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EA Says SmartGlass Is “Killer” And “Puts Pressure” On Nintendo

EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau has revealed that he’s extremely enthusiastic about Microsoft’s SmartGlass. Gibeau believes that Microsoft’s Xbox tablet companion is a brilliant device and he thinks that it seriously puts pressure on Nintendo with Wii U.

“We love SmartGlass. I think it’s a killer initiative. I really like it a lot. It ties into what we’re trying to do as a company. What we’re trying to do as a developer of games is – we’re looking at multi-screen environments as being really key in what’s happening in gaming. You play games on your mobile. You play games on your PC. You play games on your console. So giving people more access points through multiple screens is a great thing.”

“It does definitely put positioning pressure on Nintendo because you don’t have to buy a new system. Most likely, you already have a smartphone and you already have a 360, so it does a really good job of positioning for the platform and we’re very excited about it.”

135 thoughts on “EA Says SmartGlass Is “Killer” And “Puts Pressure” On Nintendo”

      1. Sure! And of course the upcoming “PlayGlaSStation Tablet” which will be completely original and innovative and nothing to do with a copycat, will deserve our beloved money (I’m being ironic, of course!!)

        1. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

          not to be picky or anything, but the word sarcastic would describe it better than the word ironic

          1. Well seeming how ironic and sarcastic mean pretty much the same thing (they are synonyms of each other) so ironic works fine.

            Metafaniel is actually one of the few people iI’ve seen who use that word correctly.

            1. No… just no.
              ironic means that, in one way or another, the claim (in this case, that they deserve our money) is the truth (or the opinion). In Metafaniel’s comment, he said the exact opposite of his real opinion, and that’s sarcasm.

              1. Irony – The use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning.

                Merriam-Webster Dictionary
                My Brain

        2. I think they will just use Vita for that… But hey we are Sony. We don’t care about you, just your money =)

    1. I agree, it’s definitely a pretty cool feature, but it isn’t anywhere near the same thing as the Wii U. I don’t have 360 or a Smartphone so I can’t get it anyway.

    2. It’s going to end up a marketing tool which is what ea loves. What is funny is they say it will be hard to focus on the wiiu game pad but it’s ok that this feature requires three hands inorder to stay in the action.

    1. exactly, EA and microsoft failed here because the wii u’s defining feature is the mix between buttons AND tablet, tablet on its own is pathetic

  1. ‘Most likely, you already have a smartphone and you already have a 360, so it does a really good job of positioning for the platform and we’re very excited about it.’

    What? No, I certainly do not. If I wanted that, it’d be just as ‘bad’ as getting a completely new system if not worse, pricewise.

    1. I know! I have a smart phone and a tablet and access to a 360.. Even to me it’s not any more appealing. The gaming experience on the tablet has been disappointing and no app seems to compare to a dedicated console software. I won the tablet but ain’t going to shove out more dough to play what will amount to advanced apps.. Now with pseudo Wii U experience!

      1. I’m always surprised when I see games like ShadowGun with compatibility to use a xbox 360 controller, and optimized for super processors like Tegra 3, displaying all their glory. Driving that to a TV is like having a portable home console, big console, I’m interested to see Tablets Android, iPad, Windows 8 going really far far in graphics… Still a Nintendo fan here lol

  2. its going to sucks, im pretty sure you need a tablet and a windows 8 now, now thats pretty “killer”, nobody owns a freaking windows 8 pad

    1. Soon or later. Windows 8 gonna be a standard. Tablets with powerful graphics is the big question. Intel Core i processors will do the job. But in tablets i think it will toast it in no time

  3. I just look at these kind of things, and let out a long sigh. Why? Because nintendo DOES NOT GIVE A F*** about what other companies do. They do what they feel is what brings out their games in the best possible way. Nintendo isn’t there to compete, it’s there to innovate, and companies like microsoft and sony have constantly been behind in terms of creativity when it comes to new console ideas.

