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Wii U More Powerful Than PS4? Dream On, Says Sony

Nintendo announced that the Wii U will be powerful but they are also seeking a ‘reasonable‘ price-point for when it releases later this year. Sony hasn’t shared much information regarding the successor to the PlayStation 3 but a Sony executive confirmed – over Twitter – that the ‘PlayStation 4’ will be more powerful than Wii U. How much do you think the ‘PlayStation 4’ will cost?

Remi: Hey, have a quick question. A friend says that WiiU will be more powerful than PS4…yes PS4. He really said that. What is your take?

Shuhei Yoshida (President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment): Let him dream.

285 thoughts on “Wii U More Powerful Than PS4? Dream On, Says Sony”

    1. Ah ha ha ha! Look at Sony’s pathetic attempt at a Wii Remote and Nunchuk! Wha ha ha! I feel that I want to lick and eat that lolly…and that’s not because I was thinking about anything else!

  1. Well you can’t really argue with that. Unless Sony really fucks up and Wii U turns out to be more powerful than the PS4

    1. PS4 could be as powerful as a gaming pc, anyways there is not much difference between ps3 or xbox to a pc, just watch the battlefield 3 comparison an you will see that the changes are really small.
      Its impossible for our age to have another graphic jump like xbox to xbox 360 or ps2 to ps 3.
      Anyway im always looking for a better gaming experience, and that is something only Nintendo can do.

      1. A PS4 could be as powerful as a gaming PC, but you’d also ay $2k for it too. The reason Battlefield version don’t have that big of a visual gap when compared is because that’s the way they were designed.

        Look at a game like Crysis released way back in 2007, pump that up to ultra and then compare it to it’s recently released XBLA and PS3 ports, notice a difference? Yep, that’s about half the detail you’d have on PC.

        There’s a HUGE difference between consoles and PCs, about a two year difference from day one on launch day. Even the Wii U is dated visually compared to PCs now.

      2. Uhm, that’s because it’s a multiplatform game, and those are usually almost exactly the same in all platforms. And actually, if you have a high-end PC, BF3 is orders of magnitude better looking than PS3 and XBOX360, if for nothing else, it’s can run at 1080p or higher and 60fps. Neither current gen console could do that with the graphics even dimmed down. So, you’re an idiot.

        And I’m not even a fan of PC games (I own a Mac for one thing). I prefer consoles. But PCs are light years away from consoles, even when before then consoles debut.

        1. Why am i and idiot, for liking gaming experience over graphics, xD im a gamer.
          Who is an idiot now.

          1. Considering this is a discussion about the makings of a gaming console and not the games you play on them, you’re the idiot. You blinding posted a bunch of trash that you knew absolute zero about pretending to be a graphics master and when we caught you in it you act like a child and play rubber and glue.

            1. That was your point of view because you care too much about graphics, i can live with current gen graphics to the end of my live, because we already can see what a videogame can show, if you see a lot of difference between ps3 or 360 to pc is because you care a lot for graphics.
              Its like saying that there is much difference between 720p and 1080p

              1. Why are you missing the point that this isn’t about opinions? The reason I can see the difference after 20 years of playing games is a Xbox/Ps3 to PC has major differences, whether it be draw distance, quadruple the amount of objects on screen, higher res textures, or even better shaders to name a few, there’s a difference. Same goes from the difference between 720p to 1080p, it’s almost twice the amount of pixels.

                I’m sorry, but the fact still stands, you have no clue what you’re talking when it comes to hardware on consoles or PCs.

                1. See you care too much for visuals, i been playing for a long time on an old tv i will buy next week my first hd tv, i also played games in hd with friends, all i saw was a bigger screen and image looked alike, what i mean is that visuals wont change the way i play.
                  If that changes for you then you are not a gamer

                  1. It’s not that I care for visuals, it’s that fact that visuals are there and can’t be ignored. I in no way am claiming that visuals make the game, I’m just stating that better graphics do exist, I know the cost and abilities of current hardware, and I know what Sony and Microsoft will pay for their consoles. I’m also a graphic designer so my job is to design better visuals daily for our games, I can’t just ignore the fact that I had to cut back more detail on our 360 and PS3 titles, but I have free range on PC titles. I play my NES more than any console I own at the moment and would I never claim graphics are what make the game.

