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IGN: Nintendo Lost E3

While Gamespot believes that Nintendo had a better E3 presentation than their competitors, IGN thinks that Nintendo lost E3. IGN editor Richard George claims that “Nintendo’s failure to win E3 2012 was entirely of its own making.” George believes that Nintendo had high expectations before E3, but they ultimately failed to show something new and innovative during their presentations.

“High expectations. Poor presentation. A lack of substance. A narrow focus. Any publisher can be guilty of some of these items at any given E3. Nintendo somehow managed to do all of them in one year, and what’s worse is that it genuinely had some very interesting things to say. It simply said them in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong way.”

127 thoughts on “IGN: Nintendo Lost E3”

    1. And who listens or reads IGN’s bias articles that are run by News Corp? Last time I checked, GameSpot and Giant Bomb were better sites.

          1. Nokel, when I first saw your comment I thought you were saying… “dude, lost people read IGN news articles”. lol

      1. Twenty-seven words: There are many Wii Sports clones and Nintendo Land certainly is not one. The fact that there are not any sports in it should tell you that.

  1. IGN Also said Microsoft was gonna win e3….(Smart glasses + third year of showing kinect….) Buahahhahahahahahahahahahaha Good 1 IGN I LOVE YOUR IGNorance.

  2. actually I also Think that, im a nintendo fan but, I was expectating more cool games and some new ones, I dont know why nintendo didnt show live demos of their games, that woul have helped a lot, also why they didnt mention proyect p-100. I know that is a working title but. sing also is a working title ( i dont remember if this was show in nintendo or ubisoft conferense) but any way I wont buy wiiu until I have a reason for I dont know a Zelda or Nfs or Something hardcore like dead space 4 :D. those are my opinions

    1. keep in mind that sony & m$ will or may show there next console, to take the wind of them show there killer titles.

  3. And who listens to IGN’s bias articles? I wrote for them for some time, and I must say this: IGN sucks. Who wants to listen and read a website that’s owned by News Corp, A.K.A. FOX. The last time I checked, Giant Bomb and Game Spot are better. Hell, either CheatCC has better reviews then IGN.

          1. You gotta think about Nintendo in itself though. All they showed was Pikmin 3 (which Im excited about), then 3 Mario games and then Nintendo Land. Comparing to all the games Ubisoft showed, come on. That’s what people want to see. Nintendo should just teased people with Metroid, Zelda, Star Fox, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing, anything. Regardless, Im still getting a WiiU.

            1. They will do that when they think the time is right. There is still a lot of great contenet coming at launh and in the launch window.

              1. How is that supposed to be logical?
                Sony had the best conference, awesome games were shown for the PS3. Means, Sony won.
                You should learn to face the facts instead of letting fanboyism overcome you.

  4. Well, for one thing, they did have some good things shown here & there, so it wasn’t terribly bad or pathetic by all means. At least it was much better than MS. Though, the ONLY thing negative I have to say about Nintendo @E3 was that ending, which was stupid.

    Overall, in terms of IGN, you can’t spell IGNorant without those 3 letters. I’m not trying to say that to defend Nintendo by all means. But IGN are just jealous.

  5. Nintendo isn’t a religion. You don’t have to lie to yourself and say that their E3 conference was awesome.

    1. It sure seems to be the case in this site, fanboys everywhere.

      I do love Nintendo, but their presentation was lame… 2 “New” Super Marios? Really? And NINTENDO LAND?

  6. They’re right, even though their opinions are biased most of the time. Nintendo really did not “wow” anyone, even with a new system release on their hands. No useful information, and throughout their presentation they were catering the investors instead of the crowd who watches e3, spreads the word of the awesomeness, and makes people try the product since they are the first ones to get it, the hardcore gamer. I understand how not many first party titles were announced for Wii U, since Nintendo never talks about a project unless they have a clear understanding of it, or are confident about its theme, and how the emphasis on Ubisoft was shown, since gaining third party support who are in a sense scared of the Nintendo IPs, for overshadowing their sales, and being just about the only thing that sells well on their systems. But their presentation was just like they stuck a USB with a written speech algorithm into Reggie’s butt, and there went the Reggiebot. Iwata didn’t even show his face in person, and when Miyamoto went on stage with his charismatic personality, was the one moment the show lit up (hypothetically speaking), but as soon as it began, those 10 minutes of awesomeness were over, and the 50 mins of bullshit began. They are on the eve of a new system, and they left the presentation to people who are more into sales, than innovation and pleasing their loyal fanbase. And that, made them lose this e3, and lose the investor’s support, just look at their stocks.

