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Nintendo: “Wii U Is Not About Power”

The Globe and Mail recently interviewed Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. During the interview, Fils-Aime was asked about whether the Wii U will be outdated when the successors to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are released. Fils-Aime said that the Wii U will not be obsolete because “it’s not about power.”

Fils-Aime said that if the most powerful console is always the most popular then the Nintendo GameCube would have been the best-selling console of its generation. If it was about power, the Wii would not be the best-selling console of the current generation.

The Globe and Mail: Nintendo is sticking with its traditional hardware cycle [five to seven years], but Some people are expressing concern that Wii U might date itself quickly…

Reggie Fils-Aime: Three comments. First, it’s not about power. If it was about power, then the GameCube would have been the number one system in its generation and the Wii wouldn’t have been the number one system in this last generation. It is not about power. It is about fun, it is about the experience.

Second. Our competitors can say what they want about some super long cycle, but let’s see what their behaviours are.”

Thirdly, the way development works is that the longer developers work with a system, the better they can tune performance. Case in point: Look at the very first GameCube games, and compare them to a game like Resident Evil 4. It was graphically beautiful, and demonstrably more advanced than the first GameCube games.

166 thoughts on “Nintendo: “Wii U Is Not About Power””

      1. its funny that there saying ps4 and xbox720 are better than Wii-u when these system aren’t even in production and wont be for another 2 years. and what could they offer gamers besides better graphics. absolutely nothing. fuck graphics I’ll take the better game play any day.and that why Nintendo will be successful

        1. You wanna know whats funny, his third comment isnt really all that true, look at Resident Evil the Remake for Gamecube, it came out somewhere in 2001, 2002, and it still looks amazing to this day. Imo I think it looks better than RE4.

          1. You blasphemous urchin, comparing Resident Evil Zero to RE4 dishonors all your ancestors. Go ask for forgiveness.

            But yeah, Reggie needs to wake up, the gamecube got outsold by the ps3 because it had what, 12 good games in its whole cycle? The ps2 did better because it had a DVD player implemented within, something that everyone was excited for since there is a big difference in graphical quality and storage space appeal between a VHS and DVD movie. On top of that the ps2 had a larger success, from the plain and simple fact that they had a HUGE library of good games with third party support. On a different generation, the Wii simply sold better than everyone else because the casual gamer liked the idea of simple to play titles like the ones plaguing the world at this point, and the hardcore fans like us bought it day one thinking it was the shizzadiddle from being so hyped up.

            Reggie saying power isn’t important brought chills down my spine, for a company whose motto was “Now You’re Playing With Power”, the power and unique controller of the SNES is exactly what brought developers to them, made it the best of its era. Later changing to the N64, very powerful but they decided to skip out on CG cutscenes by making it almost impossible for devs to display them on their system, and that brought it to lose since that was all the rage back then.

            It was small mistakes like taking a certain kind of programmable option out for either cost effectiveness, or simply the opponent coming up with a system that had a “wanted” implementation that tipped the scale of innovation over power. But power is still needed, in fact a powerful system that is easy to develop and has support from the majority of developers is what makes it sell.

              1. Oh no, the gamecube had awesome games, it’s just the ps2 had a superior library with more support and dvd compatibility. Sorry if I didn’t clarify.

                1. I read your post off of my Email so it seemed jumbled and I misread a word or two, so I appologize for the numerous spelling mistake comment.

            1. I can not understand what the hell your trying to say. Your words are all jumbled and there are numerous spelling mistakes, and hey I said the Resident Evil REMAKE you retard not Zero.

              1. Apparently you seem to be the retard that can’t read. There’s no spelling mistakes and the sentences are concrete. The resident evil REmake and Zero both had the same graphical engine you ignorant dumbshit they literately look equally as impressive. Now grab a dictionary and learn how to spell “you’re”.

