Mutant Mudds Sequel Announced

Developer Renegade Kid have revealed that they are working on a sequel to the Nintendo eShop hit Mutant Mudds. The upcoming title will be a 2D platformer and will feature five worlds, similar to the original game. In the sequel, each world contains five levels – instead of four – with a boss battle at the fifth level of each world. Mutant Mudds’ sequel is scheduled to release in early 2013.



  1. Oh dear lord, as much as I love Mutant Mudds, it was a painful painful game. I still haven’t beaten it. It makes oldschool games look casual!


    1. I enjoyed this game. Completed every level and collected every jewel (or whatever they’re called). I won’t say it was easy but it wasn’t crushing. It had its challenging moments. Looking forward to the sequel.


    1. Who knows? It’s not like they showed anything yet, so the sequel might look a lot different than the prequel.

      Plus, coming up with a lot of clever stage design and bosses might take a while.


  2. To be honest, this game is overhyped for a 3DS game. I’ve played it thinking it was going to be good but… didn’t like it and a sequel to an already not great game just blows my mind, who knows maybe I’ll like Mutant Mudds II


  3. I have a feeling this game is going to be too familiar to the first one. I hope they do something more creative with it, other than adding more levels and also the bosses.


    1. I’m not too sure why so many people are complaining about this.. Hell, Mega Man did the same shit in every sequal and everyone (including myself) Loves it. When you have a good formula, there’s no reason to screw it up by changing everything. Banjo Kazooie and several others already faced that terrible fate.


  4. How could people not like this game. I guess if you have no love for classic 2d games. This game is paying homage to all the awesome 80’s game. I love the game and agree it is great. but its not for everyone. It really is very hard either, its just old school, and all about precision, patience and timing. A sequel is great news, as it deserves it. Many of the people that bash it just don’t really appreciate the design, an classic look and feel of the game. Its a really fun game overall, and deserves a sequel.


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