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Retailers Want £250 Wii U, But Hope It Will Be Cheaper

UK trade publication MCV has spoken to a number of large retail chains in the United Kingdom who have told the magazine that they expect the Wii U to be around £250 in the UK. The retail outlets that MCV spoke to are hopeful that it will launch for slightly less in an effort to win over Christmas shoppers when the system launches this holiday season.

45 thoughts on “Retailers Want £250 Wii U, But Hope It Will Be Cheaper”

    1. Maybe $300-$450 (£190 – £290) Is probably about as good a guess as you’re going to get. … but they haven’t announced anything, there is no minimum, no maximum. All they’ve said is we won’t be ripped off for what it’s worth.

          1. 20,000 yen = £192, so it’ll be about £250 in uk knowing nintendo. as the 3ds xl is £40 ($70) more in uk. thieving ninty.

            1. How can you call anyone a thief? The DS price was decided by retailers. The UK price, £ to $ is more expensive, its just how the ecomony works, the west get more units, so the cost is reduced due to bulk purchase, while the UK gets less. It the UK had the euro it would be a different story, but we dont, so shut up

  1. I would say I don’t expect them to charge more than that but looking at the initial 3DS price, and the fact it’ll obviously cost more than that, the price will probably be higher than this after all

  2. To be honest, if I hopefully have the funds come the time, I would be willing to pay a max of around £300 – £350. They said that the price will be reasonable so I’m guessing a £400 price tag would probably not be the case, it seems a bit too high.
    Hmm it will probably be within the range of £250 – £350

  3. That price is a lot to ask for. £250 seems a little low for a console with a tablet controller. The tablet it’self will be worth half the value of the whole console no doubt.
    If the Wii U comes out for less then £300 however, i’ll be really surprised.

    1. @Chris Heap “£250 seems a little low for a console with a tablet controller”
      Yeah I kinda agree with you there. The price of a product can give people a perception of the quality of the product And although £250 is a good price, as a con, it may give the impression that the Wii U isn’t of a certain quality, maybe like its power for example.
      However that’s kind of looking into it too deep lool. A good low price is good for everyone at the end of the day :)

    2. It isn’t a tablet really.. it’s a controller with a built in screen that streams content from the console. It’s not at all like an ipad or google’s tablets. So no it will no the game pad will not be 250+ dollars. I believe an extra game bad is going to be somewhere in the range of $120 US, and the Wii U console will only support 2 of them at half the frame rate for each.

  4. if the system does not sell for 250-300 am not buying it..i’ll wait……till it happends just like the 3ds

    1. thats ok in the UK but if u but that amount to dollars…
      after taxes it will be close to 400 dollars that is ridicules

      1. The prices in UK are quite higher, most likely due to money saved in bulk costs, USA has more consoles being sold so they get a better deal economically. £250 it pretty good in the UK

        1. we get ripped off brotha. i got money i could easily use for 3ds xl but refuse too. just got vita instead same price and got unchartered and gravity rush. not a bad system and still got my 3ds micro.

  5. Considering it can’t even compete with current gen consoles it should go for about $100, Nintendo is dead in the water, jump off or ride it to the bottom

    1. Wow.. just wow. It will be more powerful than current gen, that’s been stated by nintendo. The worry is that it will not be able to compete with the next gen xbox or ps3 coming out in 2 years time.

      1. Its been stated by every developer its more powerful.
        Next gen isnt gona be a leap anyway, its gona be about making 1080p and 60fps a default setting for consoles, then just sort of beefing it up, its too expensive to do anything more than that

        1. i’m happy with the quality of this gen and not bothered by next xbox and ps. i’ll probably just swerve them if wii u gets enough 3rd party titles.
          also what is wii u?

          1. Same, im not bothered about graphics anyway, it just want Nintendo to have all the 3rd party multiplat titles

  6. it’s always good to be the affordable console. even if the next gen xbox and playstation are slightly more powerful, theyll probably be at a much higher price…

  7. The thing people don’t realize is that if the console isn’t at least a little expensive, Ninty will likely have to cut back on things for it, i.e. the power, ect.

    1. Reggie has never said it would be cheap, just great value, so its possible its a beasty machine, just affordable considering

  8. My guess of the cost would around $250 – $350.

    If you want the Wii U to high and mighty console. The cost for it would one arm and two legs. But if you want a decent price. Nintendo have to make cuts. I don’t care to much of it being the all powerful console with the latest and greatest tech. I’m fine with 1080p with 60 fps. And great game play. As long as Nintendo puts out all the best first and third parties the franchises can offer concestinly. Then the console have no problems selling it.

  9. How can a consumer wish for a higher price? Some folks want Nintendo to sell for $400, WTF? That’s the business part, not the consumers. I will always say yes to a great product that’s close to a gimme, unless it’s made in China. Has anyone ever been to their dollar store??

  10. Retailers want £250… So that it will look like a smaller ripoff when they charge an extra £100 for it.

  11. This just proves that retailers have no idea on what they’re selling. It’s a next gen console dammit, and it’s not another Wii.

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