                1. They may have had the same graphical engine, but they were not made the same you butt pirate, and N64 was hard to make games for because they used cartridges instead of discs which didnt hold as much space (but RE2 was a pretty impressive port) and cartridges were more expensive to produce. Oh yeah and dont crucify me because I accidently put your instead of you’re.

            2. Plus the fact that you do not understand the reasons why N64, and Gamecube were outsold by Sony, and later on by Microsoft.

    1. fuck Iwata, since he became the president of Nintendo (2001) the home console of Nintendo is always a downgrade of the current generation. Look at Wii. Now take a look back in N64, GC and SNES.
      They copied the format of the handheld marketing. Gameboy was a downgrade of Sega Genesis. fuck Iwata. Just fuck him !

      1. You clearly don’t remember the fact that the N64 and Game Cube was trailing behind in sales until Iwata took over and brought out the Wii and DS.

        Hell Nintendo had to heavily rely on Rare to bring out game for the N64 since they scared off game developers.

        And Nintendo had to farm out their franchises to other game developers since again they lost game developers and were struggling in sales.

        This also meant that some games were rushed like The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker which had to drop two dungeon.

        Also you are an idiot if you expected Nintendo to make the Game Boy more powerful than the Sega Mega Drive in 1989!

        Remember History has shown that the underpowered consoles wins, since they are cheaper to buy and make.

      2. The Wii Little Big Guy

        how was the Gameboy a downgrade of the Genesis? Your post doesn’t sense.. I am assuming you meant Game Gear instead of Genesis… Learn to proof read so you can at least look a little smarter.

        1. Even if TOBI meant Game Gear it would be wrong since the Game Gear was MORE powerful than the Game Boy, played in colour and had a back light.

          And yet the underpowered Game Boy still managed to beat it.

          1. Of course, the Game Gear was horribly expensive, barely portable, heavy as a brick, and sucked 6 AA batteries dry in a couple of hours. I own both and enjoyed the Gameboy a hell of a lot more the the Game Gear, yellow screen and all.

      3. Yes, Wii was a weak console, but they focused on gameplay.
        Wii, DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS sold tremendously.
        3DS is still killing the PS Vita.

  1. In other words, no we won’t be the most powerful, but we’re gonna be fun to play and we’re still gonna look good. You say we look like last gen, but we’re only just getting started. Give us a few years, we’re gonna be looking plenty good enough to satisfy.

    1. I got the impression that rather than the Wii U not being about power, he meant the console cycle as a whole. In nearly every generation the weakest console wins.

        1. YES. This times a bazillion.

          • The NES soundly defeated the technologically superior SMS and TG-16.
          • The Genesis had a two-year lead over the vastly advanced SNES, but as it acquired upgrades, like the Sega CD and 32X, the now-slower SNES took the lead.
          • The 32-bit Playstation won out over the Nintendo 64.
          • The PS2 defeated the Gamecube and the Dreamcast, both of which had superior specs.
          • And the Wii, the “two Gamecubes duct-taped together” system, hugely outsold the competitors who’d slaughtered the Gamecube the previous year.

          In this race, you always, ALWAYS bet on the slowest horse!

          1. I pretty much agree with you here, but there were other factors, Such as The Playstation used discs and could play audio CDs. The N64 used cartridges, which limited space and were expensive.
            And the PS2 had a DvD player which at the time were expensive so if you bought a PS2 you got a game system, CD player, and a DvD player for the cost of a game system. Gamecube used mini discs which limited storage.

    2. WiiU, from a graphic perfective, is a PS3 with more memory, better CPU, better lighting, better textures and a focus on immersive gameplay with a great controller. That is all I need to be sold on the console. Plus I am not looking to spend $500-$600 on a gaming system for a significant graphics improvement. Assassin Creed 3 (which is a port) on the WiiU is a perfect example of the improvements visually in a game when comparing it to the PS3.

