Nintendo Explains Why Pikmin 3 Has A Lengthy Development Period

Pikmin 2 was originally released in 2004. Shigeru Miyamoto admits that its sequel, Pikmin 3, is taking a long time to develop. Miyamoto says that the reason it’s taking so long is because Nintendo has been continously experimenting with the franchise to “get it right.” Initially, Nintendo wasn’t sure which platform Pikmin 3 should be on but ultimitely decided to develop it for the HD-capable Wii U.

“When we created the first Pikmin, we had a very clear concept of what we wanted to do. And then Pikmin 2 essentially took that concept, and… what we tried to do was make it easier to play, simpler to play and improve upon the areas that were a challenge in the first game. Since then, part of the reason it took so long, is because philosophically we were debating what should a Pikmin game really be?”

“And the other reason, obviously is, because we have Wii and 3DS or Wii U, part of it was simply doing experiments on these platforms to see what kind of Pikmin game we wanted to make, which platform was best suited for it.”


  1. It was first announced what, five years ago now? I think they just kept putting it too the side to work on other, more popular franchises rather than this excuse.


      1. Because computers are deniesgd to do a variety of things while a platform is deniesgd for one purpose only. They also are deniesgd to run on your HD tv which has a better resolution than the common computer CRT/monitor. The more lines of information you can get on the screen the crisper, clearer the image its not just processor or bit size. Even if you made a game with the same 128-bit graphics, without a screen that can handle that much info, or renew the monitor lines, it will still look really bad! Attach a PS3 to an old color tv and you will see the quality drop as well.Now why do you have to buy seperate games for each platform? The same reason you have to buy seperate programs for Win Mac different languages, different ways of reading the info. You can find emulators for some platforms which will allow you to play your disked games on your PC, but the quality is low because of the nature of your computer to do so many things at once whether you know of it or not). PC games rely on your computer to keep certain programs for multiple use so disks don’t need to store that data (such as Quicktime, macromedia, etc) that’s why you can have Win/Mac disks Platform disks need to carry all that information for EACH game, which takes up so much room they couldn’t put a second game language on there if they wanted to. Some PC games are switching to DVD formats, in some cases it helps resolution but mostly it just keeps you from having to do the floppy disk shuffle but still it would not hold enough information to get more than one platform on them.


    1. No. I believe them.

      We should know by now Nintendo always takes as much time as it needs when it comes to game concepts. The fact that they couldn’t think of a working formula to Wii or DS is fine, as long as it really delivers on Wi U.


  2. This is OLD GOD DAMN NEWS!!!! We read about this for a while now. God dammit give me some more up to date NINTENDO news man!!!!



  3. Anyone who thinks what they are saying is “bull crap” go die please. You don’t know anything about developing games. Thank You. I understand why Pikmin 3 is taking so long, but the development for the game pretty much is completed in we will have Pikmin 3 in the launch window of the Wii U which is Wii U – 5 months,


  4. This is probably the best thing to hear when it comes to games. “This game was held back/in development for so long because we were working hard on it and seeing how it would work out”.


  5. They probably had something relatively close to being finished on wii, but had almost redo the whole thing for the wii u.


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