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Pokemon Black & White 2 US Release Date Announced Plus Pokemon Dream Radar

Dive into the world of Pokémon like never before when two new Nintendo DS Pokémon games and a downloadable Nintendo 3DS title arrive this October. The successors to the acclaimed Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games, Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 are set to launch for the Nintendo DS family of systems (playable on Nintendo 3DS in 2D mode) on Sunday, Oct. 7.

Pokémon Dream Radar will also be available for purchase in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS on the same day. This downloadable Nintendo 3DS title allows Nintendo 3DS owners to catch their favorite Pokémon, including some very rare ones, via the Nintendo 3DS camera, motion control and augmented-reality technology, and transfer them into Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2.

“Fans will want to count the days until Oct. 7, when they’ll not only get to play the successor to one of the biggest Pokémon adventures ever, but also expand their Pokémon experience to the Nintendo 3DS with Pokémon Dream Radar. No matter whether people are playing on Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS, they’ll be getting an incredible Pokémon experience that expands upon the beloved Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games.”
– Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing.

75 thoughts on “Pokemon Black & White 2 US Release Date Announced Plus Pokemon Dream Radar”

  1. I’ve been playing the Japanese game for a while now (gametime over 30 hours)
    And I’ve gotta say that this is way better than the original B/W.
    My complaint about short routes and unbalanced high-level trainers (and league) have been erased, there are about twice as many new areas to explore and train your pokémon, which means you’re stronger than you were in B/W.

    I highly recommand these games for any Pokémon fan!

    1. Thats great news! One problem i had was the elite 4 difficulty spike. My pokemon were on avegare was something like lvl45. Elite 4 was like lvl 60. Wtf.

      1. i agree i just went through again and i had to take extra time to go back and get them all to atleast 50 to win. lol i hope this time is different. looking forward to this game

        1. i had a bit of trouble, but thankfully, all pokemon have weaknesses, and i also used a single pokemon that was about level 56, he died about twice, and i had fifteen max revives

    1. Why don’t you go cut your neighbor’s lawn for free? Really? You won’t?At least give him your lawnmower if you won’t cut their lawn.

        1. Dude, we are allready paying Nintendo so much money for Pokémon games, it’s not like they are losing money…

          1. Oh come on dude are you REALLY saying they should make it 100% free officially? There is no logical argument for why they should, maybe lower the prices but not straight up make it free. At least you could argue that they should lower the prices because they are ripping us off big time, but you are talking about something entirely different…

            1. Its a add on feature. It should be free. Its like the pokewalker. Its a added feature. it should be free just as dream world is free. Face it, we are already paying for the game the add on should be free

              1. How is this game an add on? As stated above by someone its got about twice the palces to explore and how does that even compare to a pokewalker or the dream world? They are small compared to that. If you want to complain about the price just dont buy it.

            1. WOW! guys seriously its nothing like a add-on it gives you legendarys rare shinys every pokemon it should cost and i bet dream radar is hard so people have a hard time catching the pokemon!!??… and by the way go with the flow…

                1. Oh and go play a game you like for instince ratchet and clank call of duty rayman mortal kombat dragon ball z to make you guys shut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      1. Same here!!! So basically for us b-day boys we are getting it free. (aka my friends are buying it twice) Horray for birthday money

          1. u guys are realy stupid its not free you dumasses u get the money and give it on a game so its not free u realy are a couple of dumbshits with no respect for cash

  3. Awesome can’t wait for this. Got to get both versions.

    Got to save a lot of money. So many games and the Wii U coming out all on the 4 quarter of the year.

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  5. Right AFTER my birthday? GF and Nintendo, you guys are very nice people. SO getting this game with my birthday money.

  6. How much is Nintendo paying you guys to constantly CONSTANTLY state “oh and Pokemon Black and White 2 is still playable in 2D on your 3DS!” in every article about it? I’m not kidding, it get snuck into every single post about them. We’ve all been well aware the 3DS can play DS games for over a year now.

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  9. Proper loving the pic, squirtel and pikachu looking very cute and all British!!! And very excited by both of the news for the release date and the downloadable game too, now if only we had a European or UK date!!!

        1. Dude I play Pokemon and I’m been playing for over ten years and don’t plan on quitting anytime soon xD

          1. shoot, i’m twenty-two and i still play. Farming for shinys and iv’s… oh my! Pokemon is a much much more complex game than a lot of people realize. Present company excluded.

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  11. FINALY this is seriously one of the few good titles of nintendo (with mario that is imo) nintendo realy let me down all the years exept for pokemon en 1 or 2 mario games. wtf nintendoits not only little kids that play ur shit =/= get fucking beter hardcore gamer games FINALY u make a new pokemon but to tell you the truth makeing a version 2 ??? realy… weak man realy weak, even use the same starters!!! WTF dissapointment… ok the game is pretty neat but did atleat the gold/silver style in it with an extra region… i mean come on… its like black & white was just some testing 3d graphic crap and now u realese the real black and white =/= 1, im not buying this game fuck them i dowload it as ROM and play it on my R4DS fuck you nintendo i payed for my white and black version 1 that was crappy so give me 2 as a fixup u basterds

    1. I agree that not only little kids play ds and their are very few good , teenage, young adult games. (The world ends with you is a pretty good teen game imo) so yh. Definitely hate the fact they tend to cater only to kids when theres thousands of people who are not kids playing ds and wanting more mature games

    2. u realize it’s cuz o retarts like u that they up the anti piracy on those games and then guess what, u don’t get to play them on roms, y not just keep this shit to urself dum ass?

      1. so after i dl roms and they lose money the pump there anti piracy? i thought they always used top security on copying of games xD im not the retart if they can prevent this and dont do it xD haha than nintendo and all other game companies are the retarts xDXDXDXDXD i cant stop laughing

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