                    1. Let him go, he just barged into an objective discussion on graphics with OPINIONS. He’s just trolling.

                      It’s fact that, cost aside, the graphics of PC games are lots and lots better in comparison to the PS3 or XBOX360 games graphics. On the PC I like that there’s a sliding invalidation of games, on consoles the invalidation of old games happens in an instant. You can still play a 1995 PC game on a PC (with luck!) while… Try putting a SNES game into a Wii. It’s a bad comparison but it sums it up. You can still put a 1995 CD game CD into a PC and it MIGHT just work, fat chance with that on consoles if the developer wasn’t awesome and re-released it for, for example, the Wii virtual console.

      3. Well you know, the power of a console can also give you a different if not better experience. I mean they even said Pikmin 3 was perfect for HD graphics. I think for now that the graphics like the demo for Unreal engine 4 is probably the most Nintendo should go. I don’t believe graphics will ever get better than that, and it would probably give us the best experiences for Nintendo and other games. That is just my opinion.

      4. bf3 is an awful example. look at something like witcher 2 in comparison of the xbox and pc. as much as i love bf3 (as you can tell by my picture) bf3 is nothing more than a console port. the difference between the console version and the pc version when you have it maxed out is pretty noticeable though.

      5. Actually pkstarstormomega is wrong, ps3 or xbox are FAR behind from PC in terms of hardware power. The point is, XBOX is leading the market, specially multi plat games. (in general)

        The changes in Battlefield 3 in Xbox 360, PS3 and PC are small because they’re porting the game from Xbox 360, there’s no point in making the game from scratch…otherwise it would be a different game lol…you know that, please…

        if you want to see what PC games are capable of, you should take a look at PC exclusive games and MMO games since they’re not limited by the console industry.

        Search for these games on youtube, just to name a few:

        Project D – Official Trailer [HD][CryEngine 3][PC]
        [G*Star 2011] EIN: Epicus Incognitus – Official trailer
        Official Hawken Trailer (work in progress)

        1. Oops, sorry if I sounded a bit arrogant now, I thought I was responding to a rude guy who posts here sometimes xD I mistook your photo for the one he uses.

          But anyway, consoles are far behind PC now, and the “problem” is the video game industry limitations. xD

    1. Ahaha, probably, but I can see Wii U being really successful this time.
      For core Nintendo fans, HD graphics will be more than enough.

      Wii U is pretty much offering games for everyone now, from core Nintendo fans to hardcore fans, even if the PS4 may have better graphics I think Wii U will still be on the top. Graphics are not everything, I’m a hardcore PC gamer and I’m always playing Metroid again and again lol xD (but I’d love to see Nintendo going for graphics next time, just to amaze everyone.)

        1. I couldnt stop laughing when i heard that xD
          its ridge racer….

  2. Yeah but no one will know that it will probably launch at $700 and you can get 14 Wii u games for that price

    1. First: we don’t know how much Wii U costs, so settle down.

      Second: you definitely don’t know how much PS4 will cost. It’s coming out at least a year after Wii U; so all it has to do is be marginally better and it could be the same price as a Wii U because price of slightly better tech will have gone down.

      You people are all fanboy morons.

      1. You do know that the sony prez stated they aim to ALWAYS create the best most technologically advanced hardware. So what does that entitle………new and expensive gpus, graphics cards and such so yea read more you moron

        1. PSX was $299 to N64’s $199. Only $100 more. Not the end of the world. Same goes for PS2 and GameCube.

          PS3 was the only one that went higher. So historically, more expensive but not “ZOMG COST A BAZILLION DOLLARS!!1”

          Shut the fuck up now, thanks ;)

          1. When the specs, price and sales figures are released you may say that. I give you permission, until then, go fuck your mother

          2. There’s a difference between $300 and $200, it’s not “only 100 more”, it’s 50% MORE. … Also the N64 was more powerful, so much for that. (Yes, yes, I know. 2 years difference in release)

          3. hahahaha look at this kid, he still think we are in the nineties.
            Go see outside your house and take a look how is life now…

  3. Seems like a stock comment by Sony just so they can say simply the PS4 is more powerful than the Wii U. It probably will be (and probably will cost $5,231.58 before the bundle). I think Iwata and others have made it clear time and again that the Wii U will be powerful, above the current generation of course but not so much that it’ll make the system cost much more than it typically has. A “reasonable” cost as it’s said, over and over again, and we’ll get what we pay for.

