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Heroes Of Ruin Fails To Enter UK Top 40 All-Format Charts

Square Enix will undoubtedly be disappointed as it has been revealed that their Nintendo 3DS exclusive Heroes of Ruin failed to make the UK top 40. The game fared better in the Nintendo 3DS top ten chart, where it entered at number five. Heroes of Ruin has a Metacritic score of 77 out of 100.

66 thoughts on “Heroes Of Ruin Fails To Enter UK Top 40 All-Format Charts”

  1. This is the first I’ve even heard of the game. Looks interesting though. Unfortunately though, I’m broke and can’t buy it.

  2. here in spain the game has sold very well, at least in the firsts days. it’s almost sold out in many shops. But we have to see the Diablo II momentum as a handicap for this one

  3. I think the game was okay a best but I’m not really going to buy it myself, I’ve played the demo and it sort of put me off the game.

      1. 77% increase in Japan and sales picking up. I’d say it’s actually getting what they want along with a comprehensive lineup of new games this year built from the ground up, that the 3DS will ultimately miss out on due to inferior hardware.

        Also, if the first thing you bring is “Vita” that’s a sign of jealousy. Because Vita is for older, hardcore gamers and the 3DS is for casuals and kids.

            1. B…. plz…The “casual and kids” line again?Funny facts about this line:
              1:90% of people who use it never toutched a game untill it started becoming “socialy acceptable” in fear of being called kids.
              2:Would rather play something utterly mindless as long as its “cool” looking and abit over the top on either boobies or violence..or both over,an objectively good game that doesn’t look “cool” enough for them.
              3:When the real hardcore gamers where playing games from tetris,pong and frogger to mario kart,zelda and final fantasy they were either:a-calling them nerds or b:were getting a diaper change by their parents.
              Ps Vita follows the same philosophy as PsP did of trying to cater to those people first and foremost.PsP had a vast list of completly unremarkable “cool” looking games with only 1-2 diamonds trying to shine from that garbage heap.That is why DS pwnd it saleswise and why 3DS pwns Vita saleswise today.77% increase over a patheticly small number is still a patheticly small number.HoR was a step in the wrong direction but as far as handhelds are concerned Sony is in much deeper trouble than N will be anytime soon…And it is their own fault.

              1. >Garbage heap of PSP games.

                I guess that’s why the system continues to outsell the original DS family in Japan to this day.

                You don’t know anything about PSP games, that one line proved it. Your wall of text is utter rubbish. Also, the current Vita line up destroys the 3DS lineup, and I can prove it.

                1. Ye sure,also the sun will rise from the west tomoz and u can probs prove that as well…cool story bro-for the record i used to own a psp and over 60 games for it passed from my hands,so gg :P

            1. I’d like to reply as San Iwata did. Define Hardcore. If you refer Shooters … well vita doesnt even have a lot hahaha. 3DS has a lot of RPG games that you”hardcore gamers” can’t solve because it requiers of thinking. Im not against vita but let face the games of both consoles and there’s no comparisson. and well u can say what u want but vita doesnt have any RE yet :P

              1. >shooters

                Resistance, Unit 13, CoD BO:D.

                >rpg games

                name them, because the majority are ports, pokemon, or incredibly easy to beat.

                Also, RE sucks. How dare you use that as something to brag about.

                The games on the Vita wreck the 3DS so hard, and it’s only 5 months old. The 3DS has the same shit as the DS with a few barely success story lineups, while the Vita has superior multiplat versions, superior online, superior controls, superior graphics, superior lasting appeal, superior comfort, etc.

                1. “The games on the Vita wreck the 3DS so hard, and it’s only 5 months old” I’m sorry but that line gave me a good chuckle.
                  On a serious note though why are you here?
                  You’re a blatant troll, you cant deny that. I try not to feed trolls but sometimes it cant be helped. You yourself are a blind Sony fanboy. Your whole Sony/Vita crusade on this site pretty much proves
                  “Also, RE sucks. How dare you use that as something to brag about.”
                  RE sucks? I wont even dignify that comment by trying to tell you how wrong you are there.
                  It seems that your definition of the best console is raw hardware numbers, and maybe that’s your opinion. Hey, even I like looking at specs. But then why dont you just get yourself a gaming PC, sir? A good gaming PC Is more ‘superior’ than a Vita, and so by your definition is a better console, right?
                  Right now, the Vita is not doing so well, whether you like that or not. Yeah there was a slight increase in sales recently, but that still doesn’t hold a candle to 3DS sales.
                  Deal with it.
                  Right now, 3DS has software, and will continue to have more. Vita doesn’t have so much. Maybe it will in future time will tell but for now, maybe you should stop being an obnoxious little Sony warrior.

