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Insider Claims Wii U Price “Will Definitely Be Less Than £249”

We know that retailers want Wii U to be priced at £250 but according to an anonymous insider, the price of Nintendo’s upcoming console “will definitely be less than £249.” The insider claims that Nintendo will make the Wii U console affordable so that it will be a must-have item for consumers when it launches during holiday 2012.

128 thoughts on “Insider Claims Wii U Price “Will Definitely Be Less Than £249””

  1. Im hoping for different bundles, like this for example

    Wii U Basic Bundle: Wii U Console/Wii U Gamepad = $149

    Wii U Fun Bundle: Wii U Console/Wii U Gamepad/NintendoLand = $199

    Wii U Pro Bundle: Wii U Console/Wii U Gamepad/NintendoLand/Wii U Pro Controller = $249

    Wii U Family Bundle: Wii U Console/Wii U Gamepad/NintendoLand/Wii U Pro Controller/Wiimote Plus and Nunchuck = $299

    1. You honestly think the console + one gamepad will be $150?
      That’s just a big joke, can’t believe people are expecting something near that.

      As for different bundles (I don’t want to be forced to get Nintendo Land) I completely agree.

          1. The original wii is just reaching 150 now… your an idiot enigmaxtreme. I would bet everything I have it will be AT LEAST 200, most likely going to be 249-299 for naked console

              1. You do it all the time :D seriously, shut the fuck up, he spelt a word wrong, least hes not an asshole

        1. i thought just like you but i played it and its really fun dont knock it till you try it i was really surprised

        2. it cant be less than 200, its a new console with whole new capabilities, homes consoles are always aroun 200 GBP at launch

      1. I admit that would be nuts being the 3DS is more. But I doubt Wii U will sell good if its 200$ +. Most people don’t even get its a successor to Wii.

      1. Me too. Id only use it for 2 players games where im not using the game pad and Smash Bros. hate using the Wiimote on its side, feels uncomfortable

    2. I think if they make bundles so early on it will hurt their sales. Maybe one with the Pro controller might be a good idea, but I honestly think all of them are going to come with Nintendo Land. If they make a bundle for $150 you can bet almost everyone will get that, and since almost every one most likely owns wii remotes, the wii remote bundle will be even less appealing. I bet they’re going the Wii route and releasing Nintendo Land and the Wii U with the gamepad all for $249.

      1. They need to bumdle the Pro Controller in an effort to convince developers that the Gamepad is not the only route. If the info about easily porting 360 games to the Wii U is true then that alongside the choice to not use the gamepad, mainly cause not all 3rd parties want to use the touch pad. This wa sthe problem with the Wii no 3rd party wnated to port games to the Wii for its control scheme & lackluster power. This is also why Classic Controller wii games didnt really come out until fairly recently.

        1. Don’t worry once the digital downloads start I guarantee a lot of games will start poppin up, every damn Lego game, capcoms fighters, a lot of EA and Ubisoft classics they will come

        2. Yes, a bundle with a pro controller might be likely, but again it’s a choice. Any game that is playable on the Pro can be played on the U gamepad, it has every capability that you can think of with the exception of the screen. The Pro controller is going to be an addon but most likely not a bundle option on the launch. It doesn’t have the problem the Wii had with a substantial lean towards motion controls, if a developer so chose to, they could completely turn of the U controller screen, raising fps and general processing output, and use the rest of its input capabilities. It’s all up to the developer, they can make a plethora of controlling options and even make recommendations on what “works best”, but the fact of the matter is, the pro controller isn’t needed for developers to port games to the Wii U, it’s just an addon. Therefore we can safely assume that there is a high percentage that Nintendo will not sell a bundle like that at launch.

    3. You are an idiot! Why would Nintendo sell their next gen console for that much? If they went with your idea, Nintendo will be selling at a HUGE loss and its a suicide attempt. According to what I understand, the Wii U and the controller all together cost less them $200 to make. They’ll be making no profit.

    4. @enigmaxtreme you almost right i just came from a nintendo wii-u event in NYC and got my hands on one for 2 hours and i could truly say the Wii-u is the future of gaming and i cant wait to buy one and the game-pad is light as hell this is not a tablet it truly is a game-pad and on batman the graphic looked way better than ps3 and xbox 360 version. but anyway i was speaking with some guy from Nintendo, and the word is the Wii-u will sell for min $249 max $299 it will not pass the max price and the Wii-u game-pad price is $99. Wii-u will come with a Wii mote a nun-chuck, power and hdmi cables the Wii u system with Wii-u game pad and pre-installed software and games

      1. Sweet, i was always worried that the game pad would feel weird or a strain in long playthrough.
        Heard the analog sticks were damn good too, really precise and tight, i hate the 360/ps3 ones, theyre too slidey and inaccurate

      2. Although I find it hard to believe it will come with a wiimote and nunchuck, and an hdmi cable, it’s pretty much common sense it will come with all the other stuff. Sorry for the skeptisism but hearing “facts” from a random source on the internet is hard to believe. And for all that stuff to be included on the box would consistently put it higher than 300 dollars, and that’s with Nintendo selling at minimum profit. I think they’ll skip out the wiimote and nunchuck route, and instead of the hdmi cable, will go with something like the xbox 360 and its HD D-terminal cables.