    1. I just saved this on my desktop so I can post it everywhere it is needed BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST TRUE THING EVAR

  4. I don’t find it very interesting. I also don’t own a 360 or a smartphone. I’d NEVER buy a Xbox 360! I’d buy a WiiU though. :)

  5. Translation: We needed some kind of excuse for not announcing anything other than Mass Effect 3 for Wii U and this was just perfect.

  6. “Most likely, you already have a smartphone”

    Not just a smartphone. A windows phone. And nobody wants to have one when they can get a android or IPhone. And buying a windows only for a not used feature… come on…

  7. Bollox, there is no way to play REAL video games without physical buttons. Not talking about shovel ware like angry birds etc. these will work fine.

    Yea, glad i stopped purchasing EA made and published games…

  8. peteriuss evil twins clone

    There’s fucking Xbox720 coming. This is like Sega console when they try to upgrade it to 32bit and with disk… And now there’s Microsoft making Kinect and Smartglass?

    I had a odd feeling Microsoft gonna end up like Sega, but I hope I’m wrong. But then again, they were doing all right, though. Smartglass sound nice, but I much rather choosing Wii U gamepad because it has control buttons with touch screen. And Smartglass doesn’t have the control buttons.

    1. SmartGlass is just a service. Is Software, no Hardware. Even if Microsoft is launching Windows Phone (OS) and Surface (Windows 8 Tablet) SmartGlass has to be known as a service…

    1. You caught that too huh? We quickly went from gimmick to mimic it just a years time! This honestly is sad (on those others behalf) I dont think they have a creative bone in their bodies.

  9. The last great EA game I played was Battlefield 1942. To bad they killed the innovation it created when they bought out DICE. That being said, how does this matter? From what I heard, EA’s E3 presentation was worse than Microsith’s. That being said, to me EA has become a company that tries to get as much money from the gamer as possible, nickel and dimming you for every ounce of content you are offered.

  10. I think you understand now why there was no EA on Nintendo komferenciji.
    Nintendo gave up and turned mikrosoftu ..
    none of the partnership!

  11. I wish I had a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360. You can bet that you need to pay for Xbox Live Gold to use a tablet, like everything else except just playing a game.

  12. I don’t want to buy another product just to enjoy two screen gaming when the two screens aren’t dependent on each other.

  13. You haven’t even shown us what your plan is for Wii U and you’re talking about Smart Glass? Get seriou EA. Leave luck to heaven.

  14. Shigeru Miyamoto is right. The competition is getting more violent and aggressive. That SmartGlass may be somewhat impressive, but the Gamepad is much more practical in playing games because of the addition of buttons and analog sticks. And besides, Nintendo cares about bringing fun experiences to the gamer. Those multimedia additions Nintendo implements with the Wii U is just extra for the core package. Microsoft aims for multimedia with the SmartGlass, but will it be great for gaming? I hardly believe so. With so many screens, it’s hard to keep track of a game. EA is just as guilty in this violent environment called the video game industry. They just go for what they believe will be most profitable. I hope they have a substantial presence in hardcore games for Wii U.

  15. 1. its not uniform – people have different phones – therefore harder to develop games.
    2. no buttons therefore less control in game = harder to develop games
    3. nintendo announced account access everywhere “eventually” before smart glass.
    4. is EA sleeping with Microsoft and are so in love they don’t realise the above points? For them its not about art anymore its not about gaming experience its about flogging money off people for subpar games or only being able to make a good game on pc.

  16. LOL ea jumps all over the place last your they were bumming the wii u and now its the xbox 360 what a joke it would sell because it a blatant copy of the wii u pad come sony plz dont copy it your doing fine by yourself i love nintendo because they change gaming all the time

    1. Srry your too late Nintendo announced last year that the 3DS would work alongside the wii u similar to the game pad…this year Sony tried to explain heavy how you can use the Vita as a controller and how it’s better then the game pad (but no mention of comparison to the 3DS) just because it has a processor in it

  17. Hes assuming alot….
    He has high hopes for that style of gameplay, yet the functionality is optional, and he downplays similar controls which are the platform itself.
    Most likely hes an idiot.

