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Nintendo Power Teases Exciting Digital Releases For Nintendo Platforms Next Week

Nintendo Power senior editor Chris Hoffman has teased via Twitter that we should be seeing a few exciting releases for Nintendo platforms appear next week. Hoffman wouldn’t say anymore about the subject. What would you like to see released?

“Looking at next week’s digital releases on Nintendo systems…I am excited!”

27 thoughts on “Nintendo Power Teases Exciting Digital Releases For Nintendo Platforms Next Week”

      1. Though SSB4 is also in development for 3DS*, so no need to correct that.

        * I wouldn’t be so quick to say that’s a canned concept, because everytime the game has been officially brought up system connectivity has been emphasized.

    1. We don’t know, but probably, as the Wii is reaching the start of the end of its life-cycle, and the 3DS can do what the Wii can with older games, so it would seem to be the clear choice is the 3DS.

    2. All the downloadable games on the 3DS is in the eShop, including VC, so yes. It wouldn’t be retail titles on the eShop, though, since NSMB2 will be the first in August.

      1. Oh wait, I saw the comment was more general. Well, I guess we are getting downloadable stuff on the Wii.

        Sorry for the misinterpretation.

  1. Or maybe he’s just excited for no real reason. I doubt they would release N64 games on the eShop when the Wii has not had any major game for a while (I think we only have 26 N64 games on the VC). I would love digital releases of Metal Slug on the 3DS though. The first gen Pokemon games on the 3DS’s virtual console would also be nice.

    1. What if they did the 1st through the 3rd Pokemon generations and gave them functionality with the newer Gen 5 titles!? That would be awesome! Won’t happen, but I can dream.

    1. It’s too soon for GBA games considering we’ve had a few GB games and next to no GBC games. Then again, Ambassador owners, like myself, already got Minish Cap from Nintendo.

  2. Im Thinking Nes games for 3ds eshop, or kid icarus of myths of monsters. Wii would be some SEGA games

  3. Mother 1-3 Collection no the 3DS eShop :D I will have a fangasm if this happens. Even my fangasm will have a fangasm.

  4. ….I don’t know why but the only thing that i can logically think to fit the bill of “excitement” is MegaMan Legends 3, please let me be right T_T

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