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Nintendo 3DS XL Will Get A Circle Pad Pro

The forthcoming Nintendo 3DS XL does not have a built-in second circle pad and, according to Famitsu, Nintendo has revealed that there will be a Circle Pad Pro for the upgraded 3DS, which will be released this year in Japan. There are no pictures of the 3DS XL’s Circle Pad Pro but expect it to look similar to the original Circle Pad Pro, only bigger.

87 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS XL Will Get A Circle Pad Pro”

    1. My thoughts exactly. The 3DS circle pad looks like a freaking boat now the XL gets a battleship. I like it.

          1. No a 3DS is an entirely new console like on how the old console was GAMEBOY then it went to GAMEBOY ADVANCE then to DS and finally to 3DS. The 3DS ahas a 3d feature and itt could play games that the DS could not. the 3DS has better graphics and it id backwards compatible with the DS which means the 3DS could play DS games. Any question just reply

            1. meh………. but hey did u see um what the company called that made the 3rd party ccp for 3ds, its so cool. my point is they should make a bigger version for 3ds xl.

              together 3ds XL.

          2. Why they didn’t just put the circle pad on the actual 3DS XL is beyond me……… that would have been a good selling point to get the new one.

                  1. I Hate Net Explorer

                    Nintendo doesn’t lock colors on Mario Sports Mix and charge for it. Nintendo also doesn’t charge for items that are part of a core mechanic (see gem system in Street Fighter X Tekken)

                      1. nah, the Fire Emblem DLC was merely optional and a ‘bride your way to victory’ with bonus weapon and etc, Again Ironically was the pressure of Namco-Bandai, Capcom & Square-Enix to Add DLC who Nintendo Complies.

                      2. But it also would’ve alienated the original 3DS adopters by forcing them to get a Circle Pad Pro (which is currently optional) so that developers can take advantage of it and it’d be used a lot. If developers decide not to use it, then the second circle pad would’ve been pointless…

                      3. Nintendo did not include a second circle pad on the XL because they don’t want it to be different. That’s the whole point, it’s supposed to be bigger, but not a different system. Changing it would defeat the purpose of the XL. It’s just like clothes; it’s supposed to be whatever fits you, not a whole new item.

                      4. that would be a big slap from big N to there loyal customers/die hard fans(would already buy the 3ds), remember nobody want to be a Sega repeater.

                    1. I’ll just wait for the hand held that Nintendo makes in the generation after the 3DS, which I predict will have everything the 3DS has plus a 2nd Circle Pad built right in. And better graphics, maybe HD graphics. Till then I’m content with my 3DS the way it is.

                      1. But without upressing the 3DS games, they’ll be smaller on that device, like the original DS on the 3DS

                    2. No need to have it built in anyway, not many games use it. It would have made the 3DS inferior to the 3DSXL if they had it built in. This way developers won’t make games that only work with 2 circle pads and would force 3DS users to upgrade or look for a circle pad pro. The second circle pad is meant to be for preference not a requirement.

                      1. Very well said. The Circle Pad Pro is a handicap made optionally available for people who have trouble with gaming systems that don’t conform to an old, outdated standard.

                        1. That’s not true champ. The 3DS should have the 2nd circle pad from start, and that’s why they released the circle pad pro later.

                          They should have put the 2nd circle pad in the very first 3DS model, but making it’s use optional, the lack of it only limits what the 3DS can do,and this is nothing but common sense. The lack of games supporting it [the circle pad pro/ 2nd circle pad] is just poporcional to what the 3DS offers as standard.

                          1. It’s proportional. but the main point is, the circle pad pro just came out a few months ago, and in low supply. Kingdom hearts is gonna use it, and more will come. And dont forget, it’s not just a second circle pad, but adds a double trigger too. They wouldn’t want to add the double trigger bulk to the people who don’t use the feature. And it’s still the same system. Otherwise, it’d lead to games owners of the original, who couldn’t get a cpp out of luck. Customer loyalty, they’re not gonna screw over the early adapters like that. We already got the system within months of a price drop, sure we got some apps and games out of it, but that would be a second strike on us, and they wouldn’t do that

                            1. Yes, more will come indeed xD I just said that because some people use the number of games that support the 2nd circle pad to dismiss the value and utility of a 2nd circle pad.

                              I understand and I agree with you, but at the same time, they gave the current 3DS owners the possibility to buy the circle pad pro. The 1st 3DS is easily best looking than this one, it’s already special just by the look of it, I think.
                              There are lots of people who already bought a 3DS and plan to buy a 2nd one for whathever reasons they have (Ocarina of time edition, another color etc..) and even a 3DSXL.

                              I really understand what you’re saying, but at the same time, I can’t help but think that if they care so much about customer loyalty they shouldn’t be releasing the 3DSXL by now, in the first place.

                              1. I mean, the outdated standard, as you call it, should be there as an option…or there is simply no point in releasing something to emulate the outdated stuff later on..unless they’ve noticed what they should have done.

                                Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but that’s really what I think about the 3DS =/..I’ll buy it anyway (probably) if more games appear though.

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                              1. I was in the At&t store today, and I thought I saw the 3DS XL on display. I went over to test iT out only to find out that it was the new Sony dual screen pad/tablet.

