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Toki Tori 2 Developer Believes Wii U Will Launch In November

Toki Tori 2 developer Two Tribes believes that Nintendo will launch Wii U this November. The development studio wouldn’t say whether this was an international date, or just North America. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has vaguely stated that the console will be out this holiday season.

“The Wii U will “probably” [sic] be on store shelves this November.”

47 thoughts on “Toki Tori 2 Developer Believes Wii U Will Launch In November”

    1. I put the release between September and November 2012. Likely October or November though. Ubisoft’s E3 documents that were sent to members of the press said that the WiiU version of Assassin’s Creed 3 would release on October 30th with the rest.

      Was that an error? Possibly. However, I wouldn’t be surprised. It would give them a bit of a jump on the Holiday season.

      1. I hope so, i dont want to wait too long for AC3 and i dont wana buy it on my ps3, it looks like shit in comparision, look at the comparision videos on youtube, i never knew how much better it was till i saw it, and it was shot off screen unlike the ps3 footage

  1. Yes, anytime before December I’d say. Maybe just before Thanksgiving would be a good time frame. Damn imagine plenty of food and people in front of the T.V. with the Wii U on. ;)

  2. I was hoping for a early October (really dont want to wait that long for AC3), plus Nintendo could loose alot of potentional customers not launching with AC3, seeing as its the biggest game of the year.
    But November is fine, im saving up now, so i’ll be able to use Christmas to buy games rather than the console :p

  3. Seems logical but it’s got me thinking. Black Friday anyone? They would have huge day 1 sales. Bigger than all the other 8th generation consoles.

    1. Yeah, but good luck. They might have a very limited quatity on hold for that plus I don’t know how many others are thinking the same thing. Maybe software and accesories are good.

    1. No. Its all non sensical rumours and journelists who say the next ipad would be more powerful than WiiU. Stop posting this dumb article people!

    2. I don’t understand people. Nintendo has been around for how long? They’ve been through some lagging sales and are still able to bounce back with stong numbers and audiences. I trust this one. Why so pessimistic?

      1. Exactly. In fact the Gamcube was the arguably most powerful system of last gen, but ps2 “won” by a landslide, same way the Wii dominated this gen, and that was without large hardcore gamer sales. It’ll tear the market up.

    3. back then they said the nintendo snes will be a failure and last console for nintendo, oh wait u dont know; see how this is bs.

  4. This isn’t rocket science, it’s a pretty hard rule that any US consumer product release has to happen before Thanksgiving, or else it has to wait until the new year. Basically if you don’t capitalize on post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping, you’re completely wasting the holiday shopping season. So of COURSE the Wii U will launch in November – it’s the latest they can launch, but also the last possible time they can launch.

    1. Its nice to see the News not hating on video games.
      Also, the NES came with Mario? And we get Wii Sports for the Wii? -___-

      1. Only some bundles. The base model just came with the console. A few came with Mario, the most notable being one which included the light gun and Duck Hunt and SMB on the same cartridge.

  5. Only thing is I gotta save up now. I’m guessing around… $400.00 for Wii U + undecided game + tax (sigh… wishful thinking. It’ll cost a little more).

  6. It would be best to get it out in October imo. Give people a month before the holiday shopping season starts to save the money needed and get more info on the product. Leave luck to heaven.

  7. Oh no… Black Friday is gonna suck. Anybody wanna get some bullet-proof vests before you go in? Either way, I’m happy they’ll have at least a year head-start before the others to establish themselves in the market.

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