This video was published on YouTube by user . During E3, the user played the demo of The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, which is one of the mini-games of Nintendo Land. The user somehow managed to place a camera in a position that allows us to view the game and controllers as if we were the players of the game – would this be a good way to show off Wii U gameplay?



  1. Looks fun, I like the sword play action with the wiimote plus. At the mo, this is probably my favourite of the Nintendo Land attractions


    • Check out the Battle Mii one from last year, its a Metroid themed minigames that had to show what the wiiu could do, and it looks like that turned into NintendoLand


  2. This game looks like a lot more fun than people are giving it credit for. The action looks like a combination of Four swords and Skyward Sword. Four Skyward Swords. This game could turn out to be a sleeper hit. Looks like it works well to show introduce people to all the dynamic control options possible on Wii U. I get more excited everyday for the Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.


    • I hope it isnt just the one level, maybe 2 or 3 more, but does look good. I wouldnt mind them making a four swords successor in this style, without it bein on rails of course


  3. Nintendo should make a real life Nintendo Land. Give Disney some competition in CA. I wouldn’t mind one in Orlando either, not that it’s not already spoiled with theme parks, but a west and east would be nice. Would probably also be huge in Japan and a few other countries. admit it, a real world Nintendo land would be sweet. An indoor rollercoaster for Zelda or/and metroid, with special effects and stuff. Mario galaxy themed coaster outside, that’d be sweet. Make an 8-bit one for the younger kids that goes like a side scroller and it goes over blocks and stuff, ends going into a castle where the ride starts. Maybe an exploration place for pikmin like the, I think jarasic park, a water ride for ice climbers or log ride for DK.a yoshi riding ride, merry go round or rollercoaster. A Luigi haunted house. That’s it, Nintendo, take my money and do this!!!!


  4. I tried that game at the WiiU event here in NYC and It was lots of fun. You could die a lot of times even before you make it to the First boss. Thats how hard it was.


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