  7. “and what’s worse is that it genuinely had some very interesting things to say. It simply said them in the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong way.”not sure if he genuinely mean’t what he said or if it was a way not to sound biased towards nintendo. either way i think theres truth in that.

  8. Gawd I know Imma get so much hate for this, but somebody has gotta say it

    Truer words could not have been spoken.

    I honestly feel that IGN literally hammered it on the head. I had such high expectations from Nintendo. And I know we all did. But Nintendo didn’t deliver. They had such good things to say to us, and they blew their biggest chance. I felt like Nintendo got us all hyped up just to give us the middle finger. And they STILL DIDNT DELIVER!!! They persisted on appealing to the casual audience instead of talkin bout their IP’s and appealin to the hardcore and us fans. I was really hurt when I didnt hear word about F-Zero or Star Fox. Not even a tease of the concept for the new SSB successor. All in all, this was my first E3 I ever watched and so far, I’m not interested in another for a long time.

    But I must say that Nintendo did not lose by far when compared to the consoles.
    Microsoft flunked hard and I sadly missed the Sony conference :(

    1. Yeah, I kinda agree. Nintendo flunked, but mainly because we had our hopes up so high (maybe too high). The Wii U isn’t even out yet, so really not much time is invested in games for it. But still, a flunk. Microsoft has no excuse, and they still sucked worse than NIntendo. Sony was on par, I suppose, with Nintendo, if not a bit better. The only real “winner” I can think of is Ubisoft with Watch_Dogs… and Aisha Tyler.

    2. Nintendo said right off that bat that this conference was to reintroduce you to the hardware and announce a few of the launch window titles, nothing more, they said in the next couple of months they’ll reveal the entire story of what the Wii U will bring to the table. Besides, half the titles haven’t even been announced for the Launch window, the system still has a plethora of features that are still yet to be mentioned, plus in the coming months they’ll be revealing some of their titles that will be coming next year.

      The conference wasn’t by any means great but at least they warned us.

    3. Nintendo really did disappoint this year, I was expecting an announcement of what Retro is up to and much more :(

      1. Blame Retro, they pulled the announcement before the show started leaving Nintendo to fill the gaps. At least that’s the story floating around.

    4. No worries. Despite not seeing a ssb, zelda, f zero, ect. We know some good stuff is boiling underneath th lid of that Nintendo pot. “Retro” is cooking a five star meal. I was more interested in seeing the interface and hearing more about online and the socializing through miiverse. Plus if we heard everything at once, what else would we look foward to except the wait. Or sony and microsoft would be looking to copy our “lots of unannounced features” the wii U will only deliver. E3 presentations blah. We got a peek. Lets keep looking till the curtain has been fully drawn . “Nintendo4life”

      1. TRuthfully it was entertaining. After seeing ms and sonys show I sort of knew what was coming next. They showed no game changers so I knew the cards where going to stay close to their chest. I say good for them. If every thing goes well lots of news will appear right when it’s time to buy.

    5. I think they really don’t have their first party ready, which is why they didn’t show them. From the articles and interviews we’ve seen, everyone’s “working on something”. They’re all busy, but we’re still in the dark about what specifically they’re working on. E3 should have been the time to tell us what that is (unless there’s another really popular game conference before the release).

  9. I don’t care if Nintendo won E3 or came close to losing, but I sure as hell know they didn’t lose. Microsoft was a complete mess from start to finish, Halo was the only positive thing out of the show. Then they announced Smart glass which isn’t fooling anyone, a God of War clone, a K.I.T motorcycle ripoff, and that other title that was just as vague title pretty much, and bragging about becoming a cable provider pretty much. I don’t care about the order just as long as it’s clear Microsoft bombed worse than anything at the show.

  10. This E3 was the worst one in the past few years. Most of the “news” was just some trailers on games we already knew about. However, Nintendo definitely did the best. I’m not saying they did amazing, but they showed more new content than Microsoft and Sony.