    This “friend” seems more like some faux push of Sony’s or this guy’s part. Not very legitimate. Lol, Sony will have to make their system much more powerful than the Wii U’s I think. Otherwise it seems like it’d be just… PS3.5… now with less initial stock!

        1. If Nintendo dont make that, then why WiiU is much powerful than ps3, if they didnt make that, WiiU would be on par or less powerful than current gen.

          1. Graphics on Wii U look the same as PS3. By the time they look BETTER, PS4 will be out.

            Therefore, Nintendo isn’t revolutionizing anything when it comes to graphics. They’re merely starting to sit at the same table.

            1. From what I remember, the PS3/360 started out w/ similar graphics as high-end GC/PS2/Xbox games w/ the games at launch. It wasn’t until after launch that they actually got better.

              1. ^^^ here it looks like Wii U graphics are better than PS3, so imagine what it will look like in 2013 and 2014…

                1. Thatf’s because the aged GeForce 7600 chip is just… sucky compared to the Wii Us graphic chip, which is, when we can trust rumors, a 4xxx AMD Radeon chip (Even though PCs are at 7xxx Radeon chips by now).

          1. Bahaha. 480p, ridiculously low poly count, horribly compressed textures.

            Nice design? Graphically impressive for the weak-ass Wii? Yes. Graphically impressive in general? Not even fucking close.

            1. It’s not even graphically impressive for the Wii, games like Super Mario Galaxy, Xenoblade Chronicles, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, etc. are miles ahead in terms of graphics.

          1. Cry about them? I merely stay unbiased, unlike all of you Nintendo fanboys. If you knew anything, you’d know I defend Nintendo regularly for their hit franchises, I also defended the Wii U prior to this years E3.

            I simply state the obvious without being biased toward one console or another. I have all 3 and play 2 regularly (the Wii only occasionally for 1 or 2 games). I play my SNES emulator about as much or more than my XBOX360 though.

            1. People can always say they’re staying unbiased, but that’s quite impossible. People have an opinion, they can not just “not have” an opinion. At least it’s very hard to do that.

  4. It may be more powerul…but what about the price? Sony`s weak spot is always the price. We will have to see if it will be a repeat of the ps3.

  5. Well that would be a given, due to Sony havin more developement time. Now the question revolves around the cost :/

    1. Nah… don’t worry, those guys are going to rip off wii u and tell they innovate or “did it better” oh and improve graphics….

    1. ….Sony has some of the best IPs in gaming. Uncharted, Infamous, Rachett and Clank, Jak and Daxter, GOW, LBP, Sly Cooper, The Ico, Shadow of Colossus, Killzone, the original Crash and Spyro (some of the greatest 3D platformers ever), Fat Princess, Ape Escape, Demon’s Souls and many, many more. I’m not saying Ninty doesn’t have fantastic IPs either, however saying Sony’s are bad is just stupid.

      1. I can barely recognize some tiles. Just some not all. Unlike nintendo’s IP almost everyone even my grandma can recognize them.

        1. ….yeah because everyone knows Pikmin, F-zero, starfox, Fire Emblem, Mother, Ice Climbers, Metroid, Golden Sun, Sin and Punishment, Starfy, Custom Robo, Punch-Out!, Wars, Game&Watch, and Kid Icarus

        2. Well, that’s apparently not Sony’s fault but yours. Those are so well known, everyone who is really into video games should know them.

      2. O: I didn´t say that their IP’s were bad, not at all. I just said that Nintendo has the best selling IP’s in videogame history. Wii Sports has sold more than 90 million copies!!! Wii Fit more than 43 Million!!! That’s A LOT

      3. Look, just naming every single exclusive they have isn’t going to make them “the best”. I keep saying this, but quantity is not quality. Out of the listed, I would say that GOW, Jak and Daxter, and Uncharted are the most well-known and most-requested.

