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Nintendo Admits Wii U Message Is Confusing

Nintendo of America vice president of sales and marketing Scott Moffitt has admitted that the message for Wii U is confusing compared to Wii. Moffitt says that the Wii was easy to demonstrate to the consumer with its motion controls, but Wii U is more difficult due to the action taking place on two separate screens.

“Well, it’s confusing relative to the Wii. With motion control gaming, when you saw Mr. Iwata and Reggie stand up and swing a motion controller, it brought it to life immediately. With a second screen controller, you need to see what’s on the second screen, so by nature it’s a more complex system. It’s less visually easy to understand. As for how we’re planning to make it clear that it’s a new system: well, we want to get it in people’s hands. That’s what E3 is all about and from now until launch. We want consumers to experience it for themselves, whether it’s in a store, at a gaming event, or at a press event. Once they do that, I think people will really start to understand how the GamePad changes the way you can connect with games and other players.”

98 thoughts on “Nintendo Admits Wii U Message Is Confusing”

          1. Quite easily.

            Wii Balance Board
            Wii Classic Controller
            Wii MotionPlus
            Wii Nunchuk
            Wii Remote
            Wii Speak
            Wii Vitality Sensor
            Wii Wheel
            Wii Zapper
            Wii Remote
            Wii Remote Plus
            Wii Classic Controller Pro

            Wii U = …console?

            When you place unnecessary emphasis on your controller rather than get the message of your CONSOLE across, how the fuck can the PR be blamed for their own idiocy at marketing?

            Nice damage control, but the fact that they’re admitting it’s confusing proves my point and renders your’s invalid.

    1. Its not freakin hard to explain… He’ll I’ll provide one for everybody…… Wii U… It’s a new innovative machine that is fun for WE the family and YOU the player….. That’s all it takes to get the message… -_-

    1. Gotta love how the fanbitches jump you, whether or not you’re trolling. It’s still dumbed they called it the Wii again with no clear emphasis on the other part of the name that makes it stand out as a sequel.

    2. Ps3 is practically the same…. All they did was up the graphics and a diff controller…. Same with Wii U

    1. i know right? all they need is some good advertisement and people will know exactly what it is, i mean i can already understand how it can be used, it’s just the majority of people for some reason are almost too retarded to understand simple things.

    1. Blue Market Strategy has nothing to do with complexity of a console. It has to do with go after an open, untapped market. In the Wii’s case? Casual gamers.

      The design of the console doesn’t dictate it’s audience, the software does.

    1. people dont look it up, i mean whats the difference between a iphone and a iphone 4, same with wii to wii u, people just dont care.

      1. that’s a stupid comparison, the iPhone 4 outsold all the previous iphones, Not because people didn’t know the difference, But because they DID. Apple does an amazing job Marketing its Products. Nintendo sucks at it. Just goes to show you that, even if you Advertise a steaming pill of shit, if you do it right, it’ll sell.

  1. I explained it to my friends who don’t even know about it and they under stood perfectly, its not very hard to under stand the Wii U

    1. After E3 2011 (when Nintendo first showed off the Wii U) Microsoft came up with SmartGlass to compete with it. I may sound biased against Microsoft, but the fact is that imitation is business.

  2. from what i’ve gathered, people who can’t tell the Wii U is a new system are either trolls who want to stir up trouble, people in the gaming business who have done no research whatsoever, and idiots (along with some people who are mixtures of the three).

    whatever. people will figure it out when the store demos come out, along with the whole “you have to buy a Wii U to get a gamepad” thing that will be in effect at launch. by the time more games support multiple pads and the pads start being sold separately, the general public will know the difference

    1. a guy told me that a woman came into GameStop with her child and ask for the Wii U gamepad. When they told her that the new system isn’t out. she threw a fit and insisted that they sell her one. So as funny as this person was trying to be, there will be people thinking that. There were people trying to buy XBOX360 and PS3 games for their XBox and PS2.

  3. whoa, imagine this: The PS4 comes with an all-new controllerdesign! now THAT will be confusing for hardcore-Playstation-gamers!
    but the Wii U, not so much. It’s a new consol with a controller which happen to have a screen integrated. What the screen is used for, depence on the game you’re playing, like the A-button does one thing in this game and another thing in that game!
    i really don’t know, what’s so confusing about this!

    1. Are people STILL complaining about the name? It’s been a year. The “U” suffix has been added to the official titles of games. It’s over. Deal with it.

  4. the comments here should have the option of marking something as spam like on youtube so that it becomes unviewable unless someone wants to see it. that way, the scroll trolls and mindless sony drones can be swept under the rug quickly and easily

    1. Grandmothers, Soccer moms, Granddaddys, and kids are not trolls, you insensative prick. They need things thoroughly Explained.


  5. This is 100% what I said in a reply a while ago (around E3 time). I may have even mentioned it in my post-E3 disappointment article, I don’t remember:

    Regardless, I think this is a precursor to Nintendo trying everything to keep the casual market by releasing more casual games and pushing third parties for more shovelware casual games. Don’t expect Nintendo to just say, “meh, screw it, let’s focus or the core gamers; they get it”. Absolutely no chance of that happening at all. If anything it’ll motivate them to go after them more, which means less attention on the core gamers they made so many promises to.