      Plus remember this is the first generation games (not even using half the capabilities of the console) for the WiiU… the games will look and play much better with time. Yes PS4 and Xbox720 will look better but it will not be Wii vs PS3/360 of this current cycle. Both Microsoft and Sony(especially Sony) know price point is key to success.

  2. i’m going to dust off my gamecube. I miss star fox adventures way too much, and windwaker, and metroid and pikmin and mario sunshine and time splitters. what happened to gaming. the wii had brilliant games but for me, gaming wise, the gamecube was the best.

    1. Bahaha! You look to the GameCube and think THAT’S the golden era that gaming has forgotten?

      Ugh. Young kids. You know nothing.

      Get an SNES emulator and realize what a TRUELY legendary console was.

      1. Get out with your snooty, elitist attitude. If his favorite gaming era is GameCube, then who the hell are you to criticize him? It’s called SUBJECTIVE. An OPINION.

          1. You can have an opinion, but you’re criticizing his legitimate opinion.

            You think the Super Nintendo was the ‘golden era’. Why?
            Cause of nostalgia, cause that was the game that came out when you were younger. Super Nintendo had some good games, but the reason anyone would say it’s better than the GameCube is nostalgia.

            1. No, SNES. Had more third party games, better first party games, wider selection of TYPES of games, was challenging (I have yet to play a GameCube game that I haven’t been able to beat roundly without breaking a sweat), and was on the forefront of graphics, sound, and gameplay.

              None of that can be said of the GameCube, save for maybe graphics, but only for a little while.

              Which is why it lost to PS3: more third party, more diversity, more gameplay value, etc.

              1. You mean the PS2 but that’s besides the point. The fact is that you’re coming off as an asshole. If the golden era of gaming was the 6th Gen, then let him believe that. Why the hell are you trying to force your opinion on him?

            1. You should not try to tell me what to think or say. I can saw whatever I want.

              If he wants to seriously get ass-hurt about a comment in a video game website, then he has bigger issues than me being a jerk.

              1. He’s obviously not getting butt-hurt from your comment but try and come off as someone who isn’t an asshole, maybe, just maybe, people wouldn’t have an issue w/ you on this site.

          2. The Wii Little Big Guy

            because you are a jerk about it. You even call him a naive fool for thinking that the gamecube was the golden era of gaming.

            You could of said something like:
            I feel that the best era of gaming is the SNES Era, but to each their own. :)

            See how that sounds less like a jerk? maybe you should try being nice fore once.

      2. it had a lot of good games like Donkey Kong County, Secret of mana, Secret of Evermore, Illusions of Gaia, and Earthbound

    1. Wrong. This generation is when video games are at their prime. The processing power is perfect, and developers are already making great games. Just because new consoles are coming out, don’t expect another graphical leap like PS2 to PS3 or Xbox to Xbox 360. There’s only gonna be a slight difference in graphics and processing for next gen, therefore it can’t just be about graphics. Look at the PS3, it simulate 8 cores!! Most developers didnt take advantage of this!

  3. the problem with Nintendo is they need to have more content! the other problem is the moronic idea of friend codes. no headset support it’s not a “social” console. I am not that impressed with the Wii U. it lacks graphics 1080p and basic controller. people like me want to sit down and play not move their arms around like a zombie. it’s very disappointing. with Nintendo. the Wii store is a joke. why pay for old games? I want something I haven’t played in 10yrs. I’m glad the Wii has Netflix and Hulu but, that’s it? put IGN. or other things with more content!

    1. Have faith in their yet-to-be-announced friend code alternatives. Only launch games lack 1080p. You can use the alternative Wii U Pro controller. What do you mean “move your arms like a zombie”? This isn’t a Wii. Some people are happy playing old games. Without the store, there’s no easy way to get them legally. IGN? The Wii U has a web browser with Flash video. Any other complaints?