        1. I didn’t say they were the best, one of the best. I misread the comment and I thought he was bagging on Sony IPs and saying that they made bad IPs, which I don’t think is true. The majority of the games I listed up there are great games, IMO

      4. Most of the comments on this site are from stupid people who like bitching about other video game companies more than actually playing games.

        Fuck these Nintendo fanboys. They make Nintendo look bad.

        1. It’s a Nintendo fansite. If you don’t like Nintendo, you shouldn’t be here. It’s that simple.

      5. I have played but never bought any of those franchises. And I own a PS3.

        I prefer Halo, Zelda (except for the last game; didn’t like), Metroid, etc.

        Which is why I play SNES emulator and XBOX360 the most. It’s preference, and majority of people don’t know or like PS3’s IPs. Evidence by the PS3 selling the worst out of all the consoles. Sure, they’re selling well now… but that’s because most gamers already have either XBOX360 and/or Wii.

  6. when it first releases it will cost from $600 – a grand. I think over $500 is to much for a console. (if it wasn’t the Wii U would probably have an I3 processor instead of the one they are planing for it).

    1. ….there’s no way Sony is going to sell it for more than what the PS3 was originally sold for. It didn’t work last time and it would be utter suicide to sell it for more than $400 in this economy

  7. lest not worry about Sony lest just focus on the Wii U and how great is gonna be to play Zelda, metroid and banjo!!!! i wish banjo too!

    1. They call me... Mr. Vain

      sorry to say this but Banjo got shot. he will never come back. Rare was arrested for committing murder to one of the best IP’s in platformer history. Lets remember Banjo Kazooie with our N64 cartridges -.-

          1. Well, he just said he would never come back. I thought he meant come back in a game which he did. :/

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    1. fuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkkk uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu assssssssss wiiiiiipppppppeeeeeee the ps4 will cost 1 ass wipe and your hand to wipe it in.

    1. Too true. Like the PS2 selling a lot more than the Gamecube and Xbox even though both those systems were more powerful than the PS2. Now this generation the PS3 may be the most powerful system but it’s in last place in sales. Power doesn’t affect market share as much some would like to believe.

    2. They call me... Mr. Vain

      but does selling the most really matter.. Look at the N64 PS1 days
      Playstation sold the most and had more RPG games, But the N64 has the most Best Games ever developed in gaming History (Fact).

      1. Both of our points are right, better hardware sell less, and we all know that the best games ever developed in gaming History are from Nintendo Consoles.
        Ill give you quick examples:
        F Zero
        Star Fox
        Luigis Mansion
        Super Smash
        Star Wars Shadows of the empire
        Dragon Quest
        And much more.

        1. I think it sold more because everyone thought it was new and exciting… because Sony had entered the gaming world.

          1. Er no.

            Sony sold more because the best game was found on their system due to the fact that Nintendo drove away the game developers since they stuck with cartridges, which was expensive and held less data.

        2. Er wrong you stupid blind Nintendo fan boy.

          I can think of quite a few best games ever developed in gaming History on a non Nintendo consoles like
          Sonic The Hedgehog,
          Skies of Arcadia,
          Crash Bandicoot,
          Ratchet & Clank,
          Jak and Daxter,
          3D Dot Heroes,
          Dragon Quest,
          Final Fantasy,
          And many more

          Don’t you dare say that all the best game comes from Nintendo or are only found on a Nintendo consoles because it just isn’t true.

          1. Dude, Dragon Quest started on the NES and Final Fantasy has been on Nintendo consoles until FF7, not to mention the one that was regarded by many as the best one (FF6) was on the SNES.

      2. How the hell is that fact?

        It is merely your opinion that the N64 had the best game in gaming history.

        The Playstation had some best game in gaming history as did the Sega Saturn.

  9. im sure no one even care about sony anymore there just gana abandon the ps vita like they did with psp and guess what else there gana copy nintendo some more and for all the sony fags and fans talking about nintendo wii u will suck tell sony to atleast make a controller that wasent used on ps1 come on this is 2012 not 1994

    1. HAHAHA yeah sony controllers are always the same, i dont know why people say they are good controllers, i never liked them, the sticks are too far away from my hands, the best controller was NGC controller, and that WiiU Pro looks awesome too i think that will be my favorite

      1. Gamecube controller was made for small hands i would say n64 was the best besides the joystick it had so many control options and never felt uncomfortable

        1. I personally really hated the N64 controller. The analogue stick is in a very awkward location and you need really small hands to use it. The buttons are somewhat awkward with the C buttons. Its almost like you need 3 hands to use the controller properly

          1. N64 games normally used only two hands, but some games needed to use the “L” button, that button could be hit easily with your chin… well i used to make that and i dont know how you can hate n64 control and like ps2 control, its like preferring vegetables over pizza.