                                1. it’s a good thing games don’t really require the second circle pad then! isn’t it great that people who don’t like the circle pad pro don’t have to use it?

                                  1. Not to mention, people said the same thing about the Wii U gamepad and that’s gotten plenty of comfort love apparently. I have a circle pad pro, and yeah, it isn’t the most comfortable thing, but it’s not that bad. You get used to it. No big deal

                                  2. If the second circle pad is used for a FPS like the amazing CoD, then maybe the shitty handheld might have a chance.

                                    1. i’ll take “unpopular opinions” for 800, alex.

                                      seriously guy, if the 3DS was as bad as your opinion states, it wouldn’t be smashing its only competition globally on a weekly basis. troll harder

                                    2. Wow, a cod zombie. Lookie there. How’s the your retro gaming engine working out for you? Games still competing well with the competition, or are you just buying the name? Little man thinks he’s a hardcore gamer cause he loves cod, how cute. Sorry, how’s your vita doing? Oh, you’re an xbot. Yeah, you’ve got a great handheld. Oh, wait. Seriously. Nintendo owns the handheld market, don’t even try. Vita’s a fine system, and maybe it’ll pick up, great if it does, more games out in the market, but in the mean time, get the Hell out of here, you’re just a waste.

                                    3. COD? amazing? COD has been dead since modern warfare 2
                                      they would be better of releasing something like TF2 Tribes;asend or a decent mmo that releasing COD

                                  3. now maybe people will shut up and stop saying, “Where’s the second circle pad, bro! I need it to play four whole games! FOUR!” fuck off

                                  4. so there we have it. a second circle pad for the 3DS XL. something that helps cement the fact that the XL is an alternative option to the 3DS rather than an upgrade that a lot of people were expecting it to be/accusing it of being. it is just a 3DS but BIGGER. it is there for people who may have worse eyesight or who don’t take their 3DS everywhere in their pocket and want a display bigger than what the original is giving them. this is not a step forward, so people should stop acting like it is or should be. it is a sidestep. nintendo is widening their path with the 3DS by making a larger version that may be more accessible to some people and there’s nothing wrong with that.

                                  5. People always seem to forget that the circle pad pro also adds double triggers. It makes the controls for the 3DS virtually equivalent to the new Wii U gamepad. I think they had a reason for not making this a standard in each model. People are stupid, these systems need to look different so people know which one they’re getting. Why do you think the white xl isn’t coming to America? Haha, it’s kinda sad that that seems kinda legit in America. Go US!

                                  6. A lot of people may disagree, but I think this was a good move by Nintendo to not include a second circle pad in with the system. While it would have been awesome if the XL had a second one, it would have alienated the 10 million + people who own the original model, making it obsolete. Developers would have then started implementing the use of the second circle pad in all their games, so owners of the original model would have HAF to get a circle

                                    1. *HAD to get a circle pad plus in order to play the games. Nintendo made a good move by this. The problem I have is they said a few months before the 3DS came out that it would be “impossible” to make a revision to the the 3DS… yet they did it anyway.

                                    1. ….i dont think you umderstand how bad Sega failed, it was catastrophic, they had about 1 successful system

                                      1. 1 Worldwide, 2 in Europe and ‘Minor Markets'(in Brazil SEGA is remembered very fondly), and was mostly by a tech race with nintendo(who is the father of Pragmatism)

                                        Nintendo only Mistake was the 3ds price(should have been 199$ with a pre instaled game)

                                        1. I hate it when people compare Nintendo to Sega. Sega unfortunatly set a guideline of what not to do with your company, no-one would follow the same pattern. Or at Nintendo and Sony wouldnt seeing as they saw it happen in front of them.

                                        2. But im partly glad Sega is at least still a publisher/developer all with Sonic Team, they can make great games when theyre not fucking about

                                      2. Looks like they’re making the Circle Pad Pro XL only for the few games that will need it. They obviously didn’t feel the need to include it because they don’t forsee many games using it, so instead of adding to manufacturing costs, they left it optional. Makes sense, I guess. Leave luck to heaven.

                                      3. El circle pad pro del XL no tiene que ir necesariamente a un lado como en el 3ds estandar podría perfectamente ir debajo de los botones The XL´s circle pad pro doesn´t have to be besides the handheld as in the regular 3ds it should be perfectly down the right buttons, this way the 3ds XL wasn´t too big…sorry for my poor english…

                                      4. I thought the original 3DS/CCP combo looked big XD
                                        Oh well, it should do good anyways. It’s only an option, after all (when I say that I mean both the new console and the peripheral). Even though I won’t get one, hopefully the 3DS XL won’t have the screen rub/scratch problem. If you look closely at the picture, it looks like it may just have it… :(

                                      5. Wow i’m just shocked to see how the enormous number of peope want this thing just to have not just because it has bigger screen and longer battery life

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                                      12. thats basicly the look of a ps3 remote and xbox remote cause ps3 and xbox controllers have 2 joysticks/circle pads the 4 main buttons X triangle Square and Circle and xbox the same as Ds and 3DS A Y X B so basicly just ps3 and xbox controllers with screens

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