  11. Been following Nintendo closely and they have very good reason to be secretive about their upcoming content. Sony and Microsoft will just make their own spin on it. While tablets are quite possibly the way of the future, look at the past. N64 first 4 player console. Xbox follows suit. Wii motion control, PS3 and Microsoft follow suit. Only a year after Wii U announced, smart glass comes about and more. I was stoked about Nintendo’s presentation personally. Wii U! And Halo 4 anyone? Those two items alone made E3 this year a winner in my book. Who won? Who cares! We got to see upcoming gaming tech and games from many companies and hear many exciting rumors. All is well

  12. Anyone who is a TRUE fan of Nintendo and a TRUE gamer will whole heartily AGREE with what IGN has said. Nintendo dropped the ball. They disappointed the media, stock holders, core gamers, Nintendo fans and themselves. They overestimated the strength in Nintendoland and Batman: Arkham Asylum and choose not to share some key games like “Game & Wario”, “P-100” and “Black Ops 2”.

    Sony and Microsoft had terrible press conferences, but at least Sony had some genuine surprise games (Beyond looks stunning). And surprisingly, Jack Trenton felt far more engaging than Reggie did.

    This is not the end for Nintendo – this isn’t where it all starts going downhill. The 3DS is still a success and the Wii U will likely sell out the day it launches. During the Wii U’s lifetime, I’m sure we’ll see some brilliant titles and for anyone posting on this website, I’m sure the Wii U will have a comfortable spot in their living rooms. I for one know I will be getting a Wii U, but for the first time in 6 generations, from the NES to the Wii – I will most likely not be purchasing a Nintendo console within the first couple months of it’s release. Unless Nintendo unveils some secret gem that I must have, I might just wait 6-12 months to see what happens.

    Nintendo still has some work to do – they need to step up and present more evidence to gamers that the Wii U is a worth while purchase – they only have a few months to do this before it launches. If any company can do it, you can be damn sure Nintendo can.

  13. I have to agree with Rich, they had a decent E3 but Nintendo could have done so much more with the press conference. Project P-100 should have been showcased on the conference and the ending was week. Of course overhype was part of the problem, so I shod lower my expectation lower next time. BTW I am still gonna try to buy the Wii U at launch.

  14. They call me... Mr. Vain

    Remember people, Nintendo could have one E3 if they would have showed “all’ of their games, but Iwata said they pulled most back because Sony and Microsoft were BOUND to copy them again for next years show.

  15. Yeah, like I’m going to take the word of a company that is ALMOST as anti-Nintendo as G4TV.
    Seriously. These people would not know Innovation if it reached out of the TV and stabbed them in the eyes.
    There’s a reason everyone says you can’t spell Ignorant without IGN, and this is just proving it now more than ever.

  16. Normally I hate IGN (also finding out they’re owned by News Corp explains so much…) but they’re actually right about this. This E3 was Nintendo’s to win, Sony and Microsoft had shown us jack shite. So what do Nintendo do, 2 minutes of Pikmin 3, 2 minutes of NSMBU, a few 3rd party games that were released last year and 20 minutes of Nintendo Land. Really, that’s all you got? There’s more coming I know, but if you wanna make an impact on the gaming community, go for gold at E3.

    1. Uhm no. That analogy doesn’t work here, the purpose of this expo is to get people hyped to buy their product. Leaving people wanting more in this case is like promising steak but giving them beef jerky, they’re still going to want that steak they’ll just get it somewhere else.

  17. Lesson from this year’s E3: don’t have high expectations as they set you, the media and the fan, up for failure.

  18. nintendo’s conference was over a week ago, IGN. people saw it and reacted to it, and then they got over it and moved on. why can’t you? nintendo’s conference was bad. we get it. but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t positives to get out of it. pikmin 3 looked great, as did batman arkham city and assassin’s creed 3… and they looked better than current gen before the Wii U’s full potential is realized. there’s also zombiU, rayman legends, and the possibility of watch_dogs.

    so after all that, you people may still feel the need to complain about two mario games? GO CRY SOME MORE. and let me guess, you’re probably going to have some kind of complaint about nintendoland? here’s a strange concept: you don’t have to play it! that game exists to get gaming newcomers used to how the gamepad works. not to mention the fact that a few attractions, among the ones we actually know of, look legitimately playable.

