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Nintendo Says ‘There’s So Many Features We Haven’t Announced Yet For Wii U’

David Yarnton, the head of Nintendo’s UK division, says that there’s still plenty of unannounced features for Wii U that Nintendo hasn’t talked about. Yarnton also went on to say that there’s a number of games in development that haven’t been announced yet for Nintendo’s forthcoming home console.

“There are so many functionalities that we actually haven’t announced yet as well. We’ve shown some things at E3. For example, there’s something like 23 games on show at E3, but we know there are others in development as well. Some of the other entertainment functionalities we didn’t show. Obviously, we talked a little about Miiverse as far as being able to socially communicate with your friends. But with a built-in camera and a screen and being online, there are a lot of areas there we haven’t explored and haven’t shown. So I think there’s a lot more that people will discover as time goes on.”

76 thoughts on “Nintendo Says ‘There’s So Many Features We Haven’t Announced Yet For Wii U’”

      1. 20+ isn’t very exact. And his point is that nintendo didn’t do anything spectacular. They showed off a lot of garbage party games and old ports and many games that everyone already knew about. The point he’s making, I believe is linked to the fact that nintendo is hiding all of their AAA talent. What’s retro working on? Where’s metroid or miyamotos new IP?E3 is where all the buzz is supposed to start and so far the best thing wiiu has is a zombie game..which is a fad hopefully on its way out.

        1. E3 is just a shadow of what it was 10 years ago. Nintendo Direct and TGS are where Nintendo’s buzz starts, mainly because they are big enough.

    1. E3 it’s f-ing dead anyway. Valve doesn’t go there. Hell, even Rockstar Games doesn’t go there anymore.

      1. Valve is a special case. For better or worse, Gabe is batshit crazy. He rejected the game industry a long time ago and does his own thing. He can get away with that because it is a privately owned company and up until now it works.

  1. I bet one of the unannounced games that are in development is a Donkey Kong one. That would make sense,after the success of Donkey Kong country returns.

      1. Francisco Alvarado Vega

        No I think he just means that DK Country Returns was just very successful, not necessarily implying that the other games were unsuccessful.

  2. Well, withholding info about first-party games and Wii U features is to their own disadvantage. We’re only possibly around 6 months away from it being launch and there are a LOT of people, myself included, who are not completely sold on the Wii U.

    1. Disadvantage? You mean advantage. Imagine the news: “Nintendo reveals new Zelda, new Metroid, new StarFox, new F-Zero, along with new IP’s!” That would make people go crazy, the Wii U would get a shortage on the first day of launch.

      1. Exactly….Miks. Some people don’t realize Nintendo is leaving alot of features unannounced because they don’t want Sony And Microsoft to copy their ideas like they always do. That way Sony and Micro start production on their new systems and won’t know exactly what Nintendos other features are so they don’t get a head start and start copying

    2. Think about this; the Wii U’s Gamepad was only revealed at last year’s E3.
      Look how fast Micro jumped on trying to make something just like it with their smart glass.[even though it isn’t as geared towards gamers as it is towards tech heads who love multimedia stuff]
      The reason Nintendo held back on showing new stuff, is so that their competitors can’t use the time between now and the release of said undisclosed new stuff to create things similar in design.
      There was a news article from Nintendo stating this exact reason behind why they held back at E3 this year.

      1. So much for originality huh. The other two wait for Nintendo to bring something new so they can copy it. That’s pretty lazy if you ask me. So E3 is about show me what you got so I can copy it show lol.

        1. SmartGlass already happened, I think Sony doesn’t have the money to make their own version of the GamePad yet, LOL.

  3. Like a world domination kit, for when Nintendo command us to take over the world in their name. #HailNintendo

    1. yes the sooner we know the sooner we can start lobbying for those Japan only games which they would get so much money for cos I’d buy them

  4. Does this mean that the toaster feature is in there after all? Probably not, but hey, I’ll take all the gaming related features. The only thing is, that I hope for the Wii U not to be region locked.

    1. Hey, maybe it can toast, by connecting to Bluetooth enabled toasters. As Mario said, toasters toast toast.

    1. what? buddy what do u mean? can you image the hype it will create if they reveal metroid, star fox and zelda 1 month before its release date? and also saying those games are launch games too?!!!! so don’t be disappointed, is extremely necessary that Nintendo keeps as much information “hidden” for now!

