Developer Renegade Kid have revealed that they are working on a sequel to the Nintendo eShop hit Mutant Mudds. The upcoming title will be a 2D platformer and will feature five worlds, similar to the original game. In the sequel, each world contains five levels – instead of four – with a boss battle at the fifth level of each world. Mutant Mudds’ sequel is scheduled to release in early 2013.



  1. Oh dear lord, as much as I love Mutant Mudds, it was a painful painful game. I still haven’t beaten it. It makes oldschool games look casual!


    • Who knows? It’s not like they showed anything yet, so the sequel might look a lot different than the prequel.

      Plus, coming up with a lot of clever stage design and bosses might take a while.


  2. To be honest, this game is overhyped for a 3DS game. I’ve played it thinking it was going to be good but… didn’t like it and a sequel to an already not great game just blows my mind, who knows maybe I’ll like Mutant Mudds II


    • I’m not too sure why so many people are complaining about this.. Hell, Mega Man did the same shit in every sequal and everyone (including myself) Loves it. When you have a good formula, there’s no reason to screw it up by changing everything. Banjo Kazooie and several others already faced that terrible fate.


  3. How could people not like this game. I guess if you have no love for classic 2d games. This game is paying homage to all the awesome 80’s game. I love the game and agree it is great. but its not for everyone. It really is very hard either, its just old school, and all about precision, patience and timing. A sequel is great news, as it deserves it. Many of the people that bash it just don’t really appreciate the design, an classic look and feel of the game. Its a really fun game overall, and deserves a sequel.


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