    so please, people, stop looking at only the negatives from that conference or being mad at nintendo because their conference didn’t beat you into the ground with AAA titles left and right. wait until next year, as it’s sure to be better. for those who remember, the E3 after the 3DS’s launch showed many great games whereas its launch lineup was nonexistent so the Wii U is already off to a pretty good start. also, for anyone who’s upset at the fact that the Wii U isn’t the most technologically advanced thing they’ve ever seen, why were you expecting that? nintendo wants to try to be economical, don’t you know? they’re putting out a legitimate next-gen console that will not force you to hand your wallet to the retailer just to be able play quality games.

    tl;dr version: E3’s over, get over it. nintendo had more to offer than nintendoland and 2 mario games. Wii U is starting out better than 3DS and is bound to have more quality software at next year’s conference. Wii U’s hardware is sensible and at the same time, next-gen. stop looking back on the conference as something that was 100% bad

    1. Amen to that. Though I honestly think this is pretty revolutionary in technology standards. I mean hell, you don’t see Microsoft or Sony making anything groundbreakingly new and unique, at least Nintendo tries new things in a gaming world where everyone wants nothing but a second rate shooter. Plus the original Wii lasted a long time and people loved that system, at least the ones who chose to buy it, and that hardly focused on graphics and “hardcore” games.

      Either way, I can’t wait for this great system, and I’m in love with the 3ds, I keep finding myself wanting to play that well over my xbox now, so I personally can’t wait to get this, see the games it can come up with, and finally go back to a Nintendo based console.

  19. He has a point, given all that I know about Wii U since just the week between E3 and now, I would still say that in terms of content Nintendo won E3. I was just like everyone else too. I was underwhelmed by the conference. It was BAD. But 2 hours later when my emotions settled, I began seeing it for what it was. They were fousing on showing us experiences that we can only get on the Wii U. The conference sucked but the Wii U was the biggest presence at E3.

    Knowing now all the information we know just a week later, the games that are headed to Wii U, I would say the content is/ will be there to justify buying a Wii U. Also people were expecting a little too much from Nintendo. Everyone got caught up in the rumour mill. E3 is just one show. You can’t expect Nintendo to show their entire hand to their competition so early in the game. It only took MS a year to come up with their pale imitation of the Wii U, Smart Glass. They’re keeping their Aces close to the chest to be used when neccessary.

    I’m going on too long, but I suggest you listen to this podcast by the Eccentric gamer on Youtube. He and his friends sum up the situation perfectly. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Just something off topic here but.. why do you keep using “Leave luck to heaven” in almost every comment?

    2. Exactly…..

      Most people are mad they did not get what they wanted and the media just wants the info they want. I’m sure ms and Sony where glued to nintendo’s show lol. I’m glad they don’t feel threaten. It means Nintendo made the right move. Generations are not won at E3 they got till launch to show us more games but gems will not be till a year or two later.

      1. thats true if they dont show it then nintendo fail or casual game on e3 nintendo fails; these guys are out of there mind!!!

  20. In truthfulness, the Big ‘N’ didn’t exactly drop the ball, but at the same time they didn’t give us news we really wanted to hear. Though they focused on the Wii U hardware and software, they really didn’t touch on any other aspects like the 3DS, or the games we wanted an update on like Super Smash Bros.

    Ironically, when they did reveal some 3DS games, I discovered from a friend there were no booths for demo units. Instead there were nothing but Wii U booths, and when someone managed locating a rep with a handheld unit, the demo inside was for Lego Batman 2 than Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, Paper Mario Sticker Star or the New Super Mario Bros. 2.

    Nonetheless, it was better than nothing, and you really shouldn’t listen to IGN. They were the ones who once claimed the Wii would never sell. And it was the most popular system of the 2006 Holiday Season.

  21. From what I read, Gamespot didn’t just say Nintendo won E3. It actually wrote articles for each company, suggesting why each won the expo. I love Nintendo, but sorry to say, they did not win at E3.

    Don’t fret, though. Nintendo is not doomed. Sure, it needs to convince a lot of people of the Wii U’s capabilities, but eventually the company will bounce back.

