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Nintendo Says People Will Adjust To Using Two Screens While Gaming

The Wii U has been criticized for requiring players to to switch their view back and forth between two screens while gaming. Nintendo marketing executive Scott Moffitt responded by saying, “It doesn’t take long at all for the controller to feel intuitive.” Moffitt mentions how people are used to gaming on Wii but were first skeptical about its motion controls because it requires people to move while playing games. Moffitt believes Wii U’s “adjustment period will be quick,” and gamers will realize that the Wii U GamePad “enhances gameplay.”

But what about criticism that having to interact with two screens will take players out of the experience of playing a game?

“I can tell you about the experiences from gamers I’ve seen. It doesn’t take long at all for the controller to feel intuitive. The analogy may be similar to adjustment it took for consumers to get up off the couch and adjust to using a motion controller; it didn’t take very long for consumers to learn and appreciate and embrace it and I think you’ll see a similar dynamic. The adjustment period will be quick. I’ve seen people commenting about how it enhances gameplay and does not divide their attention.”

31 thoughts on “Nintendo Says People Will Adjust To Using Two Screens While Gaming”

  1. the gamepad will most certainly enhance gameplay. that’s just the way nintendo does things with their new systems. they wouldn’t put out something that inconveniences players

        1. oh i know, and it’ll probably take me a few minutes to get used to the Wii U. i was just talking about the general public who may or may not be able to adjust as easily, but the Wii U doesn’t look like something that’s hard to get used to so for those people, it’ll take a day or two

  2. I’m already adjusted to it. like I instantly was when the ds was announced. only lazy fucktards can’t adjust to something so simple.

  3. After playing my relative’s game on Nintendo DS (at the time), I’ve gotten used to the dual screen. The same goes to playing games on Nintendo 3DS. By the time the Wii U launched, it will become second nature getting used to the Game Pad.

  4. has anyone here actually played on it??? i havent but i have a friend who has and says its it amazing – the gameplay is unique yet an improvement
    my other friend complained that in zombiiU you have to bend down into the bag to access weapons while it takes too long – but i feel it only adds tension

    1. The whole point of taking time to get into the bag is because it really fucks with you and makes you rush, just like you really would in that situation.

  5. I think they’re right. I mean, we adapted to the DS and 3DS fine and those also have/use two screens, so it shouldn’t be much different adapting to the Wii U.

  6. Look at how many people text and drive! Some crash but most do it and do it fine. At least if you “crash” on the Wii U, its not like you actually die or go to jail or hour someone or yourself.

  7. Gee, would it have been so hard to simply state:

    We’ve sold 170-odd million consoles already with two screens–if people are having a problem with the concept, they must be Microsoft/Apple/SONY trolls.”

    OK, maybe leave out the “troll” part, but…

  8. Look at it as a home console of the Nintendo (3)DS. Years ago, when I first got to experience the likes of Nintendogs, I could picture using some sort of touch system in my hand to pet my dog and wash him and that…it will be happening soon!

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  10. ppl who are complaining is just for the sake of complaining or really hate nintendo… picking up every little detail to complaint… control methods evolves from one generation to another… from simple gamepad to a more complex gamepad, motion controls and whatnot.. I think of it as a direction that nintendo picked to evolve its gaming control.. and its a good one..

  11. What nintendo secretly thinks of the nintardo gaybase

    Fail. Kids will have seizures and adhd kids=casuals will quickly lose intrest

    1. #1 Anyone prone to seizures could get seizures from ANY video game system, so that’s not even a point.
      #2 ADHD kids won’t drop it just because of this.
      I happen to know a slew of them who think the Wii U is going to be grand fun, and who have already adjusted to many multitasking things in life quite easily.
      #3 Casuals won’t lose interest, either. Many of the casual games played on the Wii required looking at the screen while doing movements with your hands that you could not afford to track with your eyes. This won’t be any more difficult for them than most of their other games. And besides, the Wii U is backwards-compatible with all Wii controllers, if it becomes a huge issue, as well as all previous Wii games.

      1. *Edit*
        #3 Casuals won’t lose interest, either. Looking between two screens on a DS isn’t much more difficult than this yet many casual players still manage it just fine, and most of the uses for the Wii U controller will be quite easy to do even for a casual, since many of them are probably used to switching attention between other things IRL anyways. It’s a pretty common skill for anyone with a phone that texts things.
        And besides, the Wii U is backwards-compatible with all Wii controllers, if it becomes a huge issue, as well as all previous Wii games.

  12. I would adjust to 2 screens in under 1 hour. It could take longer for less experienced gamers, but I think everyone will ultimately enjoy it. And if they don’t, there’s always the Wii U Pro Pad. Leave luck to heaven.

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