      2. I really like the PS2 controller. It fits very nicely into your hand, the analogue sticks are the best of any console. The D-pad is almost as good as the Genesis D-pad (which is my favorite D-pad), the sticks are placed perfectly. The reason why Sony doesn’t change their controller is because it doesn’t need changing. Granted I absolutely love the GCN controller as well, but the D-pad is too small and barely usable

        1. Bahaha! Genesis dpad? Ugh… Wow. It’s almost as bad as XBOX360’s dpad.

          The best was SNES dpad IMO. Genesis was too loose, moved too easily and thus wasn’t as accurate. So sharp and cut my thumb up bad, too.

          1. I disagree. I loved how the Genesis D-pad moved. It was free-flowing allowing you to move where you wanted. It just felt really nice. I don’t know what your talking about sharp edges, they felt fine for me. I agree it can get a little hard to use for a game like Ristar, but once you got it down its great. Its also perfect for games like the Sonic series where you need to change directions quickly/ SNES was a great D-pad as well, if a little stiff…..this is a really nerdy conversation isn’t it


      3. So because you don’t like the PS3 controllers that means everyone else is supposed to dislike it too?


          1. Bigotry? I suppose you think it’s normal for a man to sick his cock in another mans asshole?

            You ever get shit on or dick? Oh wait, I guess you have to have a cock first.

            1. Lately, I’ve seen alot of people talking about sticking there penis in the other mans butt… it’s a little ridiculous.

        1. So because you like ps3 controllers that means everyone else is supposed to like it too?


          1. Is that hat I said? Can you read? Or are you just another stupid fuck who is just wet at the thought of getting a chance to suck on Miyamotos nut sack?

            Fuck off you piece of shit fanboy.

    2. Why would they abandon the Vita ? It’s only about to leave the launch window/just left it and all the awesome games are on their way. If you would have read Sony’s announcements/interviews you would know that they are not planning on giving up on it, not at all. Maybe you’re not interested enough in Sony to read their things but if that’s the case, you better keep your false and uninformed comments to yourself.
      And about the Playstation controller… Why should they change something that works perfectly fine ? A lot of people, including me, find them really comfortable. In fact, they’re my favourite controllers. Though I really like the SNES controllers as well. Oh right, the SNES controller… You’re complaining about Sony using their controller over and over again… But Nintendo did that too, no ? The SNES controller “scheme” was used for SNES itself, Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS lite, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo 3DS and is about to be used for the WiiU. Now, if you say that the handhelds do not really count as “controllers”, Nintendo still used the same scheme 2 times. Sony did 3 times. So I don’t really understand your problem.

  10. Want my opinion? I think PS4 will not be called that. Instead it will be called PSU, of course that sony will copy Nintendo in aspects of the Wii U. They wouldn’t let such a big machine from Nintendo take out the best out of it. That’s why I say, Fuck you Sony.

  11. If its lookin to blow wiiu away it will be 600 bucks and uaffordable hence more wiiU’s sold…sony once again wont have the huge installer base until after a few price drops years later

  12. with the wiiu on the prowl of fucking course they’re going to build a more powerful and expensive beast. we can only hope they’re reasonable enough to NOT overprice that thing. otherwise only dedicated fans will buy it.

  13. The Wii U is barely a current gen console. So, realistically, the PS4 will probably be more powerful. But honestly, I wish people would focus on the Wii U and not a system that hasn’t even been mentioned by Sony. The Wii U will do fine, regardless. The Wii stood on it’s feet for quite some time before it fizzled out, so regardless, they’ll both sell. I don’t even see the point in comparing it to a non-existant console. At least let the Wii U have the spotlight for now.