    5. Why would the Wii U be priced at $150? Even the 3DS was not that much to begin with and it’s $170 now. They are selling that handheld for a decent loss right now. Think of the Wii U which is even more powerful being sold for under that. Completely unacceptable, common sense would question the quality of a NEW console selling for that price in this day and age.

    6. This would be a dream that would never come. The idea with having a low price is that you start high and work your way down if that doesn’t work. The ORIGINAL Wii is $150 at the moment. COME ON! Let’s be realistic. If it’s lower than $300, even, it wont start lower than $250. Using Google, I found that the price listed in this article is about $390! This console WILL NOT be dirt cheap at launch. If anything, the price will be a record high for Nintendo.

  2. I’m not sure if this is good or not, but it shouldn’t be priced too low of course. I say that it should be more than $230 or around that price range.

  3. If I’m correct, £250 is equal to about $400, however Nintendo usually charges less in the US. If the Wii U was priced at £250, it would likely put Wii U at $350. But if its true that it’ll cost less than £250, than my prediction of a $300 price would probably be right, which sounds affordable to me. But my knowledge on currency differences is limited. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. Nintendo sells their Systems in the US a lot cheaper, than in Europe. The Wii for example was sold for over $310 which made it 25% more expensive here. If you expect the WiiU to cost £250, which is 310€ (and do a little bit of math^^) it should be priced at $293,77. For the US $299 sounds possible then.

      1. I say it’s gonna be sold for $300. Besides the price can’t be too low because nintendo said they won’t be selling it at a loss.

    2. £249 is about $316. The insider claims that the Wii U will be less than £249. Seeing as how prices are usually “$299.99 or $249.99” in the U.S. I am making an educated guess that the Wii U plus the Wii U Pad controler will be $250.00 in the United States. Or £197 to £200.

        1. I guess it makes them seem cheaper than going the full hundred. I had a gay cashier give me the shiniest penny in their drawer once. Funny experience.

          1. I burst out laughing when i read that. Can just imagine him presenting this incredible shiney penny going “Ta-Da!”

  4. I will pick up a WiiU 100% for sure if the system is priced at 250 or 300, now lets talk pricing on games and launch titles and I may just have to pick it up.

  5. I’m hoping it launches at US $300 and includes either a pro controller or a Wii Motionplus Remote. That way I’ll have the ability to play multiplayer games from the start. If this happens I’m getting SS Brawl and Skyward Sword immediately. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I really think they would benefit more from the external hard drive in which I think western digital is making for them as a bundle

      1. Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll immediately need one unless you plan to get full digital downloads.

  6. If nintendo wiiU is 250 then fuck it i wont buy it!Except if nintendo increases wiiU’s power.250 euros/dollars is like you buy a wii

    1. You can get a new Wii with Mario Kart for £120. You can get a new 320GB PS3 with a game for £219. A brand new console with Nintendoland and the most advanced controller ever for £249 is more than a fair deal.

  7. I love reading your articles MYNINTENDONEWS but I would like in the future for you to put US currency when mentioning pounds. Makes readers like me to quickly understand prices. Thank you.

    1. The quote for this rumour came from a British website, and manufacters never follow the exchange rate exactly. But for you, £249 is $391. However, your price, like all other goods, will be much les than the exchange rate gives. I would say $350 for you based on previous console launches.

      1. I checked the price of £249 on the currency exchange website and it said online that it was $316. Also I thought the funky “E” symbol…(£) Stood for Euros?

        1. Nope, £ stands for British Pounds, € is for Euros. That’s why you’re getting a smaller number than me.

    2. They should never put other currencies money as conversions because the markets are completely different and they are never equal in other countries. It’s foolish to take the rumoured price from one country and covert it to another as it takes a tentaively valued price and makes it completely irrelevant to those that use that currency (qhilw at the same time subtly persuading people to have a view on if they will buy it or not and can even sour their expectations by giving them a false impression whether it looks bad or not – if it is made to seem to pricey in their country then they react slightly angrily and could even be negative to the product even if it is released at a lower price – and if it starts too low then they could get annoyed if it is priced higher than rumoured)

    3. The other difference is we display the price we pay at the till. All taxes are included in that price. You crazy yanks dont, you show one price then you add tax at the till.

  8. I’m fully expecting the WiiU to cost me about £250. With just the WiiU gamepad, though if it included Nintendo land that would be great. i can’t see me paying retail for that game

    1. The 3DS was extremely overpriced though, and the Vita is basically a PS3 but in a very small space. I was predicting £279, but all of these rumours and statements by retailers are slowly convincing me.

