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“Nintendo Has Always Been Gaming’s Spiritual Leader”

CVG’s Neil Long believes that there are way too many violent shooters in the video game industry. Long claims that Nintendo’s Wii U will reverse the violence-centered image of the industry by offering colorful and fun games for all ages. According to Long, “The industry needs Nintendo more than ever in this ultra-violent age.”

“What we wanted – actually, what E3 needed – was Nintendo to show us and the wider world that videogames aren’t just about big stupid explosions and endless HD ultra violence.”

“In the soul-searching that has followed E3 2012, it’s obvious that more than ever, the industry needs a much larger helping of Nintendo’s brand of colourful, inventive and accessible play.”

“Microsoft and Sony might not want to admit it, but Nintendo has always been gaming’s spiritual leader. Predictably, the Xbox and PlayStation conferences took aim at the core gamer while lumping some dancing game and kiddy stuff onto the side.”

62 thoughts on ““Nintendo Has Always Been Gaming’s Spiritual Leader””

    1. To bring the change to the gaming industry, we have to remind ourselves that we play a big role in this. Remember when EA tried something different with Mirrors Edge, Spore, BoomBlox and so on? Last E3 what did they show us?… MoH Battlefield Dead Space… I was so bored I stopped watching the live stream. After some time I went back and well… I didnt know which shooter im looking at right now.

  1. I agree. I like Sony and Microsoft but does every game have to be bloody and contain gore? I mean seriously? Uncharted has some blood but it’s not as bad as say god of war or mortal kombat. I think that’s why kids these days say they’re hardcore gamers because all they do is play rated M games. Not all M games are bad but I mean do we really need to see a guys head being blown off so we can consider the game to be awesome or hardcore?

      1. Kids in the super nintendo era considered themselves gamers for playing Super Mario World as well. Or Mario Kart. Or Secret of Mana. Or anything else.

      2. The CoD thing brought a whole new level to this. Before this violence had been more cartoonish, more over the top like Mortal Kombat. CoD and all his spiritual successors are trying to make you comfortable to kill digital humans in the most realistic way…

        1. Really? CoD allows me the blow the heads off of people with a Cheytac Intervention M200 sniper rifle?

          Can I turn a person into ground beef and a mess of shredded organs swiss with a group of my mates blasting him with AK-47s at point blank range?

          No? Then I guess it isn’t the most realistic way to kill humans.

    1. and people are wondering why kids are in cod,… why cant they play there kiddie Xbox…..or kiddie PS….. oh wait there none, see my point.

      1. There are some actually, doesn’t matter since they’re playing real games rather than little bitch games that turn them into socially awkward pussies like yourself when they grow up.

    2. I agree. Look at something like Mario Galaxy (1 & 2). It’s literally for all ages both in terms of difficulty and content (specifically, it’s easy to beat bowser but significantly harder, to beat the game 100%).

      What Sony and Microsoft have done (not every time but most times) is trying to have either one or the other.

      I don’t mind violence in video games and I don’t find it offensive, but I do believe that it’s the biggest and most unnoticed gimmick in video game history (more than motion controls, party games or unnecessary sequels).

      1. yeah, companies should be aiming for the bridge type title. Pikmin 3 is a game that is fit for both new gamers as well as hardcore gamers, same for mario galalxy games. there needs to be more of these.

        1. true. People refer to Pikmin as a casual game when in fact it has an extremely loyal, dedicated fan-base and isn’t as mainstream and generic as people make it out to be

  2. Zelda’s a hardcore game and Nintendo doesn’t feel the need to have blood gush out of every dead enemy.

    1. >Zelda’s a -hardcore- game

      Explains the giant tutorial, HUD and Fi spoon feeding you and holding your hand through SS.

      Not even Hero mode made that big of a difference.

  3. Amen, Hallelujah in the sanctuary woot woot! This man speaks the truth! I love Sony and while the playstation 1 was my first console, Nintendo has always been #1 in my eyes. They’ve been the leader and even if people hate kiddie games Nintendo made gaming what it is today and prompted other companies to compete. Sony and Microsoft fanboys should be thanking Nintendo :P

  4. I don’t know about Nintendo being the “Spiritual Leader” of gaming. Yes, they bring forth innovation and strange, different titles that are usually for the better, but gaming is a collaborative effort. Nintendo doesn’t solely propel the industry. Not hating on them any, but give credit where it’s due.

    1. Back in 1985, Nintendo were the ones to start up gaming again after the crash caused by Atari. They solely propelled the industry then, and they’re solely propelling the industry now for innovation.

