Here’s The First Unboxing Video Of The Nintendo 3DS XL

Online gaming publication CVG has managed to get their hands on a Nintendo 3DS XL system. The Nintendo 3DS XL isn’t due to be released until July 28th in Europe, and August 19th in North America. The Nintendo 3DS XL will retail for $199.99 in North America, but in Europe the pricing is determined by retailers.

Thanks blackabe111

118 thoughts on “Here’s The First Unboxing Video Of The Nintendo 3DS XL”

  1. Why is it so late in ‘muhrica? I live in Europe so I should be happy.. But I think it’s strange that America always seems to draw the shortest stray when it comes to big N products..

      1. ” I find it funny that you are trying to say America but you can’t even spell it.
        Lol, you are a disgrace to that country ”

        Your move amerifag,

        (i’m dutch by the way)

        1. Oh and by the way, America isn’t a country, it’s a continent.
          the U.S.A. or United States Of America is a country.

    1. America? But I live in America and I got the products like one month after and like two times more expensive.

  2. Thank god the stylus comes out of the side again <3 that and i'm glad they announced a new circle pad pro. However, they should have given it the second analog to begin with when it has a bigger screen…

      1. I wouldn’t say third party options are a bad thing for the consumers though. I mean, they aren’t making a new system, they’re making a bigger 3DS, and keeping the specs the same, so it makes sense that they didn’t add the circle pad in. Maybe in the future they will, but the original isn’t even 2 years old yet, so they have time. Besides, they probably wanted to keep the system thin and sleek like it looks to be. If they added the second analog stick, it would have needed the double triggers too, and that would have added bulk, so I think they made the right decision. Besides, the system would have cost more then, and people mostly don’t wanna pay that much for a handheld.

        1. well tech it was first show in 2010 an people plan to put it on that Holiday but delayed so yeah i would say its 2 years but 1 for released.

    1. @Aaron: That would alienate the people who have the original 3DS. It’s best to leave the second analog stick optional for now.

        1. You shouldn’t have to trade in the charger lol? I didn’t have to when I traded in my DSi for the 3ds? Or did I? Great now I’m questioning myself! lol (ignore this comment)

      1. In North America, will one come with ours just like the charger? I personally love the charging cradles and I wish the DS lite had one.

  3. Ugh…I’m so torn. The 3DS bodies are gorgeous (ESPECIALLY Midnight Purple) and go and muck it up. In my opinion the 3DS XL body looks almost as bad as the original DS. I was actually excited about the XL until I found out that the only selling point was bigger screens and longer battery life. I still may break down and get one but I wish they had AT LEAST improved the camera slightly. Really, Nintendo, .3 megapixels? Is that the best you can do?

      1. Agreed. They could have improved the camera. Then again, it’s the same quality as my computer’s camera, so I can’t really complain that it has the same quality as my laptop.

  4. Not getting this, much more expensive in Europe. Could easily afford this and wii u, but will buy about 5 launch titles instead. When price was announced I went and bought a vita, because was same price and i already had regular 3ds. I would of bought one if they were the same price as regular.

  5. The silver is SO sexy! America only gets red and blue! I mean They could have at least given us a black or white! I’m SO jelly of you Europeans right now! Haha!

    1. I’d rather have a smaller choice of colours than having to pay about $80 more than Americans and not even getting a charger included with the console.

        1. Yeah, but I am glad we get the silver one, although it would have been nice to get the white one too, that’s only coming to Japan though :(

    1. im in the same boat :I. im thinking i might just buy an xl and keep my zelda 3ds. i really love the way the zelda 3ds looks and its a cool thing to have, yet i do want a bigger screen and a slightly longer battery life :/

      1. Exact same boat also. I know If I sell my zelda 3DS I’ll end up regretting it because it looks so awesome. Then again I could use the money to get a xl. I’ve been stressing over this for like a week lol

  6. I won’t be getting one, at least not anytime in the near to not-so-near future. I barely use my 3DS as it is.

  7. I definitely like the XL better. I think it will become really popular, after all, there will be a SSB game to be played on it in the future. I think people will appreciate the bigger screen then. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Naah. There needs to be a fix on the damn 3D screen problem! Then I would purchase this piece of technology.

    2. i don’t think it’ll sell as well in uk, because parents will buy the cheaper option with a charger.

    1. You may not understand this, but it’s just a matter of curiosity. I’ll never buy an Xbox, but I’m curious about the packaging. Also, there was a time when I saw an unboxing of the Wii. We were in the middle of the great Wii shortage era, and I thought I would never own one. The unboxing vid made me feel like I owned one somehow. I know… It’s weird.

        1. its to tease us, just like teaser trailers, you know its a teaser and it wont show much, but your curiosity always lets you watch it no matter what…

  8. Still only one analog slider, and no power cord included. Call me when Nintendo pulls its head out of its ass!

  9. Gizmodo did a test on the Ds and 3ds and thry found ouy that after opening & closing for a maximum of 1000x the hinges wore out or broke in half smh im getting an Ipad ..ninty fix your shit

    sign Hardcore gamer

  10. Well at 200 bucks id rather get an itouch witj apps,retina,music,netflix,hulu, and more oh and smartglass technology with kinect interface.

  11. Ugh it looks so ugly. That size defeats the purpose of being a portable. Besides it cant do HALF the things my iphone can do. AT 200 bucks just buy a netbook or laptop…real gamers not fanboy approve this

  12. Why would i buy the same console twice within 12 months?

    I already have a 3DS, so why pay another £200 just to play the same games on a bigger screen?

    It just doesnt make any sense to me.

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