  18. Sure, most people have smartphones. But here’s the problem: Much less of them have tablets, and Microsoft is pushing that as the optimum way to use Smartglass. As I recall a recent report said only 19% of adult consumers in the US own a tablet, part of this being 17% of smartphone owners. Back in 2009 more than half the consumers owned a 360, and though the PS3 is closing the gap the number shouldn’t be too different.

    So to recap, not even half of the people who own a 360 own a tablet, and I doubt a significant amount of people will buy one to use for Smartglass. Even if 1/3 of consumers get one, that’s still nowhere near the number who own a 360.

    Why is this important? The Wii U Gamepad will have a 1:1 ratio of ownership since not only does it come with the unit but it’s so pivotal to operating the console no one in their right mind would sell it.

    1. I agree that this idea is stupid, but you have to realise that sales for the 360 have gone up by alot in the states (mostly cause of casuals and kinect) plus, 2009 was 3 years ago, by your logic MS hasn’t sold a console since 2009, which is obviously wrong.

      1. Even still, that only widens the gap between 360 owners and tablet owners. Guess that was an oversight on my part, though, since percentage of ownership should tend to grow from previous points.

  19. Sony and Microsoft arent even listening to Nintendo, You don’t have to. Listen to Your SELVES, Nintendo hasnt said Anything bad about you guys, but you just want to flame just for Kicks. I’m sorry guys but Your going down hill FAST.

  20. this is from a company that likes to release the same shit year after year and got voted worst company in america. it would be wise to not take what they say seriously.

  21. They don’t need to buy a new system/ phone…
    newsflash, some people don’t have the luxury of a great phone. Others may not have it available every time they turn on the console ( for something like a smart phone, families may share among them.) Others have phones that, well, aren’t up to gaming standards.
    Finally, the 360 is all right, but when the new Xbox system comes out it’ll be the same situation as the Wii U- you know, except the new xbox won’t have the connectable device.
    In the end, only controllers designed for gaming will work properly. Minus some early issues with the motion controls (only one out of the many control methods of the Wii U) the Gamepad has proven perfect for the system. I’m absolutely certain that having a separate smartphone (which I have, but would never try to use for a game) or tablet (which i would never ever buy) won’t match up to the Gamepad.

  22. Mimic the competition, Sony and Microsoft get better at it every year. They let Nintendo create something ground-breaking then they elaborate on it’s design, technology, and any other issues consumers dont care for and make it into what Nintendo wishes they’d created. Dont hate the player, hate the game.

    1. Groundbreaking? the WiiU is basically doing what the DS did, just with new features, better screen, and stronger (I’m not saying nintendo doesn’t inoviate, cause its obvious they do) but the Wii was a perfected Power Glove while the WiiU looks like a Perfected DS. (Notice the Word Perfected)

  23. “It does definitely put positioning pressure on Nintendo because you don’t have to buy a new system.”
    Yes you do if you want to play any New Nintendo Franchise games. They will never be on any other console only Nintendo consoles. No zelda for the 360 , no Mario for the ps3. I plan on buying a wii u when I’m able to i don’t need console sellers to determine if i should get it or not because i know there will be Great games later on ( zelda :)).

  24. WOW EA, you are rally going down hill. Wii U game pad is Superior, i don’t own (and i will never own) a smart phone or tablet.

    1. Smart phones are fun !!!!!!!!! Just try then ,you do have another pocket? (It would be weird if you didn’t)

  25. I’ve never understood this whole “it’s a better deal because you don’t have to buy a new system” thing. Gamers don’t buy new systems because of deals. They buy them because they’re the new system. It’s just what you do. If you want to play the new nintendo/sony/microsoft games, then you buy the new nintendo/sony/microsoft system.

