Nintendo has announced that New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be released in Australia and New Zealand on August 18th. The game will be released in Europe on August 17th and in North America on August 19th. New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be the first Nintendo 3DS retail game that will also be available as a download from the Nintendo eShop.



      • … dont tell me you will buy a game of mario where the point is collect coins?…. well like the mario games had storyline XD, i prefer paper mario games they are better than “this” collecting coins? bah!


        • mmm.. you fail to see the purpose of the game. Its to get BLING BABY! This mario game is crazy by which anything you touch is gold. and to make it rain :3


          • They should make a game like Super Mario 64….
            3D, storyline, and several things to do.
            They could call it “Super Mario Wii U”. Lots of people would buy it…


            • 3D mario is a-coming, don’t you worry. i can’t wait to see what they do this generation. i’m guessing either a sunshine sequel or something completely new since super mario galaxy is done


            • Storyline in a Mario game?


              Oh my god you are so fucking dumb, again again you are a Shadow the Hedgehog fan boy.

              They are most dumbest people on the planet.


              • First of all, I am a shadow FAN not FANBOY. There is a difference. I am also a mario fan so shut up. And you’re the dumb one. It not most dumbest it’s dumbest. Stick your head in the toilet and flush. I recommend after it’s been used.


        • Hearing this just make me think that it would have been better if Nintendo just made it a Wario Land game rather than a “New” Super Mario Bros. 2.


    • opinion accepted, but not shared

      another luigi’s mansion game does look really fun, as the first one did so don’t get me wrong. i’ll even go as far as saying it’s more exciting than NSMB2, but NSMBU seems to be taking more cues from super mario world (as seen by the map screen and more yoshis), and that just makes me giddy since i loved the 16-bit era games. it also somehow fills my head with hope for a Wii U version of yoshi’s island (more based on the original than the DS version)


  1. May i have your attention please? May i have your attention please??
    May the real Slim Shady please stand up, I repeat, may the real slim shady pleas stand up


  2. this game looks like it’ll be fun, but i’m kind of worried about the coin-collecting part of it. will it be impossible to get a game over? and to what end am i collecting all these coins? what do i get for collecting a million, besides 10,000 extra lives?


  3. i am dissapointed because the wiiU wont be so interesting as the ps4.(for the developers).Sony and Microsoft shouldnt join the console war…


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