      1. No. It’s not. Show me one game that looks “waaaay” better than current gen games: Pikimin? ZombiU? Have you actually see high def footage of ZombiU? It looks terrible. Good lighting, HORRIBLE modeling and textures.

        The only game shown that looks any kind of good is Assassins Creed 3, and that looks almost completely identical to the other consoles’ versions.

        So you’re just being a fanboy idiot.

        1. Your being a graphics whore idiot thinking a huge leap in graphics only is next gen. So tell me, how can graphics get anymore better unless if your talking real time cgi

          Graphics fag

        2. Since when do LAUNCH games look “WAAAAY” better than high-end last-gen games? Most of the Wii-U’s games are just ports as it is so they’re not going to show off amazing graphics that’s for sure. As for Zombi-U, do you think Ubisoft has their best teams working on that game when they’re already working on Assassin’s Creed III, Far Cry 3, and Watch Dogs? Seriously, you expected Nintendo to make amazing graphics for Wii Fit U or New Super Mario Bros U or Pikmin 3?

            1. Once a Sony drone, always a Sony drone. Keep jerking off Jack Tretton to have the PS4 ready this year. Oops… I forgot. They can’t because they’re still continuing the 10-year lifespan with PS3.

              1. Lol! Fail, Nintendo is my favorite company,Sony second. I just don’t like you faggots who turn every thread into a Nintendo vs. Sony pissing contest. Grow up you stupid fuck.

                1. You don’t know who the fuck I am. This does not concern you or your fight. If you don’t like my comment, don’t say a fucking thing and move on. It’s over. Good day sir.

              2. Ooops, you fail because you assume things you have no way of knowing. Nintendo is my favorite, but I still like Sony. GASP! A gamer likes more than one company!

                Grow up moron.

      1. Yeah…that’s not going to happen. I’m a huge Nintendork but that’s never going to happen. Systems that are released later tend to be more powerful, although the difference isn’t always that pronounced nor huge.

  14. Sony will screw themselves over in the next gen. They’ll put I7 chips in it and Radeon chips, an they’ll market it as 1,000+ just to make a profit. Anyone with half a brain will just get a PC by then.

    But Ninty will price theirs at a low price, not trying to compete eight he PC. Consol and PC gaming are two completely different experiences, and should be kept so IMO.

  15. A lot of people are talking about the PS4’s price like its going to be $1000 or something. I really don’t see that happening. the PS2 was so successful due to its cheap price and additional DVD player. The PS3 failed horribly at the beginning with its $600 price tag. Sony have probably learned from their past mistakes and knows that an expensive console is a terrible idea. Plus, selling a console that is over….say $400 is suicide in this economy.

  16. Seems kind of weird to have this. “Hey, the next PS4 will be more powerful than the Wii U. I bet no one could possibly have foreseen that!”
    Also, I never saw the Move controller until now, but the nunchuck looks really awkward. The Wii nunchuck was designed to fit your hand really nicely, but this one looks pretty flat. And there are buttons on the nunchuck, and I can’t imagine how you could move your thumb down to press those without some discomfort. Is it just one of those things you have to play with a lot to get used to?

  17. Most likely PS4 will be much stronger graphically than Wii U. Unfortunately for Sony, the price may have to be high to warrant it’s value. Potentials consumers will be displeased with the cost. Besides graphical power and cost, what matters most is the gaming experience. Right now, the Wii U seems to boast an intriguing and fun new way to play games. It’ll be interesting to see any innovation PS4 can throw on the table.

    1. Sony claims they care about the gamer, but high-end graphics will soon become irrelevant to the overall gaming experience. Sony will need innovation and overall fun games to keep it’s fans and buyers. It seems only Nintendo is king of gaming innovation.

      1. If sony cant keep up with ps4 i could see them not making consoles after that thier other products are just as important

  18. Hopefuly nintendo wont release the Wii U’s successor before the competition. Because even though i dont care about graphics, id still like nintendo to be on top:3

  19. Sony, we know that the PS4 is going to be more powerful than the Wii U – it’ll come several years later. But you don’t have to be a jerk about it.

  20. Yea, well no shit. I’d hope its more powerful than something that’s already developed with current tech. Something new comes up each year that changes the way things are made so of course it will be more powerful. More expensive too. So please, Sony, continue to make powerful, non-selling hardware. You did well with the PS2, dropped the ball for about two years with the PS3, hit the mark with the PSP, trololo PSPGo, then again the ball was dropped with the PSVita. Stay classy.