        1. Honestly I’m just assuming. I mean, even the WII browser has flash and that thing is incredibly underpowered, and considering one of the main things Nintendo likes to brag about the Wii U is web browsing, I’m sure they’ll include Flash :)

    2. I stopped reading this comment right when you said IGN.. also, the Wii U has a Pro Controller that can be used for games like ZombiU and other games. Also the Wii U will have Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon.. thing on the system.

      Also you don’t need a headset when its already built into the controller.

        1. You can wear headphone on the controller and it will mute the sound on the tv so you can chat with your mates online

            1. Okay, that’s just ignorance. You have never used the Wii U mic, nor have any of us seen it in action. It may end up being that you’re right, headsets will be better, but it very well might end up being the opposite.

            2. No, it’s not. A built-in microphone and a headphone jack provides the same result and doesn’t force you to buy an expensive specific branded headset.

              Heck, you can even buy an infinitely better and more expensive headphone to use on it, if you want to.

    3. -They haven’t explained the rest of the new friend code system yet, so who knows how it’ll be.
      -It will support 1080p. According to the site you’re on right now.
      -Nintendo had a ramble on how the WiiU’s hardware wasn’t fully used by third parties (Third parties probably care more about graphics than Nintendo) and how ports like Assassin’s Creed were just ports. And some people say graphics suck acorns from new consoles.
      (Zombie arm moving? IGN? Did I miss something from E3?)

      1. Friend codes blow. Period. They can make it easier to add people online all they want, having to carry around a number in my phone or wallet and reference it whenever I want to give it out to someone in-person is fucking ridiculous. Period. Gamertags ftw.

          1. Oh? And how would I connect to a friend whom I haven’t recently played online with? Say, someone I met at a bar, party, work, etc? I’d have to give them SOMETHING to look me up with. First name? Gonna be a pain in the ass. Full name? Also a pain, as I’m sure there are plenty of people with the same first and last name. I know of a few people personally who have my name.

            Gamertags/ScreenNames = better. No two people have the same tag, and they’re easier to remember. Just plug it in and BOOM. Done. Why must Nintendo fight that? It’s ridiculously simple, and people love it. But they’re more concerned with their doing their own thing rather than doing what works and what people wanted. THAT is why I’m pissed with Nintendo.

            1. Oh I don’t know, maybe a ****in username? Did you even read the article that talked about the friend code system at all? Are you that hell bent on hating on Nintendo?

              Iwata: We’re not completely getting rid of Friend Codes, but a function of the “Miiverse” will simplify the process of making friends with another user in the platform by eliminating the need to input Friend Codes.

    4. i don’t think some of the major games will require you to buy a Wii U pro Controller, some gamers like to relive their favorite classics games. its called wii ware.

  4. Bravo good sir! BRAVO!!

    I’m still hoping that the Wii U will be on par with the next gen but I’m just glad they finally brought out a HD consoles

  5. I read part of this in a sassy voice. Nintendo is REALLY defending their shazbots now.

    Also, I seem to care more about having fun with games, for now. So how well is that online connection, Nintendo?

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  7. Seeing that neither M$ or $ony showed any concept or indication of their future console I would believe that their next console would release sometime in mid-late 2014 at the earliest. A new console release usually happens around a year or two after it’s unvieling at E3. I doubt M$ or $ony will be able to release a console sooner than mid to late 2014; giving the Wii U a 2-3 year advantage before the competition even arrives.

  8. The author of this article terribly misquoted Reggie. He didn’t say that the gamecube was the best selling console ( the ps2 was) was the best console in terms of software. No other developer/ publisher can come close to matching Nintendo in terms of quality software. Although the Wii is the best selling console this generation. And it also has some very high quality software, although it was bogged down a bit by a bunch of shovelware.

    Nintendo has never had a bad console. They support their console full heartedly and put.out quality games that are only available on their system. That’s the advantage they have against the others. While Sony and ms have good first party developers, its just not comparable in my.opinion. and focusing on fun instead of power is a good move.