      1. It’s extremely necessary that Nintendo NOT show anything at the biggest event of the year and reveal it later when less people are paying attention? Lol wheres the logic in that?

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  6. It was just the tip of the iceberg. People were expecting Nintendo to show their entire hand at E3. That’s would not have been a smart move on their part. Gives the competition less time to copy their ideas. I prefer a slow output of news, besides I’m already sold on the Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. That’s a sacrifice they’ll have to make. The hype will be there when it hits store shelves and word of mouth spreads. They can always announce a blockbuster 1st or 2nd party title 1 or 2 months before launch.

  7. You always know what to say donzaloog. I guess they want to surprises us but mostly japan comes 1st at TGS. Dont know how they want to market that but its nintendo and there mass market strategy

  8. Just give me a list of worthwhile launch titles 3rd & 1st party titles please, a price and a release date then i’ll be happy. MY BODY IS READY, WILL YOURS BE? multiconsole ownership & PC Gaming FTW. Failboyism = Fail.


        1. well, which would be better, just showing everything and getting it hyped up a good 6 months before you even release the damn thing, or keep generating hype for it up until the second that it launches. e3 is becoming more and more insignificant every year.

        2. I’m sorry but hype is not a permanent condition.
          BTW, E3 suck now, compared to the previous years, especially with the 1st years, hardly any big company is going there anymore, like RockStar, as a giant example.

    1. Holy fuck, that would be the biggest thing in gaming for this year, besides the Wii U release of course. Rare could be awesome again, instead of making games like Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts, ugh.

    2. Na… all of the people from Rare back in the day have left cause they didn’t like Microsoft… They are off doing their own thing, It just wouldn’t be the same… plus they really suck now!

    3. I’m sorry, but dream on. Nintendo wouldn’t do that. Besides, Rare sucks now. All of the good old devs, including the presidents, the Stamper brothers, have already left the company to do other things.

      What I hope, is that they all come together again as a brand new company, and kick ass and take names again with nintendo….

  9. I kinda think Nintendo is learning from both releases of the Wii and 3DS. The Wii was on shortage for such a long time. I remember hearing parents complain because the couldn’t find one for Christmas the YEAR AFTER it came out. Then the 3DS almost bombed until they dropped the price. So, they are probably being very careful with their marketing strategy. Besides, even if they announced any new A-list games, it’s not like you’d get them any sooner. They are going to leak more and more info to make believers out of people still on the fence. I was one of those people until they announced Miiverse and Pikmin 3. Oh, and the pro controller.

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  11. nintendo dissapointed me at E3 big time with the wii U. In 2011 they showed me a powerful console that was going to be catered to “you, the hardcore gamer”. In 2012 they showed me a console that so far is only on par/50% more powerful than six year old competition and who’s goal is to go after the casual again with the slogan, “Together, better”.I want to love the wii U, but so far it’s looking like wii all over again. I don’t want another wii, I want what nintendo promised in 2011: Something that had everything good about the wii and even more to offer for the hardcore. Sure we got pikmin 3, but other then that we’ve only got nintendo land and wii fit U. Where’s my metroid, F-zero, better online and powerful specs? I’m giving you one more to let you wow me, nintendo. Casuals aren’t loyal, and neither are neglected fans. This thing will either go all the way or will be Nintendo’s biggest fail since virtual boy, Nintendo just has to deliver before the thing launches.

    1. Why do you think Nintendo have disappointed you? Click on this link–

      What the Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime have stated that what we’ve seen at the press conference at E3 was just “a tip of the iceberg”. Not only that, the third party publishers have shown a few Wii U titles including Zombi U. They don’t want to give all of the information since Microsoft have mimicked the Wii U Game Pad and created the Smart Glass while Sony had created a Super Smash Bros. rip-off on both PS3 and Vita.

      All I’m trying to say to you to have patience. There will be hints and portions of Wii U month by month until this Holiday’s launch. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  12. Once Nintendo Establishes that all of our bodies are ready and we all have proper indoor plumbing capable of industrial intake. they’ll drop the bomb, For sure! BRING ON THE NINTENDO TAKE OVER!

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