will just wait and say we will wait for the HD COLLECTION !!! And then EA will say well we are not going to port the collection because ME3 sales were bad on Wii-U……..and then people will laugh and say I wonder why.

    1. I’m not worried about it; the features of the Wii U version will be enough to enjoy the third one on that system. I might pick up the collection to play 1 and 2 once it is out for PS3, but if I ever wanna play 3, the Wii U version will be the one I power up because it’s looking like it will be the best version.

          1. Show me a Vita port which has a vastly superior version elsewhere offering loads more content.

            Oh right, such a thing doesn’t exist.

              1. Wrong. Very, very wrong.

                Persona 4 Golden, for instance is vastly better than the original. UMVC3 is literally IDENTICAL and Mortal Kombat at the cost of textures, contains more content than the console versions.

                Nice try though, proves you don’t know shit after all. Dimwit.

                1. You’d be right, if the Vita’s controls weren’t absolutely horrible and do a severe injustice to all of those ports on top of being the most expensive piece of raccoon-entertaining sparkly-thing-loving-dipshit hardware on the market.
                  The 3DS could have and would have done all of those better.
                  Hell, the REGULAR DS could have done a better job, and its tech is decidedly weaker!
                  Nice try, but you’re still stick with the Vitanic’s mast squarely up your ass.

                  1. Tries to refute a point with a completely subjective and almost unheard of opinion. Laughable.

                    The Vita runs circles around the 3DS in every hardware aspect, don’t even fool yourself. You’re a fucking moron, and reinstate the FACT that all Nintendorks are idiots.

                    1. “completely subjective and almost unheard of opinion.”
                      Quit trying to label others with your faults, dick-less wonder-bitch.
                      Come back when it can do stereoscopic 3D without glasses and has a line-up strong enough to beat the 3DS in sales both here and in Japan, and maybe then your opinion will equate to something more than jack shit.
                      Keep going, Sony Phony. Their CEO’s certainly aren’t complaining about all the dick you suck.

                    2. Look at the Nintendork brag about sales, because the 3DS sucks at absolutely everything else.

                      It’s a babysitting tool, for babies like you.

            1. U mad ??? MGSHD collection on vita is missing a game and its in lower resoloution. vastly missing content .

              The vita is a stone cold heap of shit , deal with it . I would like it to be good , but its dogshit .

              1. “Vastly missing content”

                Yeah, because Peace Walker in exchange for the first two games is a vast difference. Especially when that game was sold not too long ago on the PSP to begin with. You’re an idiot if you thought they’d give the Vita version that game at a cheaper price from the console version.

                Then again you’re the same idiot who said MK7 looked better than MKWii.

  13. So instead of making this for a system that doesn’t have the 1st two tiles, they make it for an install base that already has at least two of the three titles? Seems legit

  14. So, let me get this straight… They going to release a Trilogy pack to a console that allready have the trilogy BUT they are not going to release the Trilogy to the console that has non of the games BUT they are going to release the end part of the Trilogy for the console that has non of the games… WTF is WRONG with you Bioware? Oh yea… EA.

    They did not realize who this thing will affect the release of ME3 for Wii U? The few people that were going to buy ME3 for Wii U will become fewer thinking/knowing that is better to wait for the complete trilogy of ME for the Wii U for the same price.

  15. i just think saying special edition twice on the package in 2 different languages is ugly. i guarantee someone could pick out what it meant in either language easily enough. still, as i don’t give a shit about mass effect anymore…

    1. Like i really want this game, its called fast-racing league. But im saving every dollar towards the wii u , so i will pick it up as soon as i can.

  16. I’m still picking up the ME3 on Wii U. If the trilogy comes to Wii U later on, I’ll buy it too, (providing I like ME3). If not, my money will go somewhere else. No sweat of my back. Bad move on EA’s part. Kind of shooting themselves in the foot with the Wii U audience here. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. You make smart comments. I also will be getting Mass effect 3 for Wii U, as i havent played the previous versions of the game, but its on my “get whenever there is nothing else to buy” as i have a couple of games i want before mass effect.

      1. Same here. I’m looking forward to NG3 before ME3. I want to hear what EA has to say about bringing the trilogy to Wii U. I have no idea why they did this. If they knew they were going to do a trilogy, it would’ve made more sense to reboot the development of ME3 for Wii U and bring the trilogy to Wii U as well. Delay it if you have to, but it makes a lot more sense.

    2. Actualy ppl that say that ea is using this has a measure. If ea is waiting to measure how a old port sell it will make them loss more money than releasing new titles

      1. Also leaving the action marked to activision just going to have a positive effect on the wii u. Exsample blops 2 sell excelent it would make activision to risk on getting more ips to bring from pc

      2. That’s the circular logic that could be there undoing. They release ME3 for Wii U and the trilogy for the PS3/360. But they watching the sales of ME3 on Wii U to determine if they should bring the trilogy to Wii U. If ME3 doesn’t sell well, then they’ll say “There’s no audience for this on Wii U”

        No you idiots. Just give everybody the trilogy and be done with it. They can’t even use the excuse of the Game Pad being complicated, because they could just use the Pro controller. Nobody’s forcing them to use the touchscreen.