                  1. Aslo note how all his “superiority” agruments are about technical issues,with some of them being completly invalid-like control-Obvious troll is obvious,we waisted enough time here…

    1. What just because one game didn’t sell well?

      It wasn’t even a good game, since it wasn’t a JRPG.

      All the good Nintendo games are being released later in the year.

    1. Or maybe they just have good taste and didn’t want to buy a crappy game.

      Personally I think that it’d due to the fact that Nintendo and Square Enix didn’t advertise the game at all.

    2. i actually kinda agree with you in a way here. It kind of seems that within mainstream UK gaming, people are mostly interested in Fifa and COD -_- and Nintendo and other creative games are the niche. But I’m pretty sure there are lots of UK gamers that appreciate a variety of games, not just shooters and football.
      Btw I’ve played the Heroes of Ruin demo and I think its a good game with impressive online functionality too. It would be a shame if this becomes one of those underatted games. It may leave Square Enix loosing a bit of faith in the 3DS which would be bad.

      1. And I disagree with you both.

        Heroes of Ruin is a new IP meaning that it’s unfamiliar with some people.

        Also I have yet to see a single advert for Heroes of Ruin.

    1. releasing established franchises is different than releasing new IPs that might not sell well on any platform. things don’t just fail on Nintendo’s platforms you know

        1. Played the demo, it was alright. You need luck to sell great on a Nintendo system. New IPs sell well on 360 and PS3 though…

            1. Metroid Prime Hunters had horrendous controls and that game didn’t remotely compare to the original.

              You think that’s fine? The controls were utter shit.

              1. If you just take the time to get used to them, then they’re just fine. Also, the touch screen & stylus is far more precise & accurate than dual analog will ever be. Fact.

                1. So true…(and awesome avatar btw,Mia ftw)although stylus is not as good as mouse+keyboard for fps,it’s hands down miles ahead from analog sticks-for fps at least-

  4. Good that it failed to make it in the chart.

    Now Square Enix will get it into their thick skulls that they should abandon making western games and go back to bringing Dragon Quest game to the west.

    I want Dragon Quest VII on the PSN
    I want the GBC Dragon Quest 1,2,3 on the E-Shop
    I want the Dragon Quest Collection to be released in the West.
    I want a bloody released date for Dragon Quest X.

    And I want Square Enix to go back to publishing the game here and not leave it to Nintendo to pick up the slack.

  5. Wait…you WANT Square-Enix to quit making new I.P’s and just focus on regurgitating Dragon Quest over and over?

    People who only want the same are the cause of stagnation in the industry.

    Plus their a big company, whats wrong with them doing both. Its so infantile to want a new I.P to fail because of a dislike of thw game and a personal issue with one of the company’s involved.

    1. It was developed by N-space not square enix, they put their name everywhere but they only published it

  6. n-space has shown some ambition with this game, its really good to see a developer put time and effort into a game for the 3ds, people really need to buy this game to show them it wasnt wasted investment!!!!

      1. I totally agree with you. And I am very disappointed with the people here that say bad things about Heroes of Ruin. They should be ashamed. Instead of supporting a new franchase for their favourite system they say all these unnecessary things. I am mostly disappointed with the people here that don’t support the game to be honest.

        1. HoR was an expirament by Square,one that had Diablo 3 and Torchligh 2 as competition…I don’t like that sort of games personaly but I still played the demo to try it out and,as many other people,thought it wasn’t up to par.Any new square JRPG ip on the 3ds would have me buying it without even seeing a screenshot but I i don’t see why people are obliged to say good things for it-much less buy it- simply because its a new 3DS title…Now it would be sad if it limited the chances of Square or other companies making 3DS titles but it’s not right to be forced to buy titles under this threat either.Hopefully the next try will be better,lets just move on.

  7. People need to lower the expectations with this game. What are you expecting with this game? It seems like a lot of people are expecting it to be like Diablo or a similar and that’s fair. It’s a new franchise. And were people expecting it to be a hit? It’s gotten very little promotion. Of course it’s not doing well.

    I just hope in the US the price is $29.99, like the Amazon/Toys ‘R Us pre-order price. It’s a new franchise and won’t sell well otherwise. If it’s $30, people are more likely to give it a chance. Even if I love the demo, I’d feel a lot more comfortable buying it for $30. Just because it’s not a franchise I’m familiar with. I’ll pay $40, even $50, if it’s a franchise I know and love but… this is the first game in the series. Not to mention it’s been delayed various times. The lower price could be an apology for those who were waiting for it.

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