Nintendo president Satoru Iwata explained at a shareholders meeting that the company has no plans to introduce additional models of the Nintendo 3DS in the near future. Iwata thinks it could become too confusing for consumers if there are multiple models available at retail. Yesterday Nintendo confirmed that it will be launching a redesigned Circle Pad Pro for the recently announced Nintendo 3DS XL.



    • Hmmm, I guess so….
      Oh really Nintendo? Tell me all about how you named your next console Wii U because you don’t want any confusion to occur.


    • No Nintendo said there wouldn’t be a revision. This isn’t a revision, its simply a larger model of the 3DS which won’t replace the original. Nothing has been revised, its just an extra, larger, identical console. A revision would have been a change like an additional slide-pad or improved resolution. The difference between the DS Lite and the DSi was a revision.


      • >Claims nothing has been revised.
        >The entire console has completely different aesthetics and a simplified design.
        >It also has better battery and supposedly an improved 3D screen.

        Are you …stupid? This is the TEXTBOOK DEFINITION of

        Guess what? Revision =/= additional features.


        • AEOLUS>>> I tried telling this simple minded loser…a million times that the WHOLE thing has been revised and that Nintendo had a vision to change the 3ds model …SO that mean it is a revsion..

          * rounded corner’s
          * Resolution Filter
          * Larger screen
          * fits in hands better



      • You conveniently forgot to mention the extended battery life…

        Stop splitting hairs man. This announcement means nothing – if there is demand for a revision Nintendo will make one.


  1. I guess he’s got a point, too many models at once would probably be confusing. Yeah I think what we have w/ the 3DS and 3DS XL is gonna be great for now, no need for any more re-designs any time soon.


  2. Heh, remember! Last time, everyone asked if there was a redesign coming… And they said no! So, they weren’t exactly lying with the XL because it’s not really a redesign and more of a different model :p


  3. @marios slave oh jimmy theyve tricked you more than once heck theyre doing it as we speak thing is you need critical thinking skills…to bad you never developed it


  4. Near future…oh till next E3 yup barely a year lol gotta make up those lost. Hey since you care about me why not take a gamble and release earthbound as you promised at E3 2006


  5. Great Job Sametendo any other company that lied as much as you would have been out on their ass. But since you saved video gaming your allowed to get away with all type of thing like lying,relesing s fake gen shovrl garbage and offer minimul rehased


  6. Nintendo lied and used me and gave a slapt to me face Now thats a company I can rely on and trust…Stock holders take notes


  7. are we supposed to believe what nintendo says now? remember how before e3 they said no revisions were in the works and denied the Nikkei report? This denial probably means there will be another version out by christmas


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