Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Shipping ‘This Holiday’

Nintendo reconfirmed to attendees at their E3 press conference that Wii U will be launching this holiday. Nintendo wouldn’t announce a firm release date for the console, neither would they be drawn into releasing pricing information. Both of these details will emerge sometime later this year. Will you be picking a Wii U up this holiday season?

74 thoughts on “Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Shipping ‘This Holiday’”

    1. did they announce their specs ??? i heard that it sucks and it levels the xbox ,, not higher than it ,,,

      wow if its true, I dont know what to do

        1. GPU
          AMD Radeon™-based High Definition GPU.
          IBM PowerⓇ-based multi-core processor.
          I’m no tech wiz so can anyone confirm that these spec are good enough to be next gen so it’ll shut peteriuss up..thanks

        1. Why does everyone have to compare it with Xbox? And based on the things it can do, specs aside, such as have two streams of video (TV and GamePad) at 60fps with Miiverse running in the background, can the PS3/360 do that? I’d say not.

    1. Saw the video on the Wii U site but completely forgot to post it (it was in a montage) Obviously it’s been pretty hectic. Thanks!

      1. sickr.there is something important.the U games didnt have too mutch power i meen not high graphics (higher than ps3 or just like the ps3)

          1. ^you sounded like a girl that just gotten her first period, calm the fuck down, the hell do you want sickr to do??

        1. yeah sickr will change the wii u just because you cant see, and then he’ll stop war and hunger… Wtf do u expect him to do?

  1. I think I’ll be waiting until more games that I’m interested in come out, actually. I’m really interested in the WiiU, just none of the current games.

  2. Definitely, It looks amazing. There just wasn’t enough shown in the conference. I know Nintendo have a lot more to offer!

  3. Depends on what the price point is and what their official launch lineup is. At this point, I’ll be holding out to a more solid line up of Nintendo brands (i.e. Metroid, non side scrolling Mario, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, etc.)

  4. This is my ultimate problem with their E3 conference – it lacked something big to close it out but if it was a year away then it wouldn’t be a big deal – but with a release so soon this is a worry.

  5. i hope the graphics will be great (i dont care about graphics but i care about for the company a little)

  6. no yet, ill wait to a price drop or a special edition, and of course, if it will run the Unreal Engine 4, if not, bye bye ninty

      1. i would like to got it, but i dont want to see in a couple of years Play 4 and then we cant play those game of have bad ports just as Wii / PS3 ports…

  7. Absolute, day one purchase on my hand. Don’t care if it’s $499.99. I want it sitting on my shelf A.S.A.P.

  8. If the two more showcases or whatever after this falter, I will have even less reason to get the Wii U. Even just a MENTION of any of the Big Three core titles in development will be enough for me to get the Wii U. JUST a mention will do. If not those, then whatever that game by Silicon Knights is will do fine as well. My absolute interest in the Wii U will solidify when they mention a new Metroid game (that hopefully won’t be as bad as Other M). If they mention a new Zelda game, I’ll still be excited, but not as much. If none of those things are even mentioned at all, well…shit.

  9. nope. I never buy consoles within their launch window because they never have launch games I’m interested in.

  10. I will pick one up if the oppurtunity presents itself. I really hope it does. They need to show more games for the “hardcore” crowd though. I think they did a good job appealing to the casuals during the conference. Leave luck to heaven.

  11. I wasn’t originally planning on it, but seeing how weak Microsoft’s conference was I’m definitely planning on getting the WiiU, provided I can find a job in time to raise the money. Man I hate being unemployed and overqualified during a recession. Some of the uses, such as Luigi’s Ghost Mansion or the multiplayer mode in ZombiU are just the kind of thing I was hoping for with the 3DS’ networked multiplayer and AR. The WiiU looks set to really bring back the whole idea of ‘multiple people playing a game in the same room’ in a way that hasn’t really been seen outside of casual games like Wii Sports etc since this console generation began.

    I don’t defect from MS lightly either – I’ve been a proud Xbox owner since the original Xbox turned up to essentially pick up the torch that the poor old Dreamcast dropped. I even bought Kinect (and I maintain that it has its uses – personally I still think Rise of Nightmares is flawed yet brilliant, and the implementation of voice controls in Skyrim are massively immersive and deepen the experience significantly).

  12. PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From what I saw today, NO. Nintendo’s E3 was horrible. Nintendo has yet to convince me+many other gamers out there how the Wii U truly is a Next-Gen Platform. They didn’t share any new/interesting details of what the Wii U controller can do, not many Wii U exclusives were shown(most games are just ports), IT WAS SIMPLY HORRIBLE! Also, didn’t Nintendo say that they are targeting the “hardcore” gamers? Haven’t you noticed that they haven’t talked about that a lot? Instead, they are now saying that the Wii U will do what the Wii did only better? “Together. Better.” I will be disappointed if they are changing there plans and aiming the Wii U at the casual. And now I don’t see what the whole purpose of the “U” is. In addition, I don’t really care about graphics, but… from what was shown today… again, DISAPPOINTING! I know that the graphic leap from current to next gen won’t be HUGE but it should be noticeable. And to be honest, I did not see a game shown that can’t run on a PS3 or Xbox 360. To summarize, I DON’T SEE HOW THE WII U IS A NEXT GEN SYSTEM. :P

      1. I do think that it will perform better than current gen systems. Although I am afraid if it will stand against the PS4 or Xbox 720. :P

  13. If Nintendo and third party publishers release Wii U titles for hardcore gamers, DAMN straight I’ll be purchasin’!

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