  22. They forgot to mention that everyone except Ubisoft–who isn’t even one of the big 3–had the best presentation at E3 this year. Nintendo failed to bring out anything really awesome that we hadn’t already known about previously, Microsoft crammed non-gaming crap in our faces and Sony… ah, Sony. I’m not going to go there. Of the 3, they all lose. Terrible E3 this year, and I know people say that about every year, but this year was so underwhelming on nearly every damn front.

  23. I don’t really think anyone really WON E3 since everyone sucked but considering the expectations, Nintendo did pretty badly. Brand new system coming out and all they gave us was some 3rd party games and more details on what we already knew :/

    1. I’d say if anyone won, it’d be Ubisoft. Which is saying a lot this E3’s performance as a whole if a third-party company probably won

  24. How can people actually defend this? Nintendo’s conference was terrible. I’d say Ubisoft won, but if you’re going to choose from the 3 companies, then Sony won.

  25. How could they tease games u wanna see? Nintendo games dont come out for.a while and besides they dont demonstrate them till theyre solid in place. Theyre probably still working on their better franchises. I mean think about it, nintendos game featuring their best mascots (mario, link, ssb) NEVER disaapoint

  26. Hate to say it, but it’s true. As a Nintendo fan, I’ll say they were even worse than Microsoft, because I had no expectations for the latter while everyone was waiting for a big surprise from big N. And what did we get instead?: Pikmin 3, which everyone knew about; 2 NSMB that look exactly like the last one (honestly, they’re milking Mario as much as Activision is milking COD now, it’s really sad) and to close their conference they showed…Nintendoland…Freakin’ Nintendoland.
    Sure, nobody was expecting the game, but nobody wanted it or asked for it either. Not saying it’s exactly a bad game, but it will be just like Wii Sports/Wii Play: it shows a new customer (assuming it’s free and comes with the console otherwise ”haha it won’t sell for shit”) how the console works in the form of a small collection of mini-games, is fun for a hour or two, then you stop playing forever.
    Nintendo lost E3, period. Both Microsoft and Sony basically offered them an easy victory, and they just completely turned it down. How do you introduce a console as a way to bring hardcore fans back, and make it even more casual than the original Wii?! Now, I know good games will come out eventually, they’re still Nintendo and they will find a way to make the console worth buying, but they failed to convice people to buy it at launch.

    1. I truly beg to differ Pretendo in denial. Microsoft have shown the worst performance at E3. They haven’t shown a lot of games during the show… they’ve talked mostly about casual games on Kinect and a poor excuse version of the Wii U Game Pad known as the Xbox Smart Glass.

      1. My apologies, sir, but what I meant was: despite having a worse performance overall, I had no expecations from Microsoft; I expected that they would suck.
        On the other hand, Nintendo had so much potential, so many things they could have shown…but focused on other casual games. That ”Sing” karaoke game shouldn’t be allowed to exist on a video game console
        (….plus it forced me to hear that terrible Call Me Maybe song for the first time…I’ll never forgive them for that…)

  27. I honestly think E3 was rather… stale this year. There wasn’t anything by anyone that really caught your attention (not enough “wow” factor). Ubisoft was the winner in my opinion, Ninty/Sony were decent, EA was… okay I guess, and Microsoft just bored me (nothing but unoriginal sequels and ripoffs).

  28. “George believes that Nintendo had high expectations before E3, but they ultimately failed to show something new and innovative during their presentations.”

    OK which Nintendo E3 presentation was Richard George watching?

    -Pikmin 3 is new and innovative since it was change the way we play Pikmin.
    -Nintendo land is a new IP.
    -The Wii U is innovative.

    Beside E3 as whole was bland and boring anyway, nobody won in in my eyes.

    1. Pikmin3 was basically comfirmed before E3, no surprice there, the WiiU, yeah its new tech but we still know little about it and this years E3 the gave us almost no info on it. One new IP? Nintendo had the Whole Gaming comunity on its toes and it did as good as sony did, and sony only recomfirmed what we already knew.

      what E3 were you watching?

  29. Although I don’t agree with IGN. I set standards high for Nintendo so when they fail to reach my expectations, it’s as if they lost. C’mon “N”, you know all eyes are on you!!

  30. Did anyone really ‘win’ E3 this year? Because it honestly seems like the conferences/presentations were disappointing all round, with Microsoft and Sony’s ones being about as bad. Probably the nearest thing to a ‘winner’ would be Ubisoft…

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