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Monster Hunter 4 Official Logo & Launch Window Revealed

Capcom is currently holding its Summer Jam event in Tokyo, Japan. During the event, the publisher is sharing some new information regarding the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 for Nintendo 3DS. Capcom has revealed the official logo of Monster Hunter 4, which is shown above, and has confirmed that the game will be released in Japan during Spring 2013.

52 thoughts on “Monster Hunter 4 Official Logo & Launch Window Revealed”

    1. I think so, just look at RE Revelations or KI Uprising, but on the other hand there are good looking games on Wii like SSB Brawl or Sonic Colors. Also I think the Wii can handle Capcom’s MT Framework used on the 3DS.

  1. @peter Nope they r equel thing is that since 3ds has a3 inch screen youll notice less jaggy lines but even like that uf you play gundam its a pixaleted nightmare also ocarina but since 3ds burns your eyes you wont notice the shitty graphics :)

  2. Hope it comes to Australia.

    This might be the final nail in the coffin for vita in Japan unless this goes multi-plat or devs make another hit game like this.

    1. All the previous numbered main series ones have come to the West, but then this is the first one for a Handheld. Hopefully we’ll get it over here though.


    I gasped when I saw the logo just because it was MH related haha…
    Bring it to the west. Bring it to the west. BRING IT TO THE FLIPPING WEST.

    I’ll forgive and forget everything about MH Tri G.. AS LONG AS THEY BRING THIS TO AMERICA, EUROPE AND AUSTRALIA >___> it should be ILLEGAL for MH to NOT be released somewhere.

    *End of fan post.*

    1. Wut >_> can this be deleted plox? In my excitement I typed the e-mail in the wrong box.. LMAO. Dude I suck. Guess I can get excited now for some nasty spam. :’)

      1. MH Tri G = the MH for the 3DS.

        I think everyone got the MH for the wii. Though it’s lame in a way considering it’s like not even HALF of MH tri G. =/

          1. Of course it is. But what I meant is that the fact we only got MH tri(Wii) is lame as heck. As the PSP and 3DS version of MH tri has way more content.

            So that’s why I said MH Tri is lame.

  4. Yes! I hope the ending is DLC and it comes with fat megaman and I hope they have 30 DLC monsters Also They should include a history booklet with gorgeouse details of megaman legend 3 with a note blaming the fans why it didnt release

  5. LOL @ all the Sony bots / SDF that was saying this will get announced on the Vita. Why would Capcom waste money on porting this game to the Vita when games like GA fails to sell on the system? Barely 2M in sales after almost a year of being released is pretty pathetic.

    1. Almost a year ? I don’t know about you but I think there is a huge difference between 12 and 7 months (if you’re talking about the japanese release). It’s been only 5 months in Europe. And I don’t think that I got to remind you that the 3DS didn’t have a glorious start neither. Plus, I don’t think that people expected MH4 to be released for the Vita but any MH.

      1. The 8 months of release for the 3DS is wayyyyyyy better than the 8 months of release the Vita is currently having. I believe the 3DS sold 2M in 8 months in one region not WW. Sony really just needs to let the Vita go as it is a financial strain on their company!!!

        1. No it isn’t. During this very time the only game going for the 3DS was a freaking Zelda port. The Vita demolishes that very library in it’s age and that’s an absolute fact, fantard.

  6. @vitaisdead you know that is weird i have been sayin that regardless it sold so why arent 3ds getting street vs tekken

    1. 3DS will have it and many ports of the Vita seeing how much of a fail/disappointment the Vita had been!!!


    The Monster Hunter 4, new trailer. I like that they’re adding new mechanics to the game, but I want to use those new mechanics often so this won’t feel like past MH games. Like climbing on Monsters often similar to Dragon’s Dogma, which I assume they’re trying to recreate that. Though the trailer doesn’t show me that, really!

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