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Nyko Offers A More Attractive Circle Pad Pro

Since Nintendo announced that they are not working on a revised Nintendo 3DS, perhaps it’s time to invest in a Circle Pad Pro. Nyko revealed their version of the Circle Pad Pro, which is called the Power Grip Pro. Not only is the Power Grip Pro more appealing than Nintendo’s Circle Pad Pro, it fully protects the Nintendo 3DS and provides an extended battery that promises longer play time. Nyko’s Power Grip Pro will be $30, while Nintendo’s Circle Pad Pro is $20.

Play with expanded controls and an expanded battery with Nyko’s Power Grip Pro for Nintendo 3DS. The Power Grip Pro adds an additional analog control pad to your 3DS, compatible with all games made for the Circle Pad Pro™. In addition to the added analog control, the Power Grip Pro works in conjunction with the existing 3DS battery providing up to 3x the play time making it perfect for long road trips, cross country flights or marathon gaming sessions at home.

71 thoughts on “Nyko Offers A More Attractive Circle Pad Pro”

      1. Same. The problem with the other Nyko battery thing is that it was really hard to find in the UK. I hope this one is available. If you don’t play a lot of games that require the Circle Pad though, this might be a bi clumsy.

    1. “Nyko’s Power Grip Pro will be $30, while Nintendo’s Circle Pad Pro is $20”

      Me, $10 more for a better look, ds protection, and battery life extension? Yes please.

      1. and for cheaper plastic, no decent repair warranty, les comfortable shape and MORE weight. no thank you, sticking with nintendo

    1. Why does everyone worry about being first or not. your suppose to make a comment for the sake of stating an opinion. Not boasting about your quick posting skills. It doesn’t matter what place your in. This isn’t a Contest! And that’s my opinion.

      1. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

        because they want to tick off people like us. just ignore it; dont waste time whining about it

  1. That does have a much better design, but at the same time I’m wary of anything Nyko. Here’s hoping that I never get a game that requires the pad.

  2. Uhhh features are tempting but looks are not attractive to me not to mention I don’t see trigger buttons either

  3. Best part about this – it’s probably not limited to Gamestop/EB Games and is PROBABLY AVAILABLE!

    The Circle Pad Pro hasn’t been available for almost half a year – and I spoke to a Nintendo rep, they said EB Games would get some stock in June… But now, I think I’ll just wait for this.

      1. hopefully i can still play kid icraus with the stylus because i don’t know how it works with circle pad pro

        1. The circle pad pro only is supposed to work for lefties with Kid Icarus….and to be honest I don’t see why it was needed. I’m a leftie and the game plays fine without the pro

  4. That looks much, much nicer than what Nintendo came out with. PLus, with the additional battery, is probably worth double than that clunky piece of shit Nintendo made

    1. except that Nintendo’s has double triggers on each side, so if this doesn’t have that, which this article doesn’t mention, then you might as well just get Nintendo’s, cause you’ll need it anyways

      1. If ya go on their site, you’ll see a picture with triggers. Also, it says its compatible with all games that have the option for circle pad pro. It would be pretty damn difficult to play Uprising without the ability to shoot =)

  5. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    nah, i already have the nyko lithium battery or whatever it’s called. $30 isnt worth an extra circle pad replacing the battery and charger i paid $20 for

    1. I’m guessing that since its also an extra battery for the 3DS, it charges like a normal 3DS. But this is a total guess

  6. Nyko should design thd 3dshit as well with 6inch screen. Smh 3ds looks so ugly and gay like a womens purse only faggots defeand carrying women purses

  7. Ive noticed that EVERYBODY except shitendo can make better designs smh good thing miyahoeto stuck to games rather than manga cuz he sucks at design heck even storytelling -_-

    1. you are an imbecile to the literal meaning of the word, i hope you don’t hurt those around you, nice day.

  8. *Me while I’m reading the article* ” does-it-have-big-battery-does-it-have-big-battery-does-it-have-big-battereeeeee…….? YES! TOTALLY getting one of these!” And $30 doesn’t seem like to bad of a deal at all considering it protects, charges and offers cosole quality controlls for my 3DS.

  9. I’d like to wait for CTA to make their version of this, since their current battery extension doesn’t require you to remove the 3DS battery.

  10. Also this gives you 3x battery life instead of the 2x that their stand-alone battery pack offers. That means aproximately 12 hours!

  11. yes! this piece of electronic will give me more hours of playing Resident Evil:Revelations and Metal Gear Solid 3D:Snake Eater!

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