  9. How about:
    -A WiiU Basic Bundle (White/Black WiiU + Game Pad) 299€ (maybe the same price ($299) in the US, the wii launched for 249€, although its about $320)
    -A WiiU Fun Bundle (White WiiU + Game Pad + Nintendo Land) 329€ (same here, its about $410 but i expect it to be priced at $329 too)
    -A WiiU Pro Bundle (Black WiiU + Game Pad + Pro Controller) 329-349€ ($410-$440, expect $349 maybe)
    Maybe they won’t get crazy much profit out of this pricing, but they have to sell their console in the first place. Also they probably have to have a good and much cheaper price compared to the next Gen. Xbox and PS to still sell WiiU after their launch. A price cut down to $329 or even $299 (but i think thats unlikely) for the Pro Bundle in Holiday Season 3013, and they probably still would sell the WiiU decently (if the next Xbox launches then).
    -> Its just guessing like crazy, but if possible for Nintendo this would be an really promising strategy.

  10. So god damn tired of these stories.

    Just announce the fucking price already Nintendo. We’ve seen what waiting until the last minute to announce the price does :cough3DScough:

    1. Maybe they don’t even know yet?! Why would Nintendo ask UK retailers how much they would want it to cost and guess a good retail price, if they had already decided how much it will be^^

      1. They’re mere months away from launch. Hardware is surely finalized by now. How could they not know? Too busy fucking up the launch with lame ports, casual games and shovelware… and ZombiU, the only good looking game so far? Lol.

  11. if the Wii U is $250 i will definitely pay for it, if it cost 300 I’ll still buy it, if it is %350 mmm… still buying it but, nintendo? am not rich!!! u_u if it cost %400 dollars o_O nintendo fine im still gonna buy it! but i cant buy more than one game u_u if it cost %450 T~T i will have to save again to buy at least one game later T.T but ill buy it, %500 ill wait for a price cut! u_u

  12. Wow can you people stop being so cheap -_-
    $300-$350 is the sweet spot, anything less would feel to cheap in my opinion. This is a Next-gen system remember that, this goes out especially to the guy who honestly thought a standard Wii-U + Gamepad bundle would ONLY be $150. Like SERIOUSLY? Come on man.

      1. Same, theres already 10 games i want in the launch window 0_0 thats about half of all my Wii games

      2. Lol same here….I’m willing to support Nintendo fully…the U looks interesting and DAT hidden 3rd party support MAN.

  13. Yeah…this “insider” is obviously trolling. Nintendo THEMSELVES came out and said that it’ll be more expensive than the Wii at launch and it’ll not be cheap. Ntm, it’s a next-gen system, it’s not like the Wii, which was VERY under-powered, so you can expect AT LEAST $300 at launch.

    1. I paid £250 for my ps3 slim, nintendo wont make the mistake sony did my making it a silly price so id say it’ll be £250

      1. Now, 250 pounds is obviously a lot more than $250 but is the price converted accordingly for each region? I mean, I don’t expect Nintendo to make it expensive as they usually keep things cheap but $250 for the US would make it seem weak and just way too cheap.

        1. It’s 300€/$400 (like it says a thousand times in the comments ;)). If they have the same price strategy that had with the Wii, they’ll sell it for $300 in the US. But i completely agree with you, if they make it ridiculously cheap, gamers will think its a crappy system and probably won’t buy it. $300 for a next gen system is really the cheapest you can expect, and also not that cheap gamers will think it’s bad technology. The current Xbox and Playstation are just as cheap^^.

          1. you people are just plain dumb you say gamers wont buy if its $250-$300 usd. cause it’ll be cheap shit how much is xbox 360 right now $149 how much is ps3 $199 that shit is cheaper than wii-u and why the hell would you want to over pay that just retarded. sony, microsoft & apple love price gauging they want to take as much money as they can from you and people are so dumb there just throwing there money into a furnace watching it burn. @ least nintendo cares about customers and makes the systems affordable to everyone. who ever doesnt get one cause they think is cheap is just plain stupid so fuck’em there the ones thats gonna miss out not me

            1. Yeah, but are Xbox and PS3 Next Gen. consoles now?! I don’t think so. Think before you call someone dumb, or it just makes you look stupid. Also i don’t know if you noticed, but people like to buy expensive things only because it makes them feel the product is better than the rest. Look at the iPhone. A $249 would just be weird cheap for a NEX GEN CONSOLE. Also it will never happen anyways.

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  15. I honestly expect the wii U to be sold for $250 through $350. Since the console is slightly better power wise then last generation, and can handle a second screen with zero lag, and comes bundled with that expensive controller so yeah. That price point seems to be the sweet spot for the wii U . Not to cheap to have us scared about tech inside, and not to expensive to think nintendo has gone absolutely insane.

    1. dont care for the price. I can afford anything since I work. Nintendo can have all my money. ;) My wallet belongs to them

  16. I hope the Wii U is around $300 – $400, any cheaper makes it feel stupid, any more expensive makes it “599 US DOLLARS” 2.0

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