Code Of Princess Teaser Trailer

Atlus has released a teaser trailer of their upcoming Nintendo 3DS action RPG, Code of Princess. There are over 100 quests and over 50 playable characters within this title. If you pre-order Code of Princess, which will be released in North America this fall, you will receive a free art book and soundtrack of the game.



      1. Lol I didn’t know hating youre own or the opposite sex was considered racist.

        MNN, better than Grade School. XD


  1. This shit is so mine, it blew me away but its not hard for Atlus and Nintendo to do that lol.Im liking this friendship.


  2. Uh oh. Cliché plot, Cliché main character, Cliché Anime intro.

    Here’s hoping the game’s battle system makes for some serious originality, otherwise I don’t really see the point in purchasing if I could just watch an anime instead.


    1. I dont get why they always use really generic singing anime intros, thats you can pretty much mimic the words (ni no kuji na na takoban! That wasnt racist).
      Pokemon Black and White 2’s anime short however…everyone wants that to be a ral tv show


      1. Probably because the current show has become a repetitive piece of junk, and this is coming from a guy who loved the show for a long time.

        And the fact that Ash has long since worn out his welcome after 15 years.


      2. ash wrote history but cant they put another hero on the current pokemon series (best wishes season 2)


    2. Cliché? what gaming market are you in, as of Last gen all most every thing that came out defines cliché. Yes, as horrible as it seems, even Nitendo games.


  3. I love it how people seem to think atlus dev the game lol

    that beign said, I’m glad Atlus is bring this game over seas, a fast paced Rpg, some how reminds me of the battle system in Tales of Phantasia, but Super charged.


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