    It’s like saying that when the 720 comes out Microsoft will have trouble selling it because people already have a 360. A new system is a new system, and what older system you have does not influence your decision of whether or not to buy a new one.

  26. Shadow the Ultimate Weapon

    You mean I can use my Ipad with xbox…throws wii upad ripoff garbsge where it belongs along with in the the dumpster

  27. After this lesson you'll call me Daddy

    Atleast my 10inch smartglass Ipad doesnt have framerate issues,Actual HD sexy Godlike retina display and battery last twice longer than 3 hrs on low settings srsly wtf and recharge is low and it has Ps3 graphics

  28. ^this yup srsly I doubt wii pad will be cheaper than an original ipad that has higher battery life than wii pad,no framerate issues and hd retina display thats stunning unlike wii pads low hd screen -_-

    1. Who said it would have framerate issues and the Game pad will have 720p graphics.

      Wii U Game Pad –
      * Buttons and analogs
      * TV Remote
      * NFC Reader
      Plus it also has a comfortable feeling in hand. And it’s actually built for gaming.

      When you play games on the Smart Glass you have to keep switching between the Xbox 360 controller and the Smart Glass. Which will get annoying. For the Wii U Game Pad, it is a mixture of a touchscreen tablet AND a controller. Wii U is better in several ways. And plus Nintendo is #1 when it comes to pricing, so don’t worry about the price. Why would you pay for $200-$500 tablet that doesn’t even do 1/2 the things the Wii U Game Pad can do when you could pay maybe about $85 for the Game Pad.

      P.S I don’t think you can use Apple products for smartglass.
      Because Apple and Microsoft are rivals.

  29. Lets see an original 10inch ipad with hd retina,no framerate issues,tons of app,xbox smartglass,extended battery life and no 3 hr recharge waiting period vs. Ripoff wii jUnk pad with 3-5 hr depending on settings and higher price than original ipad hmm :D

  30. @invaders what does sametendo have to do with gaming im also confused since they started doing cards games,taxi cab and love hotels to name a few and each failed miserably i might add they got lucky in games thnx to miyahoetoe so i wish his death ASAP

    1. You idiot… video game consoles didn’t exist at the time. If it wasn’t for Nintendo, games wouldn’t exist at all today. Nintendo was the first ever gaming company.

  31. Microsoft is like Nazi Germany, they want toattack all fronts at the same time.
    They want to compete with both Nintendo and Sony while competing with Apple.
    They even failed with their latest presentation with their new Surface Board Compturer or whatever it is, it didn’t even want to work in the beginning lol…:D

    And let’s remember, EA won the Poo Award…lol…

  32. It’s just stupid that these companies are making such statements;
    1. Does a smartphone interact as fast as a wii u tablet?
    2. There are hundreds different smartphones, you’ll get compatibility issues, look at windows… i’ve had that various times on my pc with the installation of hardware…
    3. So this means you gotta use your controller and smartphone at the same time… so i gotta like.. put some ducktape on it and stick it to the controller? No really, that’s so handy (*facepalm)
    4. Not every 14 year old can afford a fast, responsive smartphone
    5. And about sony and vita (read an article about that)… they said there are 64 mil ps3’s out there and 1.6 mil vitas… that ain’t enough for a game developr to say… o let’s make a game specially for that vita-ps3 interaction…. cause not all those 1.6 mil vita owners have got a ps3 as well… besides that.. it would be a very expensive controller… so you wouldn’t buy another one to play with your girlfriend or brother whatsoever… and finally… the vita doesn’t have R2,L2 triggers

    With the wii U you don’t have to think about all those things above… you just buy and play the games which all have been made for the controller… simple as that

  33. This was clearly a paid endorsement. Also I found it mighty convenient how crash bandicoots co creator takes over and suddenly Wii U version of Metro is cancelled? like wtf the haters keep hating Nintendo4ever

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