      1. Trust me, if Sony does go along with more power (with their next console being more expensive), knowing that they’re about to be bankrupt as a whole if things don’t turn around, then they got to be the most stupidest company on this planet.

  21. Why power is important, anyways? What’s important, is gameplay. The real question is, how many time it will take to Sony to copy Wii U’s GamePad?

  22. Uggh ps4. never ever will buy one. I don’t care how powerful it is. im getting a wii u and maybe an xbox whatever. But i really don’t care about power unless it really hurts gameplay like really bad. So make it more powerful. Power doesn’t = fun so

  23. I’m not even gonna lie, I’m a PS fan as well as a Nintendo fan, but I find it funny that Sony have been saying, for quite a while now, that they’re not really thinking about their next console right now & that they’re still focusing on the PS3…yet he comes out with that? lol

    Makes me wonder, has Yoshida tried the Wii U? I mean of course it’s more than likely that the next Playstation will be more powerful than the Wii U, it’s gonna be a few years, but you really shouldn’t judge something if you haven’t tried it out…….just sayin’

      1. wait…power does important a console make! but for as game not important make! :)
        ^This grammar good are. :P

        1. Let me make it a little easier for you to understand…it’s not all about the amount of power a console has. Get it now? :P

          1. Yea yea I understood the 1st time :p. Gaming wise what you said is true but another thing to be concerned is the game availability in the platform you play on. Last Gen 3rd party devs were more focused on xbox360/ps3 rather than the wii cause of lack of power. I really care less about WiiU’s power dominance in the next gen but if it stays in close with the next xbox/ps then there will be more variety/options available and stuff for it this time around and yea… I’m kinda mumbling now but you get the point?

      1. That would be something new and innovative *sarcasm*
        Sony always say that its something that people never seen before when they are making copies.

        1. I’ve read all your comments here and seriously… Could you just shut the fuck up?
          You don’t seem to know ANYTHING about the gaming industry nor about any other systems than Nintendo’s.
          The whole whining about “copying” is getting old, really. It is not copying. Yes, it is not. By the way, Nintendo is doing this thing you call “copying” as well, so as I said. Please, just shut the fuck up if you don’t got anything useful and non-fanboyish to say.
          It’s just sad how so many people nowadays aren’t able to like more than one company at the same time, really.

          1. It’s not copying? Then I assume me taking someone else’s hard work and claiming it as original is also not copying? Cool.

        1. Because the 3DS was sooo successful at the beginning and before the price cut. And before you call me a Sony-fangirl like you do everytime with anyone: No, I like both companies. And yes, I bought 3DS at launch for the full-price.

  24. Well, yeah, I didn’t think it would be more powerful either. If it even happened to be as powerful, I’d be surprised.

    The idiot here is that “friend”.

  25. The issue with always making a powerhouse is that we’re fast approaching the point where even a sharp human eye cannot detect any difference. Most people say they don’t notice much difference between 1080p and 4k unless it’s a giant movie theater screen, so eventually people will stop being interested in hardware upgrades. Microsoft seems to have figured this out by now, as they’re focusing more on new gameplay (although it’s mostly ripoffs of something else at the moment), but judging by their comments, I don’t think Sony gets it yet.

  26. I find it funny how it’s never said that the Orbis will be AS powerful as the Wii U. If not, then duh, of course it’ll be more powerful than Wii U — that’s Sony’s thing (I guess).

  27. Why will that be,well, when Nintendo launches the Wii U Sony will buy one and tear it apart, and whatever parts they find they’ll buy them one model year newer and throw them in the PS4.Pretty ingenious I have to say. (This is all a joke.)

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  29. I don’t know why people are just saying “Of course it will be more powerful” wheres the proof? Do we know what the PS4 is capable of? NO.
    Well by looking at what position Sony has put itself in, I don’t think that the PS4 could be WAY more powerful than the Wii U. I mean, it will release at least a year after the Wii U, it might be more powerful but not significantly. Besides didn’t Sony confess that they won’t invest in it as much as they did with the PS3? And even if they do, it would be like committing suicide.

