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Final Fantasy Creator Working On A Wii U Game?

The Last Story lead designer Takuya Matsumoto was recently interviewed by GameZone. During the interview, Matsumoto revealed that Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi is looking forward to making more action-RPGs, “especially for the Wii U.”

Matsumoto praised the Wii U GamePad because he believes it “will add another level of strategic elements into the action-RPG” genre. Sakaguchi and the rest of The Last Story developement team haven’t announced any plans for a Wii U game but are anticipating Nintendo’s upcoming console.

GameZone: Could The Last Story possibly lead to more action-RPGs — not necessarily in this franchise — but maybe some action-RPGs for the Wii U with a similar style from the same development team?

Takuya Matsumoto: The development team and Sakaguchi-san are looking forward to making more, especially for the Wii U because it has another [screen] right in front of you that will add another level of strategic elements into the action-RPG. So we are really looking forward to it, but we haven’t really planned anything.

37 thoughts on “Final Fantasy Creator Working On A Wii U Game?”

    1. They call me... Mr. Vain

      Sakaguchi would be a Troll if he doesn’t make The Last Story 2,
      He knows everybody loves that game.

  1. Could this mean…. The Last Story 2? 3? 4? 5? 6? …… 15? NO! I don’t want The Last Story to go down the FF route; it’ll be ruined.

      1. I agree. FF now is a great game but the only similarities to the new ones and the old ones are summons and chocobos. Give me brand new old school FF with mages and warriors and kingdoms!

    1. Not necessarily. The interviewer said “not necessarily in this franchise — but maybe some action-RPGs for the Wii U with a similar style from the same development team?”

    1. I liked ff series till X (10), then I stopped buying them, as I didnt liked the battle system (x-2 was my last one)

      also Hironobu Sakaguchi is known from Lost odyssey

  2. The Last Story sure did have a very open ending, suggesting that; “Hey, we might make more!”
    I´m talking of course about the forest-area that we see at the very end, after the credits.

  3. YES! YES! YES! Make the Wii U the home of RPGs this gen. We need more good RPGs. A really underappreciated genre imo. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. The latter sentence really nails it on the head. In particular JRPGs haven’t gotten as much love this generation, so to have Wii U be known as the home of great RPGs would bring in a lot of players.

    2. They’re not underappreciated. Lots of RPGs went strong during this generation. Of course, they weren’t JRPGs, but you didn’t specify.

      1. I definitely mean JRPGs. Gimme some, Tales Of, Final Fantasy (traditional, of course), Suikoden, Xeno series, Star Ocean and the like anyday.

  4. Ohhhh man, can you say The Last Story 2 which in turn would spark interest for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and/or Pandora’s Tower 2. Make it happen Nintendo. Can you imagine what you can do with those games now that we have a more powerful system

  5. Final fantasy vs 13, final fantasy 14, kingdom hearts 3.

    Yea let’s just cancel ALL the games they’ve been failing at making for years to make new games :/

    1. Okay, this isn’t fucking Square-Enix, this is MISTWALKER. You know, the company that DOESN’T make Final Fantasy games?

  6. We need to herd the cattle on this website.




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  8. It is looking like Japanese developers want to support Nintendo. Nintendo has a worldwide “penetration” (admit it, you like dirty words). If they could make it so that Wii U and 3DS are home to Japanese developers, we could see the rise of that market once again now that people to be burned out on too many griddy shooters and games that have been too reliant on multiplayer and stuff. Maybe it’s one of the reasons those developers were absent at E3.

    1. Could very well be. Although I hope Tetsuya “HD lover” Nomura and Yoshitaka Hirota will be convinced to give Nintendo FFXV.

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