        1. Now the trilogy is announced for elsewhere , surely thats going to impact the sales of the wiiu version .

          I agree with you . They should only release the trilogy. Its kinda half assed that they hand the development to some australian ass holes (straight right) who nobody’s ever heard of , whilst they are assembling a trilogy.

          User install base whores .

          1. Can you stop being racist is not there fault those developer woked hard to make that game wich it may still be better than the original

        2. Don’t forget, my friend, the Dev’s bring us ME3 said they were being very careful because they were scared to ruin the game.

          They want te WiiU version to be enhanced for the WiiU, so if they bring the trilogy over, they have to enhance ME and ME2 as well – Maybe they didn’t have time for this.
          Maybe they should have thought about this before releasing the trilogy.

          In some ways, they almost should have held put ME3 until the other two were completed.

          As a Fan of interactive comics, I won’t mind catching up in the story via comic, but others obviously don’t feel the same way.

          1. I wouldn’t mind if they said they were delaying the Wii U version of ME3 to add it to a Wii U version of the trilogy. But that ain’t gonna happen. EA just cost themselves a lot of money.

  17. This would have been ideal for Wii U. But EA likes money. I will pick this one up on 360 along with Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Trilogy.

  18. tbh i don’t see ME3 on the WiiU as anything other than a cashgrab

    like, i thought the whole point of those games were to take the character that you made in the first one and transfer him/her throughout the games

    which is why i think it’s sort of annoying that they feed consumers this “interactive comic” stuff when they’re missing a huge part of the experience

  19. This kinda sucks. Maybe the trilogy will come out later, but I doubt it. The news about the Wii U CPU being slightly less powerful than Xbox 360 or PS3 CPU is disappointing if true. I was expecting the CPU in Wii U would be slightly more powerful the Xbox 360 or PS3’s CPU. But I know Nintendo will make incredible games, I just hope all the 3rd Parties like making games on Wii U. It seems like some companies are just against Nintendo. I don’t know why they want to alienate Nintendo loyal fans.

  20. Seriously EA, this is why you’re the most hated company. Mass effect 3 came out only nine months ago for the PS3 and 360 and you’re now charging $60 for the whole series. You’re charging the same price for the mass effect 3 game on Wii U. I hope you fail and go bankrupt.

  21. Wasnt planning on getting ME3 on the Wii due to this reason. Even more of a reason to not do so now. Kinda annoying how Nintendo’s side is getting screwed over.

    Metal Gear Solid 3 was a full price game on the 3DS. Same day HD versions of 2, 3 and another were on the 360/PS3.
    Mass Effect 3 comes out at full price on the wii. Same time PS3/360 gets a trilogy

    No doubt the lack of sales will be put down to the Nintendo fans and causes a lack of support in the future despite it being the fault of whoever is making up these sets.

  22. I was planning on getting this for the Wii U, but I know my little brother wants a 360 for Christmas, so if he gets one, I’ll just buy this for the 360 and get a different launch game for Wii U.

    I can see the logic of the PS3 getting this as they missed out on the first Mass Effect, but I would have thought porting this to the Wii U instead of ME3 would have made more sense?

  23. What’s the point in releasing ME3 for Wii U now that this is announced?
    I couldn’t care less about the “comics” prequel or whatever it was.
    I was somewhat interested in ME3 for Wii U but now…almost not…

  24. The keep shooting themself in the foot .
    Why make Mass 3 for wiiu and then announce a Mass collection for the ps3/x360 ?
    Of course some people are gonna wait for the collection edition.

  25. That’s a dick move in my opinion.
    Why announce it now ? People are gonna compare and wait for the trilogy.
    I mean, ME3 came out just last year. They couldn’t wait a few months to announce it, after ME3 is out for Wii U ?

  26. Are we going to next talk about how Forza is appearing on the PS3 (but not on the Wii U)? Or how about how Gears of War is appearing on the PS3 (but not on the Wii U)? Why don’t we just skip the pretenses and just talk about EVERY DAMN GAME NOT ON THE WII U and how they’re appearing on the other two consoles and NOT ON THE WII U?

    Jeez, talk about exploiting long-shot technicalities to make something completely unrelated to Nintendo…be about Nintendo!

  27. Of course there’s no trilogy announcement for Wii-U. Mass Effect 3 hasn’t even been released for the Wii U yet. Maybe it would have been better if BioWare was bringing the trilogy to Wii U instead of Mass Effect 3, but maybe later. In the meantime, I might pick the trilogy up for PS3. Besides, I have no actual plans to get a Wii U.

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