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Here’s What Nintendo Learned From 3DS Launch

Nintendo has once again stated that they’ve learned a hard lesson from the Nintendo 3DS, and that the same thing won’t happen with Wii U. Nintendo has learned not to price its hardware too steeply, and its the games that ultimately drive the hardware. Here’s what Scott Moffitt from Nintendo of America had to say on the subject:

What did you learn from the struggles of the 3DS launch?

The first and most important learning is that games drive hardware sales. We need to launch a new platform with great first-party and third-party content. So that’s the most important learning. That learning overshadows everything else. Pricing is certainly an important factor. We wanted to make the 3DS accessible for more consumers and lower the price; in so doing, it spurred sales. 3DS sales continue to track ahead of DS sales at this point in its lifetime; 3DS sales continue outpace DS sales at a similar time in its life. What’s more impressive about that is obviously the competitive environment has changed. With gaming on tablets and phones, the 3DS is competing in a different environment to the DS. To continue to be outpacing that at this point in its life is impressive. The 3DS also did not have broader entertainment features functional on the system at launch, and that learning has also been incorporated into our thinking for the Wii U; stuff like e-Shop not being available at launch, etc.



  1. Something more personal that Scott learned is that wearing an NES on your head is a great way to hide your receding hairline. Gold pants help too.


  2. Here’s what I learned: nintendo is trying to please the wrong crowd.

    Forget everybody who’s like “durr COD 4 lief” and focus on the actual fans. The people who actually keep the company going. Miyamoto, you go and make your first person shooter! Just don’t make it and reuse it again and again like COD did. Seriously, don’t see why people love COD. “Pokemon is repetative. COD is a must have.” Screw IGN.


    1. Holy Arceus, do people really say Pokemon is repetitive? There’s either something wrong with them or they never played the main games with a gamer’s mind.


      1. The series is repetitive though, it’s the same core premise from start to finish with incremental changes. That shit gets tiring and ultimately, I don’t really get the addiction anymore.


      2. Agreed that it’s repetitive, but it’s a repetition of pure bliss. I don’t know why I love it so much, but starting a new adventure on a completely new game and going from nothing to completely overpowered is so fun.

        And when you’re done with that, you can have some seriously fun battles with your friends.


  3. I’ll be damned… Nintendo really is learning!
    I thought they would never learn.
    Well, we’ll see when WiiU launches.



      1. And it’s historically accurate.
        >Both Vita and Titanic came out claiming to be great.
        >3 Days or 3 Months later, their claims begin to go downhill. (Titanic hit the iceberg minutes before midnight)
        >4 Days or 4 Months later, they begin to sink.
        >Titanic RIP 1912. Vita’s going downhill in 2012.


  4. with the lessons learned from the 3DS launch, i believe the Wii U launch is going to be much better because it actually has software that people will want to buy


  5. now they’re just repeating themselves. we’ll be the judge of your words when this beast that is the wiiu is made public.


  6. Nintendo thinks they failed hard with the 3DS? I dont think the Wii U is going to do much better than the 3DS did at first. Some of the games for the Wii U look interesting but alot of the best 3rd party games can be bought on other consoles. Im going to buy a new home console soon I own a 3DS but the last home console I owned was a PS2. Unless Wii U convinces me to buy one before the end of the summer im buying a PS3. I love nintendo but it seems that I love retro nintendo alot more latley. Mario and Zelda will always rock but i dont know what to think of Wii U.Last thing is the 3DS hasnt done that bad they make it out like there in the same position as the PS Vita LOL. 3DS was a damn good success, yes couldve been better but hey couldve beem alot worse…….


    1. actually new super mario bros U looks like it’s taking even more elements from super mario world so you should probably check it out when more info is released if you’re loving retro nintendo


  7. What nintendo really said:

    What we learned is that were gonna have to give the 3DS good games but charge them extra 20 dollars and give them a subscription to playboy for a year and then money will pore in like milk in a glass…..HAHA get it? Milk? Cus its white. Then we will give them a booklet that says why you shouldn’t jack off. Thatll make em want more….like your mom ha ha ha.


    1. No they haven’t learned if there gonna put a playboy sub in every game they would sell like sperm at a bank haha..sperm…


  8. I wouldn’t mind if they end up doing another price drop with an ambassador program, except we get free Gamecube games. Oh well…I can dream.


    1. omg that wud be good! i wud defo pay full release price if it meant that!

      then again if they do that, haters’ll just say “they didnt learn from the 3ds cos they have another ambassador program..” but yeah!!


  9. I thought everything they apparently “learnt” was pretty obvious; you can’t sell a gaming device without games. You can’t market it as having an online support better than the previous one if it isn’t there. And of course pricing is a big factor; people can’t be expected to pay tons of money for something lacking everything previous mentioned from the get go.

    I put Nintendo’s “failure” with the 3DS launch down to them expecting the 3D was a good enough gimmick to get people to buy another console that looks and works pretty much the same as the previous line, which was oversaturated with different versions anyway. I’m not hating, but if Nintendo never puts something out there that isn’t 100% ready then WTF happened with the 3DS? Did they really think that they needed to put out new hardware to compete with the PSVita?


  10. My prediction is that Nintendo is going to need at least until the middle of 2013 of the system’s life before it REALLY starts getting tons of games to please the core crowd.
    The casual crowd is an easy sell and it was smart of Nintendo to dive into that crowd when they did.
    People really underestimate how important the casual audience IS to a company that has cemented its main profit-turner as video games.
    Sony and Micro have other tech to fall back on in the field of technology, so if they really wanted to, they could drop out of the race and still make a killing on their other products.
    Nintendo is all about the games, [and some small bits of merchandise attached/related to said games, such as the upcoming Iphone cases] and they are also responsible for the largest percentage of new gamers getting into the hobby, since they were so accessible and easy to learn.
    Heck, they were even the first to have their console used for physical therapy for those who had weakened limbs that needed strengthening! Making a difference in someone’s life physically by bringing them fun experiences to enjoy, that’s going above and beyond.[it also makes me happy that the other two eventually started doing similar things with their motion tech.]


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