    1. Yea, that’s why it’s so awesome that Nintendo managed to develop a system that is a little more powerful than 6 years old systems. So, so awesome.

  30. Well the PS4 will probably be released 1 year after the WiiU, so of course it may be more powerful. (butnoneedforthecockyquotederp)ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

    But with higher tech comes higher price, and Sony may have to very slowly make their money back if they choose to spare customer’s wallets by selling the PS4 at a low price. I almost think Nintendo has gone down that path with the WiiU, IF it is as affordable as they say. BTW: I wonder how powerful the WiiU is if it can handle late PS3/360 games in it’s early stage of life. Neat!

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  32. Wii U will more than likely not be as powerful as the PS4 and even the new Xbox 720. Both systems should make quite a jump from their predecessors. Whether it is in graphics or processing power or even both. I don’t know much about the nitty gritty details but I do know I can see the difference in levels of HD/graphics. I do feel better graphics can create a better gaming experience (current gen tech has spoiled me). Where we are now looks great and I don’t feel we can do much more without a drastic change in technology. Different rendering technologies maybe? As for which next gen system I plan on purchasing I am undecided.

  33. People need to stop all this power talk. It’s not all about power. Nintendo is not playing the same game as Sony/MS. Let the multi-billion coperations play the power game. Nintendo is about the experience. Nintendo will continue to focus on bringing their unique vision and creativity to game world.

    How much will you have to pay for Sony/MS next console? Nintendo will never make their consoles so advanced that it becomes out of reach for the average consumer. The other two don’t have a problem doing that. Gaming must be accessible for everyone. That’s Nintendo’s policy. Leave luck to heaven.

  34. Are people seriously comparing a system that’s coming out soon to a system that’s 4-5 years into the future?

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  38. ^ sony r losers i lost respect for them admitting they fear shitendo smh thats why i play on xbox they wouldnt to that. Xboxhas class and dignity
    only on xbox

  39. @pkstarbullshiter hey fag if u luv outdated tech why u buy hdtv aw to play wii u aww so cute little faggot just live in the past u poor piece of shit u must be mexican btw i live in xbox future tech my tv is voice command=kinect ill buy ur mother bitch

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  42. Power does not make a good game lol yeah stop the crack and admit ninty is poor garbage shit4brains why ninty games evolved huh whh ppl like nes even though gamez where ports of commadore atari . Why bit wars lol stick to atari than queer if u hate powa

  43. Hey if they wanna keep making ultra powerful systems that don’t sell,let them do it it’s their funeral.

  44. ok this is what im not liking about sony, they say that it’s all about the best. well, last generation there console was the hardest one to program for. that is far from best. power doesn’t mean anything if you dont make it so developers can actually use it.

  45. To be honest, I probably would pay 500-600$ for the PS4 if it really will be worth its price. And until now, I can say that every Sony system I bought was worth all the money I paid for each of them. And I pretty much bought every Sony system. Except for the PSP Go, lol.

  46. It is pointless to argue if the PS4 will be more powerful than the Wii U since we know nothing about the PS4.

    And beside being more powerful means nothing if a game developer can’t fully use it, something that the Sega Saturn proved.

    Also history has shown that the console with the least powers ends up being the best sellers since they are cheaper to buy.

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  48. PS4?!?! From what we’ve seen I still don’t even know of its as powerful as a PS3. Nintendo truly failed at E3, because most the games shown were ports and already on other consoles. The 1st party games looked like Wii could have pulled them off. So if I was Sony or Microsoft, I wouldn’t really worry. If one if them would have even released a statement about PS4 or 720, it would have been enough to take all interest off Wii U. Now don’t get me wrong I’m a Nintendo fan all the way, but air don’t let my loyalty blind my intellectual state of mind. The problem is Nintendo had a chance to take the world by storm with Wii U at E3 like they did with Wii in 06. But instead, all we got was a lackluster E3 that only appealed to the casual gamer and people who live under a rock (those who never played ME3, Batman AC, and others). It was also suposed to appeal to all gamers and give the ones who have a PS3 or 360 a reason to buy one. Instead we are more confused about it than ever before, and I for one will not buy a Wii U until given a good reason too (good games).

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