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Pictures Of Early Wii U Dev Kits

VGleaks recently posted exclusive photos of the first development kit for Wii U. The codename of the Wii U dev kits is CAT-DEV, which seemingly stands for “Cafe Tool for Development.” The first picture is a photo of the CAT-DEV’s front, which apparently lacks any type of physical media. The second picture is a photo of the CAT-DEV’s back, which has the same outputs as the original Wii plus an HDMI output and the Wii Classic Controller port.

58 thoughts on “Pictures Of Early Wii U Dev Kits”

      1. judging by the number of pins holes it can be a VGA Controller (and i’m not talking about the Wii U controller or any Wii peripheral)

    1. 300-500% seems a bit too much of an exaggeration even for microsoft’s and sony’s future console don’t you think?

  1. The Nintendo Blackbox.

    I actually like this design, no thief who breaks into your hous would want to steal that!

  2. A lot of people are commenting on how ugly it is.

    Of course, it’s ugly. It’s a developer’s kit. It’s used so that game companies can test their games on it.

    1. nobody’s saying or even complaining that it’s ugly. they’re just saying what pops into their minds when they see a big black box with screws…

      1. is ‘Miss Clicking’ Peteriuss’ beautiful ex-girlfriend, who slept with peteriuss’ evil twin brother? ? ?

        omfg I’m piecing the peteriuss story together!!!

  3. The “CAT-DEV” denomination was present in the leaked spec sheet, which leads me to think that those specs are the real deal. If so, that’s seriously disappointing, seeing as the Wii U will sport a tri-core CPU with only 1.5GB of RAM and an AMD GPU equivalent to the HD 4XXX series.
    If these specs are correct, the console will only be mildly superior to the 6-7 year old consoles that are currently on the market. It’s not powerful enough to even be considered a stepping stone between generations.
    I know graphics never mattered to Nintendo, but I was expecting a little bit more in terms of hardware. Needless to say, I won’t be paying more than $250-$300 for the Wii U.

    1. It says that image is the FIRST dev kit, meaning that this is the older dev kit and not the newer one. We’ll have to wait until Nintendo gives an official announcement on the specs

    2. Actually, if you average out all those specs, the Wii U is roughly 3x more powerful than the HD twins. You know how advanced 1.5 GB RAM and an AMD Radeon HD r700 is compared to the current gen consoles. Besides, that tri-core CPU will be ATLEAST 4 GHz, trust me on that. Anyway, overall, 3x is pretty decent.

      1. I’d say that the CPU will run at 3.2GHz. It’ll probably use a more advanced architecture than the one on the Xbox 360, but it won’t be running at 4GHz. PowerPC CPUs aren’t known for being able to run at low temperatures and the Wii U is a pretty tiny system.
        The GPU, according to the spec list, is based off of the R700 series. The Xbox 360’s GPU is equivalent to a R600 series. So, it’s only a minor bump. It’s more powerful and it has a few extra features, but it’s not worlds apart as you’d expect from a console that’s 7 years younger than the competition.
        The RAM is the big bump. 1.5GB is pretty good, especially compared to the 512MB of the current generation. However, we have no idea how that RAM is divided between the GPU and the rest of the system.
        If these are the real specs, I expect the Wii U will have games that look as good as the latest PS3 and 360 games, but running at slightly higher resolutions and/or framerates.
        That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s not what I was expecting from a console that’s being released in 2012.
        I was hoping it’d be a stepping stone between generations. Something in the middle of a PS3 and a PS4, in terms of performance. That doesn’t seem to be the case, though. And, as such, we can almost rule out Unreal Engine 4 support at this point.
        I’ll still be getting one, though. I love Nintendo games.

  4. it looks like an alien machine that came out of the dead and turn people into zombies, flying at the speed of sound, shooting lazer beams going ‘moo moo moo” and eats your brain out.

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