    2. I am sorry but you are brutally wrong here. Nintendo has always invented the next generation or trend in gaming. Sony got involved when they saw the market Nintendo was creating. The first trend Nintendo made that Sony incorporated, neglecting the obvious, was the motion control of the power glove, Sony took the general idea from that horrible contraption and made the unresponsive as fuck Eyetoy. Eventually the Wii was released and a fair few years later Sony released a much more responsive version the move so to speak. Sony then tried to cut Nintendo out of the handheld market by creating the PSP a shitty gimmick of an idea that incorporated graphics over gameplay. The PS vita needs no explanation and now Microsoft have announce their blatant rip off of the god damn Wii U controller with their next big thing (I can not for the life of me remember the name). In terms of actual game content Sony and Microsoft don’t even make that many games it’s all 3rd party, unlike Nintendo who usually keep afloat with R&D 1,2 and 3. That is all.

  5. the ultra violence is only to blame for shooters. cause most likely m rated and ao rated games have a gun shooting element as some point. if not then strong sexual content. which ironically are played more by teens and kids hahaha. seriously though one of the reasons why I dig nintendo is because they don’t roll that way.

  6. This man sees Nintendo for what it is. The leader of the industry. They always were. No matter what powerful competitors come and go (Sega, Sony and Microsoft), Nintendo is the constant of the industry. They have a very unique place in the gaming world, Everyone is comfortable with them, everyone recognises their products and the have something for everyone. The rampant fanboyism that has taken over the industry may not allow certain people to admit it, but everyone respects Nintendo.

    That is why they will always succeed in their endeavours. Their detractors arguments seem to be “Nintendo should stop being Nintendo and and become Sony/MS” But that’s what makes them so special. It’s their unique approach to the industry that makes them stand out and makes them undoubtedly the best video game developers in the world. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I’m a 34 year old gamer & Nintendo games just make me feel all giddy like a kid again. No post apacalyptal bullshit just a solid immersive world that makes me feel good. No other console does that for me

        1. Same here. When ms or sony show another console. I say oh that looks cool. But when Nintendo shows a console, I get super excited. Last year at E3 when they showed the video of the developers saying how innovative the wii u is I went crazy. This year at E3 when they showed that cheesy video but showed some of the cool stuff you can do with the wii u I was like a kid again. I got the wii when it came out for Christmas as a gift. I was just 16. Now that I’m older I can say the wii u is the first console I actually reserve for launch. I do play the Xbox and ps3 but never have I gotten them at launch

    2. Uhm, no they were not always the leader.

      Sony has demolished them in the past two generations relatively effortlessly. And they tend to always have heavy competition for that matter.

      Nintendo deserves no respect, they tell their consumers what to do; the others listen to what their consumers want and deliver it.

      1. They always listen? Really? Did we ask for smart glass? Nope. Is Sony releasing any good games for the vita? The only one I see is playstation all stars but that’s on ps3 as well. How are they listening?

        1. Your ignorance is a bliss.

          Microsoft gave gamers XBL, nobody asked for Smartglass, but unlike Wii U, it’s free and not forced into the gameplay experience, so I’m not sure what your point is.. :P

          The other non-gaming stuff mentioned is a part of XBL subscriptions too. Try again.

          As for the Vita bit, are you like…blind?

          Out of all of those, that’s all you saw? Many upcoming titles aren’t even SHOWN in that trailer either. So neither did you do research, you’re just mindlessly replying to me in a desperate and failed attempt to refute what was said.

          core gamers ask for a normal Nintendo console, with a normal controller, and their major IPs revived with newer entries and cutting edge visuals/gameplay.

          This was not delivered, instead we get yet another utterly pointless gimmick because they’re basically admitting they can’t remotely compete against the likes of Sony/MS in their territories. Proven in two consecutive generations they had a “normal console”. N64 annihilated and the GC was outsold by a NEWCOMER.

          Nintendo is in their own world and generation, they care about their mindless fanbase with a relatively awful taste in games and assumes every single other console game is a mindless shooter with brown filters, blood, sex whatever these virgins don’t see in daily life. However, that definitely isn’t the case no matter how much they lie to themselves.

  7. as much as I like bloody games, I must Admit that I’m tired of that … BRING MY COLORS BACK NINTENDO!! I LOVE YOU BIG N! … hell yeah! NINTENDO 4 EVA!

  8. No more Hardcore shooters, no more swearing, sex, drink and drugs in games.
    Give us more clean and family friendly games like Nintendo has always given us.

    This man knows that Hardcore games (Explicit by my definition), are as bad as you can get.
    and this man is as honest as there will ever be.

    1. ^agreed. I am sick to death of these mindless games. Who finds it entertaining to go around murdering people and watching their guts leak onto the floor? That’s right, sickos. This is why I’ve always supported Nintendo- I trust that when I play their games I won’t see anything disturbing or unsettling, and I can actually , you know , ENJOY the games.

