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Kingdom Hearts 3D & TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy Demos On 3DS eShop

Nintendo 3DS owners can now download the demos for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy from the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Kingdom Hearts 3D is due for release on July 20th in Europe, and July 31st in North America. TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy is due to be released in Europe July 6th and July 3rd in North America.

22 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3D & TheAtRhythm Final Fantasy Demos On 3DS eShop”

  1. Sickr i love your site… i told you this before and you said thanks but it is one of my fav internet sites… it is awesome… i visit 20 times daily (okay not 20 times but around 10 times)… you update the site so often (not like… it is awesome
    and pokemon battle and get is coming to Europe… might want to post that

  2. No Theatrhythm demo for NA. At least we’re getting the game first though. FINALLY getting something before Europe!

  3. Got the Theatrhythm demo this morning – it’s fantastic. Totally sold me on the game (and possibly one of my friends on the 3DS altogether). It’s a fantastic demo.

  4. Got the demo version of KH 3D yesterday, and I am BLOWN AWAY.
    The partners are fun to use[you can earn a third in the demo!], the Reality Shift is easy to use and I can’t wait to see the uses it will have in other worlds, and Flow Motion makes battles and movement through the world SO VERY EPIC AND FUN.
    This demo convinced me beyond doubt that the game deserves a Day 1 Buy.
    My body, and wallet, are ready.^_^

  5. Awww i CAN NOT believe that there is no Theatrhythm final fantasy demo!!! I was so hyped for it. i saw the kh demo, but no theatrhythm *sobs of despair*

  6. I was wondering if these are demos for the NA eShop or just for Europe? I can’t afford the game right at launch so I would love to try it out!

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