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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Won’t Be Coming To Wii U

David Cox, Head of Product Planning and Development at Konami has stated that Castlevania: Lord of Shadows 2 won’t be coming to Wii U. Cox says that his development team are busy with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

“We have no plans for a Wii U version. It’s a great console, but my team are focused on PS3 and Xbox 360 at the moment.”

53 thoughts on “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Won’t Be Coming To Wii U”

    1. Uhhh… He never said it’s not coming. It’s just that they have no plans for a Wii U version right now. The title of the article is misleading and takes the quote out of context like the others before this.

      1. Yeah, but the fact they aren’t interested in working on a Wii U version regardless isn’t a good sign.

  1. It’s encouraging that he said “It’s a great console”. I’m sure we’ll see some great stuff from Konami on Wii U

  2. thats a lie he is saying that because its a part of the contract no to mention any platforms besides the ones already announced

  3. if the say in the near future that all next gen games wont come to the wiiu then…i dont want to think about it

  4. Well my 3DS dollars are going to be tied up with games that aren’t Castlevania later this year.

    Funny how that works, David Cox.

    1. it would have been cool if they did some connectivity between the 2 new games but I guess thats not happening

  5. In other words we can’t discuss the Wii U version because of Nintendo’s Gag order. He didnt say it wasn’t coming, just no plans right now, Now how many time have we heard this concerning WII U? Alien Marines, Assassin Creed 3, COD black ops 2, the list goes on!! So don’t loss ur cool cause it’s coming to the Wii U, just like Tomb Raider, and all other MP’s

  6. It doesn’t matter right now, Wii U has a lot of games to be played at launch and if we expect every game we want be lauched at once, are we going to have time to play all of them?

  7. Dude, he never said it’s not coming. All he said is that they have no plans for a Wii U version and are just currently focusing on the 360 and PS3 version at the moment. Dude, you’re taking the quote out of its context again like all the other previous ones.

    1. Yeah. He didn’t say “never”. He said “at the moment.” That’s what Capcom said about RESIDENT EVIL 6. It doesn’t mean it’s not coming at all to WiiU. Ditto with this title. And besides, it’s not like we WON’T see a Castlevania in some form on WiiU.

  8. Also, i like how he says “busy with the playstation 3 and xbox version”.
    It took 2 people from Vigil games 5 weeks to have the game fully up and running, including the game pad use for maps/menu/item change. No excuse.

  9. He already confirmed that a moth ago before E3.. What’s the point of telling us something we already know? :/

          1. They still got to think of ideas to utilize the gamepad, it’s a lot harder than you think. They’d probably have to hire another developer to work on the Wii U version.

  10. @drsgon yeah and look how long it takes nintendo to make simple games like zelda and animal crossing

  11. We at the xbox live nation we love to thank ya for Castlevania it will be so fun and great. :)

  12. too bad, guess I won’t be getting it then, there are many more games that also require my hard earned cash, all on WiiU too.

  13. well as long as they would consider bringing it the near future … but I got the other 2 consoles so I’ll buy it regardless …

  14. Personally I don’t care, For me LOS isn’t Castlevania at all, just like Judgement…I hope the 3DS version will be as good as the old school Castlevanias.

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  16. @TheDragon Relax! I got your back bro. Ill make sure to upload a playthrough on youtube in 560p so that you can watch it on your wii

  17. Perhaps in time, we’ll get “Lords of Shadow Complete” for Wii U that includes LoS and LoS2 with enhanced Wii U controller support. And maybe even WiiMote support for all the whipping action! :P

    1. That may actually be a better thing to hope for than moaning about LoS2 not coming. Maybe… just maybe we’ll get both on WiiU in a complete package.

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