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Nintendo 3DS XL Pricing To Be Decided By Retailers In The UK

Nintendo UK has confirmed that the pricing for the recently announced Nintendo 3DS XL will be decided by retailers, when it makes its debut on July 28th. Online retailers in the UK should be going live with their prices today. The Nintendo 3DS XL will retail for $199.99 in North America and will be released on August 19th.



  1. Interesting. Seems like an odd way of doing it but hopefully the competition will keep the price down while still being profitable.


  2. they done that with 3ds when it first came out. it was NOT good. some charged £230!!! i paid £175 for mine. there should be a clear rrp price, then they can have a price war BELOW that price.


  3. Make it about £120-30 and sounds good.
    Wish the have a Zelda 3DS with this one :/ missed my chance of getting the black n gold one


  4. 199$ = 156€

    But noooooo, for every company 1$ equals 1€.

    So we’ll have to pay 199€ for XL version, which is 247$. I am so fucking mad when Americans say that some hardware/game is too pricey. You know what? Go fuck yourself.


  5. It’s rip off anyway since the damn thing doesn’t come with a charger.

    Nintendo of Europe have gone crazy lately.

    I blame the fucking French, they passed their stupidly on to them.


    1. Yup, I assume this is what they meant by “the 3DS will be profitable after August”. That stylus doesn’t even look telescopic.


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