  9. What the industry needs in general is diversity. Ultra-violent games do have a place because most of them are genuinely good. But, they shouldn’t be the only thing occupying the market, either. Long and Spector’s arguments have merit – in order for the gaming medium to grow and be taken seriously as film and literature, it must accommodate as much tastes it can possibly attract.

  10. If anything, the industry needs a change in direction. Companies have been too focused on shooters and stuff that they have finally oversaturated the market to the point where they can no longer do much without those. Wasn’t there a rumor/report that developers at certain companies did not want to make FPS’s anymore? Great franchises that had the potential to shine above others, like Dead Space replacing RE in survival horror, have been deteriorating with each new installment to “appeal” to more people, yet they fail to capture that market and end up f**king the games up. Now these companies are incapable of making a game without co-op or some kind of competitive multiplayer. Those are fun, but not every game needs it.

  11. I couldn’t agree more. We have reached an age where developers try harder to appeal to people who aren’t actually gamers. These people that they try to appeal to are the same people who said “Video games are for nerds!” 10 years ago. Look at how much gaming has exploded this generation. In previous years, gaming was more innovative, but in the 7th gen, something happened that suddenly changed the mind set of what developers are making. There are many different theories as to what happened that changed everything. Some blame Halo, others blame Call of Duty 4. Either way, the games that were truely setting the bar for the industry were selling great, but all of the sudden, certain other games accidentely became the standard, and selling for more and making more money than the games that truely matter, because suddenly, these hip-hop gangsters who were calling us nerds before are buying games. However, these are people who care way too much about their image, and believe that as long as the games they play are extremely bloody, they can’t be considered nerds, because these are people who, sadly, judge their maturity level on what they are interested in, and would never even think to play a Mario game. Imagine trying to get a group of gangsters to play Kirby. Aint gonna happen! They worry too much about their image. But as a result of the change, games are selling twice as much as they used to, because not only gamers are buying it, but also those crowds who called us nerds. In that instance, developers decided that it is more profitable to make games that look like Michael Bay films. It is a very sad truth, but it is also why Nintendo is really to leading company, because here is a group of guys who are still focused on creating games that truely set the bar, rather than trying to focus on what is considered the standard to making big profit. You have to hand it to Nintendo, it takes alot of balls to stand up for what they believe in, even if it means risking loss of profits. Nintendo truely cares about gaming, and what matters to it, and even so, they somehow manage to continue making great profit. Last year was the first time Nintendo posted a fiscal loss in over 30 years, so even if you’re not a fan of the company, you have to give them credit. Doing what they do is by no means easy, this company takes alot of risks, and most of these risks really pay off in the end. So this guy is right to say Nintendo is still a leader. They really care about the real “gamers” rather than making huge changes to make a quick buck. To Nintendo, it’s not about the money, it’s about the music. And for that, they deserve much respect.

    1. exactly, they deserve a helluva lot of credit! I grew up on nintendo and think their first party titles are some of the best games i’ve ever played. however, i’d have to disagree with you on your last point though, as for the wii generation I think nintendo have lost sight of appealing to the people that made them rich; the gamers. they have still put out some GREAT games, but the majority of games the wii has to offer appeared to be fishing for casual gamers.

      1. i prefer having the choice many good games and a lot of casual games (wii), than many good games with a lot of shitty games (nes). at least some people like casual games.

    1. A 77% increase in sales and counting as of recent figures.

      More quality software available than the 3DS so far and the upcoming games further prove that.

      Better online network.

      Better pretty much everything else relevant to gaming as well.

      Doesn’t have games cancelled because it’s too weak to handle them or third parties knowing it wouldn’t sell since only the casual titles really sell on the device.

      And I’ll enjoy every bit of it.

      1. Increase in sales? It is failing and this is coming from a guy who has one. The psp has been outselling it each week except for last week. It’s sold around 6000 a week when the 3DS sells way more. 3DS has good games coming out. Vita does too but not as many

        1. You must not keep up with the news, last week Japan seemed to disagree upon the release of the amazing Persona 4: The Golden.

          Oh, and it outsold the PSP this week, about 3000 more actually.

          Vita doesn’t have as many? Please don’t make me copy & paste what I said in a similar thread to prove you so very wrong. The Vita’s library wrecks the 3DS as it is right now. And it’s region free, so I can very damn well use the Japanese games (many coming stateside, anyway) in this argument as well.

  12. “What we wanted – actually, what E3 needed – was Nintendo to show us and the wider world that videogames aren’t just about big stupid explosions and endless HD ultra violence.”


    1. So more of the same ugly casual crap from the Wii and Wii fit are what you gamers want? Sing? Wii fit U? Nintendoland?

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