    1. they may be trying to keep the casual audience but they are also going to have core games. sure, the ones announced at E3 are ports of recent games, but once the Wii U becomes well-established on the market, more original core games will be made for the system. unlike last generation, nintendo’s system will not be denied core games on the basis of its power. no need to be so negative about a system that isn’t even out yet. we haven’t seen the fullest extent of what it can do, but we know enough to know that core games can most certainly be put on the Wii U

      1. You say that, but that’s all just fluff and empty promises at this point. Nintendo has to PROVE to core gamers that they’ve got more than just 2d Wii Mario ports @ 720p and third party ports from other consoles. That’s not even close to enough.

        1. does ZombiU mean nothing to anybody? how about black ops 2, which is supposedly coming to the Wii U? there’s also watch_dogs, which may or may not come to the system depending on what ubisoft decides. the Wii U definitely has the potential, so all that can keep nintendo from getting the games is the decisions of third parties. plain and simple

          2D Wii mario ports? you may need to go look up the definition of “port” for games because new super mario bros U is most certainly not one. also, 720p? why does it matter that the first Wii U games will be at 720p? what does that affect for developers or gameplay? try to refrain from making statements like these because they diminish your point and credibility

          posts like the ones you make cause it to seem like you’re predisposed to casting doubt on the Wii U and not caring about what’s already known and it makes you look like a fanboy. perhaps you haven’t read this article about nintendo and third parties, but hopefully it’ll make you stop blaming nintendo for the games that weren’t (and may not be) listed for their console

          1. 1) Black Ops is not confirmed. Like I said, more heresay at this point.

            2) ZombiU is ONE game. One. For the first launch window. That 5 or so months. Again, not much to kick a new console, likely one that is going to cost $300 or more.

            3) Watch Dogs is also not confirmed. Speculation does not sell consoles.

            4) 720p is a huge deal, especially when they made the claims last year (Reggie flat out said it plenty of times) that it would be debuting with 1080p. Especially important considering this console is a whopping 7 years older than XBOX360, which manages 600p @ 30 fps. To only go up to 720p at 60 fps is a joke for a 7 year newer console. Doubling frame rate is an achievement, especially for 2 screens, but not for a console this much more advanced (supposedly) than XBOX360 and PS3. It’s a matter of both promises not kept and not pushing boundaries in ALL areas of gameplay, including format.

            5) I don’t blame Nintendo for lack of third party support. When did I say that? You’re making implications FOR me to help your point. I don’t blame them, I’m simplying stating that more could be done to ATTRACT those parties. There’s obviously something they’re scared of. Whether it’s Nintendo’s stigma as a “casual company”, or it’s the lack of power they expected (and were promised), or some other unknown. More could have been done to reassure them; to make them feel like they HAVE to develop for it, like they will feel about the NextBox and/or PS4, most likely.

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  7. The reason why people may be confused, and understandable, is because not once have they showed a physical console in their hands that I can remember. Please correct me if I am wrong. 2 years straight they focused too much on the Gamepad, understandable yes but they need to give time to the console itself. People still think it’s just a new game controller for the original Wii.

  8. Nintendo for the past six years has been trying to spread the impression that they’re going down the crapper. This is part of their strategy so as to lure their competitors into a false sense of security. They want people to think that they’re doing horribly, so they can safely work behind the scenes on their major stuff without anyone being the wiser.

  9. The concept of Wii U is pretty simple to me. Its a console with a controller that has an integrated touch screen on it. Maybe its simple to me because of the type of gamer I am, but…..I dunno, it shouldn’t be really that hard for people to clock onto :S Yeah, a few TV adverts showing off the console and its controller and how it works will probably be enough to show people who may bot be core gamers how it works

  10. You know what could help? “Professional gaming journalists” actually repoting on the Wii U and explaining to their audience what it is, not dismissing it just because it’s made by Nintendo. I’m looking at you G4.

    People will understand more in the coming months when Nintendo starts advertising it and gets in into people’s hands through in store demos. Leave luck to heaven.

  11. It all comes back to when they first announced the WiiU. Calling it WiiU instead of something completely unrelated to the Wii was already confusing people. Then, focusing on the controller/pad and not showing the actual console added more confusion. Yes, the game pad is the WiiU’s selling point, but you can’t focus solely on one part of a console and push that really hard. And this past E3, where little to no info on the console itself and not the tablet controller was announced/revealed/shown, they let the confusion continue. I know and understand wanting to play it a little close to the vest, but damn, give the average consumer and the rest of the gaming world something else to mull over.

  12. PhantomBowser16 on Twitter

    Half of this confusion is simply caused by stupidity. Aren’t the HD graphics a clue to it being a new console? How the reporters couldn’t do a tiny bit of research and learn what most of the gaming world has known for a year is beyond me. If people can know the difference between the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S with a bit of marketing, then Nintendo can make the difference just as obvious if they get a decent company to do marketing on their behalf. Hopefully the confusion will disappear then and the console will be successful – something Nintendo really needs.

  13. OMG!!! the wii u is a new machine… It’s having the same issue ps3 didn’t have… What am I saying u may ask… Well, if u think about it ps3 is the same shit… I’ll explain, ps2 was a box looking machine with a wired control : ps3 was a slightly different design and slightly different controller, ppl said “new machine”… Wii was a box with wireless remotes : wii u is a SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT DESIGN and more DIFFERENT control… Ppl say not new machine….. Wii U is a new machine! Because ps3 was the same shit as this!

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