  9. I realized that when the ds came out. Effin loved my ds, so many hours on great games. spending afternoons on mario kart…good times

    1. You do know your actually hating yourself. Did you know that you are a cousin to billions of people? 50th cousin to be correct and I’m already hating you.

      So when you say things like “exterminate” the white people your actually sending a threat to your relatives and also yourself.

  10. Regiie nails it again. That ‘s an wxcellent point. I made the same point on the “Wii U More Powerful Than PS4? Dream On, Says Sony” post. Nintendo has their own vision. And it is not wise for them to jump into a hardware race with Sony/MS. They have money to burn. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Hop on!

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    2. So you are making us look cooler because your saying we are really good rappers and also make great parodies? …. you really failed there.


    1. lolwut???
      Get on the truck troll.

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    2. Its funny because the guys who made South Park, one of these best and longest running cartoon has said that smart glass is shit… failed again

      :troll: Problem?

            1. Lmao. No. It’s not. I make fun of my friends all the time. It’s not the same as me saying “you’re a piece of shit.”

              Don’t be dim. I know it’s difficult for you…

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  12. “We are about to release a tremendously powerful console…” – Reggie Fils-Aime, 2011

    “It’s not about power…” – Reggie Fils-Aime, 2012

    Funny how things change when they realize we’re not idiots and we know how powerful it isn’t. Not saying it can’t be good and all, but don’t make promises you have no intention of keeping.

    1. You do know the idea of possession of a quality and inportance of a quality aren’t mutually exclusive, right? A console can have great specs and not have it be the central focus.

    2. Those two statements don’t actually conflict with each other you know.\

      He basically said we’re releasing a powerful console, but power isn’t our biggest focus

      1. If it’s not about power, why point out how powerful it is then? And to make such a bold statement about it to boot? He could have said “We’re about to release a tremendously innovative console” or “tremendously flexible”. He said “powerful” instead, and then downplays the significance of power, as if it’s not important.

        If it wasn’t important, then you’d all be fine with just a tablet add-on for the Wii. But you wouldn’t be: you want better graphics, more power, better physics, etc.

  13. While I agree that the Wii U will be more than horsepower, I do have to point out that some decelopers ignored the Gamecube due to barriers Nintendo had set with the system, not a disinterest in power. The GCN optical disc presented a size issue that the DVD-based Xbox and PS2 games didn’t suffer from.

    Also, despite how fondly we remember it, the GCN controller made it hard to port games over. The ridged C-Stick, for instance, was shunned in favor of the mirror-image, clickable second analog of the other controllers. Also, in games where 4 buttons were equally important the spacing of the A, B, X and Y buttons weren’t ideal. The point is that this controller was an example of Nintendo being different only to impose rather than innovate. With the Classic Controller, they admitted to their error and offered standard controls alongside the Wiimote and Nunchuck.

    Again, I do think brilliant games were made with this control setup, as do many gamers, but it’s not exactly the developer’s toolbox DS turned out to be (a good example of the less powerful hardware selling better).

  14. I have to agree with Reggie. When it comes to playing games on any Nintendo systems (especially the upcoming Wii U), it isn’t about the graphics… but rather the fun in playing games no matter what genre you’re in when playing it.

    1. Just what I was about to say, photo-realism is just boring and video games are suppose to be a fantasy world where you can go and explore not look at brown and more brown walls

    1. I’d rather play a generic platformer than a generic shooter is basically what it boils down to then. There would have to be some really new creative ideas to make 2D mario a good game.

  15. How can this be not about power? My point is that the Wii U has to outstand the all the previous consoles. And it must be as powerful as a supposed PS4 I think.

  16. Fourthly, once 4k resolution is reached, a human eye can’t even see any difference in any further graphical updates, so in the long run, the company with the most focus on gameplay (currently Nintendo) will eventually win the ongoing console war.

