Nintendo Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Moffitt says that he’s flattered by Microsoft announcing Xbox Smart Glass at this years E3 event. Moffit claims that while the device looks impressive, he has reservations about how practical it will be whilst playing games.

“With Wii, when we brought out motion controls and introduced that as a new idea in gaming, initially there were people who didn’t understand it. Three years later, our competitors both came out with their own motion control systems.”

“We announced second screen gaming last year, and it’s somewhat flattering that it only took people a year this time around.”

“Smart Glass just doesn’t look like a peripheral for a games system. Microsoft may have used TV shows and IMDB to showcase Smart Glass, but as far as games go, gamers trying to incorporate Smart Glass into play sessions may find themselves limited by their number of hands.”

“I’m not sure how, as a gamer, I would manipulate a second screen with most hands on my controller. We don’t have three hands, unfortunately.”



    • Yeah but this time I wouldn’t be so sure, I mean, as he say last time with Wii 3 years passed until they copied motion controls. Until then, Nintendo was already the leader in this matter. NOW the console hasn’t even been launched and the copies are ready…
      People who is not informed right, or blind fanboys, will opt to buy the competence hardware more likely than before, don’t you think?


        • Yeah, viewable with two hands comfortably. He’s saying that it’ll be hard to use since the screen and controller are separate and require both your hands (at least the controller does)


      • Except the copies this time around are crap. Microsoft is trying to make it look better, but developers who have used it say “Smartglass is not as fast, smooth, or well made as the Wii U, and it won’t be until the next generation of xbox”. sure they can try to do it, but even Microsoft knows they made a mistake. The connectivity is poor due to the xbox being outdated now. Sony could probably do it because the PS3 is more advanced, but neither will out-perform the Wii U gamepad. Smartglass causes a lot of issues, especially this one. While playing games, you are required to use your hands on both the smartglass (so your ipod, ipad, or andriod device) while also holding your 360 controller. Whoops! Sorry microsoft, but humans only have 2 hands.


  1. Hahaha, that quote is a borderline burn. It’s thanks to the politeness that’s what’s stopping it from being a complete diss.

    “It only took people a year this time around.”

    That’s a really hilarious way of putting it.


    • Indeed. I couldn’t help but laugh and feel happy at reading this xp. It’s like a sugar coated burn. And it’s totally true his statement.


  2. Nintendo, yeah. Way to play your hand Ssssoooooooo fucking early. This probably won’t be a big deal, but it shouldn’t have happened. Nintendo should have said they were coming out with an HD system… THATS IT.

    They didn’t have to give their whole god damned hand away 2 E3’s ago! Fucking stupid.

    Anyway, I do have hopes, that although they are already on track at duplicating the tech, that they have not duplicated the strategy, or properly thought through the assimilation of the tech.

    Nintendo you dumb sons of bitches, don’t give away your fucking ideas a year and a half before launch. Sheesh.



    • I agree what you said… But Nintendo was forced to play their hand early. Reason being cause their new console was leaked. So they just announced it and done.

      I am sorry that it happens this way, lets hope the competition don’t try to make it better like motion gaming. I really want Nintendo to be back on top.

      Get N or get OUT


      • I also agree with him but he could say so with less bad words hehe but essentially he’s right.. And yes you’re right it was leaked, I remember it clearly, so they didn’t have a choice… but it would have been better if they haven’t said anything and all these won’t be happening u.u


    • If Nintendo didn’t give any details then everybody would be furious at Nintendo because wouldn’t know anything. And anyway, no company has EVER announced a new game or console with giving a trailer or details.


  3. This guy is actually pretty smart! He said U was better than smartglass without giving the people that think otherwise anything to complain about (^-^)


  4. I want to hear more from this Moffit guy, I like his style. Get him out there Nintendo, he sounds more switched on than Perrin Kaplan ever was.


  5. tablets are stupid they get too hot to hold in your hand or lap because they’re too overpowered plus i wont buy anything with a touch screen unless its a resistive touchscreen with a stylus like the ds and wii u because its 100 percent accurate unlike the tablet touch screens. its so frustrating when the touch screen doesnt work especially if you have big hands. resistive is better for gaming and you can actually draw well, professional artists use resistive touch screens for photoshop etc…


  6. I hope this isn’t a sign of Nintendo’s PR towards Sony and Microsoft. I have always liked how Nintendo never bashed the other two companies. Don’t be like them, Nintendo.


    • Nah that was always their action, remember Donkey Kong Country American commercial? that was a sutil well aimed arrow to SEGA for all the trash-talking in the early generation, so well made that show a superior level.

      Here is the same, Nintendo is Flattered by the ‘wii u copy’ who is the smart glass as much as sakurai is flattered about the SSB clone who is Play station battle royal


  7. I don’t really understand the difference of Smartglass + xbox controller and WiiU controller + Wii controller. .-. ( You know there will be games which require both.) Not to mention, I don’t believe Microsoft is combating WiiU as much as it is Apple’s Ipad/Iphone duo. They’re basically saying, “hey look, we have connectable phone and tablet aaaand we have XBOX, so suck it Apple.) in doing this, I guess they’re just trying to kill two birds with one stone?


  8. It was an obvious copy of the Upad and a failure at that. Like he said we don’t have 3 hands. Smart Glass requires you to split your attention towards too many devices. It may be useful for watching movis and stuff, but it won’t work for games. Leave luck to heaven.


  9. hehe Nintendo made a funny point.

    Anyways, I don’t see how Microsoft can sell something like Smart glass to everyone. The difference is pretty obvious between Nintendo’s idea and Microsoft’s idea. other than the -3 hands- comment, Nintendo practically gives you a tablet with each console. Is Microsoft going to give me a tablet if I decided to buy an Xbox 360 console? No, because the intention is for those who are lucky enough to own a tablet already at this point. Whatever the price tag will be for the Wii U (whether it’s $300-$350), it would be considered a bargain or a better deal that the Wii U will have similar features to the Smart Glass idea and vice versa because they fused a controller with features of a tablet.

    Other than that Microsoft, Why would I buy a $250 Xbox and a $400 Tablet just to use this Smart Glass feature when I can just buy the Wii U for $300-$400(assuming the price range is between these)


  10. Heh heh I like this Moffit guy.

    I didn’t actually see the Microsoft conference, but when I heard about SmartGlads I was like “Wow that was fast”.


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