  17. 1st let’s address the power of the Wii U. During E3, sony president, Jack Trentton said that the reason they are able to bring out games like the last of us and beyond, is due to developers learning the whole system which takes about half the lifespan of a system. Now, did Reggie say Wii U is powerful? Yes! Did he also say it isn’t all about power, but fun? Yes! And u know what, he’s right! Let’s all wait for the Wii U to fully launch and the next E3 (for games)before stating opinion as fact. Also, I believe Nintendo will get 3rd party support. They put analog sticks on the gamepad, and created a pro controller. This response was due to 3rd party feedback. So yes, Nintendo is listening. Lastly, don’t blame Nintendo for being scarce with info, don’t want sony or ms trying to copy…..

  18. Nintendo: Give me the best console I can get for $300 every time you come out with one, and I’ll be happy!

  19. “If it was about power, then the GameCube would have been the number one system in its generation […]”

    ? Gamecube had better graphics than Xbox? hardware of gamecube was more powerful than Xbox???? I didn’t know that….

  20. You know… I agree with someone’s comment that I read in this article. Iwata screwed everything up ever since he joined Nintendo. Nintendo used to be all about power and still enjoying there amazing first parties. Now don’t come hating with “but the most powerful system is always the one that sells less” WHY SHOULD WE AS GAMERS/CONSUMERS CARE ABOUT WHICH ONE SELLS MORE THAN THE OTHER!? DO WE WORK FOR NINTENDO!? NO!
    LEAVE SALES AND THAT BULLSHIT TO THEM! I swear to god… if the Wii U isn’t powerful enough to compete against the PS4 and Xbox 720… OMG…

    1. Damage control.

      But more importantly, they’re doing something cooler by providing continuous updates or news about the Wii U throughout the weeks rather than just do it all in one conference. Makes each day of mine.

  21. this is the reason why I’m with nintendo. they do their own thing and excel at it. meanwhile the competition just follows along AFTER they witness the success of nintendo. watch sony and microsoft play follow the leader yet again.

  22. yes, forward movement, is what brought video games to the tv set in the first place. If it was
    only about graphics then we’d still be going to arcades, but forward thinking people though, hmm how can we get video games in more peoples hands? the answer was put them in the home. Nintendo thought the same thing with the wii, and it brought in both older and younger generations. The wii i agree is its own thing, the wiiU i think is the bridge that nintendo is
    using to bring hardcore fps heads back over to them. Im glad nintendo is always adding features. xbox compared to xbox 360, whats the difference? we got xbox live, high specs, wireless controllers…… what else?

    if i just want higher graphics, id just stick with pc, you can slowly upgrade over time and always have the top of the line system and it’ll always beat any console when it comes to power and graphics

  23. Sure it may now be about power but, you HAVE to atleast make it some what more powerful then the current 6 year old consoles… I mean come on for fucks sake quit skimping out Nintendo on hardware.

  24. its all about the money people a cheaper system means more sales. sony and microsoft sucks there no good. i have all systems my ps1 dont play cd’s no more my ps2 ask me for a rom disk my ps3 died and all i get is a orange light and on my xbox 360 it scratches my games and now i get the red ring of death point is that sony and microsoft makes crapped systems that breakdown after your warrentee expires so that you have to buy another system or a slimmer model that dont last. but all my nintendo products till this day still work my nes snes n64 gamecube wii gb/gbc/gba/gbm ds and 3ds all work with no problems. in other word sony and microsoft and sony doesnt care about gamers only there money. at least you know when you buy nintendo you getting a quality product that last for generations

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  27. Those who are only interested in Wii-U-exclusives need not worry about power, but like I’ve said before, many third-parties aren’t going to be as interested in working on a lower-powered system. The Wii worked very well so Nintendo probably wants to do the same thing again, but it will be alienating its more hardcore fanbase once again. If I don’t see a lot of games I want on Wii-U, I won’t be getting one. I’ve already lost interest in the Zelda and Mario games thanks to annoying voices and intrusive motion controls.

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